Fate/Unlimted Codes Coming To PSP As A Digital Download

By Spencer . April 28, 2009 . 3:20pm


Earlier this month we discovered Capcom was localizing Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable. And yes, the fighting game based on Fate/Stay Night is coming here, but in North America it will only be released as on the PlayStation Store.


The PSP version is the latest version of Fate/Unlimited Codes and it has enhancements like a reflect dash move, simplified controls and new costumes for fans. Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable comes out in Japan this June. Capcom USA plans to release it domestically this summer. Good to see Capcom is expediting its release. The digital download will cost $29.99, about the same price as a retail PSP game, but it’s cheaper than importing! Plus you get the game in English, which is another bonus.


Releasing Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable only as a downloadable game won’t please everybody, but it’s better than the alternative — not getting it at all. Kudos to Capcom for thinking outside of the box and giving Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable a domestic release.

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  • Yes it is nice to actually have anime based games overseas that aren’t from Adult Swim or shounen jump.

    Now if only we have the visual novel coming, but at least there’s the anime and manga to fill in the story for people.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Thank you Capcom! I got the Ps2 one for the Figma. I can’t play the actual game cause its region blocked. (I’m not one for modded stuff either)
    Now to find out how to get my PSP online.

  • Zefiro Torna

    Cool move of Capcom. I’m still hoping that this is a first step towards seeing the game release for domestic home consoles, somehow…

  • blueblaze64

    the anime was awsome and the visual novel made me cry 4 times=P
    and the visual novel is downloable via internet and the english patch too

  • Depending on how Sony’s actual store-listing process works, I wonder if we might see more import games with potentially small but rabid fanbases released on the PSN like this? Certainly companies don’t have to release packaging or physical manuals or media, so all-digital releases might be an easier way to recoup the costs of translating games like this for other regions.

    • Could work. But I can’t help but think it’s a risky idea. Many people who regularly import PSP games also have their PSPs hooked up to a Japanese or Asia PS Store account. If it were a UMD release, I’d buy it and probably preorder. Since it’s digital, I’m hesistant to change my PSP’s account and risk jeopardizing my [email protected] SP and PSOne classics I’ve downloaded.

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