Will You Give N3 II: Ninety-Nine Nights A Chance?

By Spencer . April 15, 2009 . 12:30pm


Feelplus, known for Lost Odyssey, is developing N3 II: Ninety-Nine Nights. The game is a follow up to the lukewarm Ninety-Nine Nights, but Feelplus assures the sequel has been refined. See the new characters? At the very least, Inphyy and her whiny voice won’t return. The game also has two player support, presumably for co-op which the first game was clearly missing. Hacking and slashing through a screen of weak troops is much more fun with a friend.


Q Entertainment will publish N3 II: Ninety-Nine Nights in Japan later this year.

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  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    Hmm… Let’s see:

    Lost Odyssey: Mediocre.
    Ninety-Nine Nights: Crap.

    A fusion of the two? Where do I sign up?

    • Mazen

      Lost Odyssey is the best RPG this gen its also not far from being the best game this gen.

      • ReturnOfSomeDude

        Mazen: I respectfully, but thoroughly disagree.

        • Anon

          Though the title of best RPG this gen doesn’t go to LO, it’s far from mediocre. Also, this is developed solely by feelplus, not co-developed like LO was. I’m going to try it out, mainly to support the team who comprised Nautilus and helped create LO.

      • Millennium Earl

        I disagree.
        I find LO really boring and repetitive. I managed to trudge through to the middle of disc 3 and eventually stopped there. only ToV and Valkyria Chronicles are the best JRPG and SRPG this generation.

        • Aoshi00

          Having enjoyed Shadow Hearts, I thought Lost Odyssey was one of the best RPGs I’ve played in years created by many talents (heart wrenching novellas and music, char design by Inoue Takehiko, etc). It probably comes down to preference of turn-based vs. action RPGs. People who don’t care for anime or action RPGs would not like the Tales series either. I thank Sakaguchi for doing a great service to gamers who like their RPGs old school.

          I’ve never been too fond of hack ‘n slash like Dynasty Warriors or DW Gundam. N3 was one of the first games I bought after Blue Dragon, but I gave up since I kept dying and you had to start over and fight hordes of goblins again.. so can’t say I’m too excited about N3 2. If Feel Plus is doing another RPG I would be all for it.

    • Vegan gurl

      mediocre role playing games? well let’s see.

      fall out 3 and fable 2 were massively mediocre and boring. dragon age origins and mass effect 2 also look mediocre and boring. (lol) lost odyssey wasn’t bad, it was good, but not great. i still enjoyed though.

      people enjoy bashing on traditional japanese role playing games for no apparent reason. i guess they wanna be cool on the internetzzzzz.

      • Rocketujuiso

        And for no apparent reason, some people enjoy bashing western RPGs that received critical acclaim? Does anyone see the problem here?

        I’s jus’ sayin’…

        • Vegan gurl

          role playing games are role playing games to me. they’re all the same in my mind(eastern and western).

          bashing western role playing games? (rolls eyes) oh please. it’s called having an opinion young sir. i didn’t like them. i thought they were mediocre. sorry, but they are, to me anyways. if you enjoyed them, well, good for you. my opinion on those games won’t affect/effect(which one? lol) your enjoyment of them. so keep on enjoying them. as for me, i’ll go find something better to play.

          side note: as for mass effect 2 and dragon age origins. i’ll give them a chance when they’re released, but i’m not expecting anything spectacular.

        • Vegan gurl

          on another side note: Peter Molyneux hasn’t created a good game since the first Black and White videogame. That was his last good videogame in my opinion.

          • Rocketujuiso

            First of all, I’m not a “young sir” and second of all, you’re not even giving Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age Origins a chance. Not to mention Black & White was pure shite and the only good games Molyneux has created came before that (Dungeon Keeper).

            I’m not saying Fallout 3 nor Fable 2 are great by any means, I just want your reasoning, and not some western bias.

        • Mazen

          critical acclaim because of viral advertising, MS and many companies want WRPGs to success and Jrpg to fail because of how expensive money hating japanese companies to give exclusive Jrpgs, and you can guarantee that MS will find it hard again to secure Jrpg for their next system so they fight them and promote Wrpgs,

          also huge advertisment budget were behind latest Wrpgs for example ZeniMax Media Inc. (Bethesda owner) got $300 million investment from Providence Equity Partners Inc and spent it in marketing Fallout 3 thats and add MS push hell they even reached the over 10 years old Jrpg site RPGfan and made them give special invented prize to Wepgs over Jrpg http://www.rpgfan.com/reviews-360ed.html

          even here in silconera in the game of the year article one of the authors said that her game of the year is a game she played few hours of in a friend house Fallout3 (she don’t want people ask her more about it maybe) and after finding its her game of the year she went and bought Persona 4 thats few weeks later she didn’t bought her game of the year, if I found my game of the year I would rush to get it the same night.

          Gamespot Ign and other sites all care about money of course adding to the famous (Gamespot Eidos scandal) the Fallout 3 scandal(they gather reviewers in a luxury hotel) read about it here
          And Fable 2 is MS baby you don’t need to wary about it.
          Wrpgs are also in technical level are full of bugs and lockups and gliches everywhere yet they get 10s and 9s that without talking about actual game qualities.

          • ReturnOfSomeDude

            I don’t even understand what you’re trying to say in this mess.

            RPGs are RPGs to me. Western, Japanese, whatever. Combat’s gotta be good, writing’s gotta be good, the characters gotta be good. I didn’t like any of those parts of LO. ToV did 2 of 3 decently well.

          • Mazen

            My post is very clear, you made me make a friend of mine here read it and he said he understand it fully :)

          • ReturnOfSomeDude

            No, it isn’t. Just because your friend who talks to you all the time understands you doesn’t mean that anyone else can. Do you know how many grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors you have in the first paragraph alone?

          • Mazen

            Come on there many things in the post you can understand and discuss at least the links,

            thats if you want to discuss also am not eager to discuss it with you as its seems you are not an easy forgiving guy, because of someone like me trying to do his best to express something not in his native language (am from eurobian not english speaking country) and you are making things hard already thats without us going into details

          • Aoshi00

            Not sure what the nitpicking about grammar is about, this is just a video game forum, usually I don’t have any problem understanding what most people are trying to say. While advertising has a huge part to do w/ sales, just as word of mouth, I think those acclaimed games are not w/o their merit. I admit the press is unfair toward JRPGs when it comes to technical hiccups, like they would say a JRPG is unplayable due to frame rate drop but is a minor issue in WRPG.

            Stylistically Western & Japanese RPGs are drastically different, either in presentation (more realistic vs. anime) or gameplay, I mean Mass Effect is a role playing game w/ shooting elements while Star Ocean 4 action (or turn based in most last gen JRPGs). I think some players are accustomed to one style over the other. Personally I didn’t care about WRPGs like Oblivion and such before, but after I gave them a try, I was surprised how much the story pulls me in.

            There’s no point in bashing something another person likes. I personally love Lost Odyssey as it has been a long time since I’ve played a traditional turn-based RPG w/ a good story and interesting characters, they have made me cry, laugh, and care about them, unlike say FF12. If you don’t like them that’s your taste.

          • Mazen

            Aoshi00 Thats a respectful and mature things from you to say it even makes your view points seems more insightful and interesting,
            I agree with most of what you said, also I seem to notice that even in other forums if I post something people didn’t like they say I didn’t understand anything maybe its from lacking of self trust to counter the points given.

          • Mazen


          • Rocketujuiso

            I can barely make out that he thinks there’s some kind of conspiracy of marketers buying good review scores. I don’t believe that to be the case.

  • Hello Hello

    I liked N3. Granted, it was full of very visible flaws, but it was a nice change of pace from “It’s Lu Bu! Run!” and “Et tu Mitsuhide?” I’ll definitely give N3 II a chance.

  • I’ll give it a chance, but i didn’t enjoy the first one and i love hack and slash.

  • jarrodand

    Definitely. Feelplus has a great pedigree, as does Q Entertainment, and it sounds like this one won’t be the rushed experiment we got the first time around. Looks great too already, I’m psyched.

  • Tye The Czar

    I hope this actually makes the Dynasty Warriors look like the overrated crap it’s always been.

  • thaKingRocka

    the dynasty warriors series has had plenty of time to be refined and i am yet to like a game in the series. somehow, i don’t think 99 nights is gonna get me excited with their second go at it.

  • moo

    it will have my full support… once its price drops down to $20 m/

  • Andy

    The first NNN is one my favorite games of all time. I personally am sad if Inphy’s been replaced by some macho god-of-war-esque dude.

  • Wireless

    HELL YEAH im gonna give it a chance!!

    Ninety-Nine Nights part 1 wasnt the best game ever.
    But it was a decent hack&slash game!

    Comming home from a hard day of work, it was nice to lose some agression in the game!!
    And i think that the makers have learned from ther mistakes in the first part…
    *like the impossible last mission*

    My gregratzz


  • Josh

    So does anyone know if any of the characters from the 1st will return? Because I’d like to play as some of them again.

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