Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Dynamically Alters The Difficulty

By Spencer . April 29, 2009 . 8:54am


Players revisit Racoon City in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, blasting through zombies with Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. Like it’s predecessor, this is a light gun game with the unique feature of adapting to how well you pull of headshots.


One of the new features in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is a dynamic difficulty system where the game gauges your skill and adjusts to challenge you. How will this work? Will Capcom throw more zombies on the screen? Make them faster? Make hits hurt more? All of the above?


Capcom also claims the graphics are better than the Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. See the trailer and decide for yourself. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles will come out on the Wii this winter.


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  • jarrodand

    The trailer’s stunning. Ugh, why couldn’t this have just been RE2make?

    • Or an RE4 sequel that isn’t on-rails. I’ll buy it because I love Leon and Ada, but it still feels lazy to me.

      • jarrodand

        I’d have taken that too. In either case, I’d hope for a heavy co-op component, like RE5.

  • Malek86

    Ow, I hate adaptive difficulty. It means that if I’m bad, the game will still try to get me to finish it. But if I’m bad, I should die. That’s how it should be. This feels too much like trying to pander to casual Wii owners.

    “Capcom also claims the graphics are better than the Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.”

    Yeah well, it would be a problem if they weren’t, considering that UC looked quite bad and stuttery. But, this one seems on a whole different level. Good.

    Still, despite being a fan of light-gun shooters, after UC (which wasn’t all that fun) I’ll be wary of this sequel.

    • MadMirko

      Adaptive difficulty doesn’t mean easy. Ideally the breadth of the difficulty range is configurable, but even if it is set, why wouldn’t it be enough to kill you?

      Anyway, rewarding a good player is better game design than punishing a bad player, and from what I’ve read around the web that is the case here. Apparently the game is easier to finish, but harder to be really good at / master.

      • Malek86

        Eh. Being primarily a shmups player, I prefer games that are harder to finish :P

        Anyway, the point is… why not have a design that rewards good player AND punishes bad players? Kind of like Shinobi on PS2. If you were good, boss fights lasted fifteen seconds. If you were bad, you died. A lot.

        Alas, this sort of thinking died in the last generation.

  • mYstik

    I thought Umbrella Chronicles was already out?

  • Chow

    The Chronicles subseries should be ported over to the other systems, since they also have gun peripherals that use the same technology.

    • jarrodand

      They could port to PS3, but it’s likely not worth the effort given the Guncon.3’s miniscule attach rate. When you have a maximum audience of what, 300k, porting doesn’t really make sense…

  • EvilAkito

    I honestly didn’t have that much fun playing Umbrella Chronicles. However, the Resident Evil 2 nostalgia may be enough to sell me on this sequel anyway.

  • CleruTesh

    The first game I remember being hyped as having a similar dynamically adjusting difficulty is Eternal Champions.
    I never beat that game.
    And oh how I tried!

  • taiko1983

    The cover up system of the game seems to be the co-op system which was introduced in RE5. All things look good at the moment. As long as they can maintain the frame rate for the whole game, this will be one of the best shooters for the Wii.

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