Last Rebellion Is NIS America’s 3D PS3 RPG

By Spencer . May 7, 2009 . 9:39pm


NIS America and Dragoneer’s Aria developer, Hit Maker, are teaming up to make The Last Rebellion for PlayStation 3. Nine is an anti-hero and sword wielding “blade”. He is joined by female lead Aisha who is a “sealer” (read: magic user).


In battle players switch between the two and disable enemies by aiming at limbs. Hit your enemy’s legs to slow them down. Hit their arms to reduce their ability to attack. Huh, this sort of sounds like Front Mission without Wanzers. Outside of battle The Last Rebellion handles like an action game with an anti-hero and has a story of revenge to follow.


The Last Rebellion will come out in North America this fall. A Japanese release has not been announced.


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  • Hero of Legend

    His name is “Nine”? Shane Acker won’t like that…

    • Chow

      *shrug* It could be pronounced “Nee-nay”.

      • Happy Gamer


  • Advent

    Sounds more like Vagrant Story to me… Hit maker sucks at making RPGs enjoyable so I really dont have high hopes for this one.

    But who knows, maybe NIS will pull through?

  • TurkeyPotPie

    I don’t usually like hyperbole such as “looks like a PS2 game” but really. That looks like a PS2 game. And not a very good one.

    • B.K.

      Even Crisis Core looks better than this and it’s a PSP game.

  • This is getting a very cold reception already. I haven’t read a single positive comment.

    • Mazen

      Its sad because I think Hitmaker want to stand up on their feet by making profit of this game, then they may improve their future games graphics engines if they have the money, but like this they may die.

  • Dodi The BraveWind

    Remind me of Asch the Bloody in Tales of The Abyss
    Looks exactly the same to me xP The clothes are almost “look-alike”

    • lostinblue

      seems like some fanart of the guy, for sure.

  • Akimitsu

    Do graphics really matter? Isn’t it more important as to how the game plays than how it looks? I think this was the same reaction by many gamers in response to when Disgaea 3 was first revealed, although we did know that the Disgaea gameplay was going to be good. This is definitely going to be on my radar, as it looks like the PS3 is finally getting some RPG love.

  • Ereek

    It looks cell-shaded. Look at the outline over his hair.

  • I hate to post another negative comment, but I really hope these are early build screens. The backgrounds and textures seriously look like they came out of Dynasty Warriors. That’s probably the biggest insult possible, but I don’t need bland, flat surfaces anymore peppered with one or two flat shrubs.

    Solid gameplay is all that truly matters, though… so we’ll see.

  • Vrakanox

    Looks pretty but with only 2 playable characters I think I’ll probably pass. I’ve got too many other games to spend my money on atm.

    • Mazen

      A game must have more than one playable character to be worthy of your time? also how do you know how many playable characters in the game they didn’t say they are the only two they just talked about these two, and finally it doesn’t look pretty,

  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    Wow. This looks seriously bad.

  • JeremyR

    This is one of the stranger (or more interesting) relationships in gaming, NISA and Hitmaker. They localize a hitmaker game published by SCEI in Japan (Blade Dancer), then NISA (the american branch) hires them to make several games for the US first (Although the second isn’t even out. Well, this one, either. But the first was in the US first)

  • I must say this isn’t looking too good… Of course I was hoping they’d announce, roronoa no atelier for North America, so my hopes were a little too high…At least my hopes in regards to pokemon weren’t crushed! Yay!

  • Happy Gamer

    not the best looking game in todays standards but im a person who felt ps2 graphics were really enough to have a fun experience. if they tuned down the graphics in order to do stuff that would not be possible on ps2 or have a great gameplay im down.

    the first impression i got when i saw the top pic was that it seemed like a monster hunter game lol

  • Mikael

    Whats the point making a 3d game for the ps3 when you can’t really the technology or budget?
    More curious to see what Nippon Ichi Japan can make since the awesome Soul Nomad..

  • Cim

    ‘Last’ Rebellion indeed. Ohohohohohoho.

  • Tom


    I agree that this game needs to step it up in the visiuals dept. but it all comes down to how it plays especially for an RPG (after all you are going to log at least 30 hours into it). NISA already issued a statement saying that the game is Alpha build and that the graphics will be improved. Graphically if this ends up looking like a high res version of Rogue Galaxy (which is what it’s reminding me of) then I will be happy (besides White Knight is coming soon and that will have the visiual quality your looking for). Though again it’s all about gameplay, many of the recent RPG’s have the graphics down but the gameplay lacks (with Valkyria Chronicles, Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia being the exceptions)

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