Help Pick The Biggest Final Fantasy Fan

By Spencer . May 11, 2009 . 8:18pm

Somebody is going to win Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete and get to play Final Fantasy XIII early, but we need your help to choose the winner! Who deserves to win? You decide!


These entries are humongous so please glance down at the photos and collages of collectables before voting. The poll is at the bottom of the page. Voting starts now until May 15th, 2009 @ 1AM PST — that’s this Thursday! Thanks for all the entries and good luck to all of the finalists!


Entry #1… wow that’s a lot of doujinshi!



Entry #2 has lots of signed items from a Distant Worlds concert.

FF Distant Worlds 1FF Distant Worlds 2FF Figures 1FF figures 2FF figures 3FF Figures 4FF Figures 5FF Figures 6FF figures 8FF Figures 10FF figures 11FF Figures 12FF Figures 13FF First Generation 1FF First Generation 2FF Fourth GenerationFF Second Generation 1FF Second Generation 2FF Side GamesFF Third GenerationFF Video 1FF Video 2FF Video 3FFIII(SNES)FFVII CC LE PSPFF Series OST 1FF Series OST 2FF OST 3FF OST 4


Entry #3 made a neat little collage and has a Final Fantasy VII Pepsi promo item.



Entry #4 has Cloud and Sephiroth tattooed on his legs.

image stat  


Entry #5 is a photo of husband and wife dressed up like Yuna and Auron.



Entry #6 created Final Fantasy Airwalks and has at least two tattoos. Intangible bonus points for drawing Patrick Star in Wakka’s outfit.




Vote here!

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  • QBasic

    How bout none of them? Fans this obse–aherm, dedicated are bound to buy that set regardless…

    Throw us poor people a bone. D:

    • You know to be *fair* I suggested people do something creative rather than showcase all of their Final Fantasy swag. I would have honestly picked someone who made a chocobo out of oreos or made a post-it pixel art of Cloud or did a YouTube rap to a battle theme.

      • I am seriously considering the oreo chocobo. but I’m afraid I’d eat half of it before I made a picture of it.

      • QBasic

        But…but…I don’t have oreos! Can I instead carve a chocobo or moogle out of a cheesecake?

      • Dissapointed

        There’s some creative cheating going on though. I told all my friends at work to check this out and support a friend of mine. There was a total of 15 of us that voted for her and then all of a sudden #3 jumped to its cushy 32.6% again. So my smartass friend decided to get people to vote for #3 to see what would happen. Get this, it stopped at 32.8%. That’s some BOT, it votes for others to maintain a marginal win. golfclap #3

        • Entry 3

          Ok, that’s it. I DON’T KNOW HOW to “bot” votes. I posted this on my blog and art blog to show my friends that I was a finalist, and some of my friends said they had their friends voting, so I had people supporting me as well. It stopped at 32.8% around the time the contest was supposed to end, if I’m not mistaken. Seriously, I do not know how to do the things I’ve been accused of in here.

  • I think I _want_ to go with #6 just ‘cuz those Airwalks are so fucking incredible.
    But 1 & 2 are pretty damn dedicated too. I think I’ll go UP+START on this one.

    QBasic: that was lame.

  • Thorne

    Just because they didn’t display it, don’t think for a second that this couple doesn’t have MEGA Final Fantasy CHATCKE!!! LOL! C’mon, now… just LOOK at them! Cast your vote for the obviously dedicated cute couple. Do eet!!! :^D

  • None

    Final Fantasy’s At the end of some.

  • fallen

    I had to vote for number two… for being such a big Final Fantasy fan that they could not only stomach the movie, but actually buy merchandise associated with it. That is some love.

  • leafpanda

    I had to pick Entry #6, those airwalks were just way too awesome.

    • ReturnOfSomeDude

      Uh. Those don’t actually look all that good, and neither do the drawings.

      I can’t vote for anyone who bought unlicensed goods, so doujinshi entry’s out. I’m also anti-tats, so I’m left with voting for #2 or #3, and since #2 actually bought movie related items, I’ll have to go with #2.

      Now I’m going to leave and never return to this thread.

  • entry 3, for making the collage.

  • Kashi

    Mad props to the shoes and arts =D

  • Capn Spank

    I vote for none. My vote would have went to anyone who had the original NES Final Fantasy cartridge. These folks aren’t Final Fantasy fans, they are pop video game culture whores.

    A true fan would appreciate the roots of a series. Hell I still have an original NES Final Fantasy Cartridge.

    • Cloud_ST

      Entry #2 has a SNES Cartridge,I believe that’s the closest to what you want,also if you consider it,he has the PSX Remake-Pack of FF I and FF II,and thats pretty hard to find.

    • Uhura

      Entry 6 has all the original cartridges. She has all original nes and snes cartridges from Japan.

  • Spook

    Entry #2
    I love the collection he got

  • Aoshi00

    Wow, hats off to the finalists. What a collection, true fans of FF no doubt.

    So hard to choose, each one has some items I really like,

    #2 Uematsu photo & signed CDs / Spirits Within figurines!
    #3 Zidane cardboard ad
    #5 Awesome Auron cosplay
    #6 Cute plushies / lovely fanart (I was thinking of submitting a FF13 fanart parody of the Nora gang, but I haven’t drawn seriously in years..)

    I think #3 likes Cloud the most, so she deserves FF ACC :)

  • FinalFantasyKevin

    #3 Owns so hard. Voted.

  • Maganezia

    vote for entry # 2

    Great collection + Singed CDs by Uematsu + SNES cartridges

  • Cloud_ST

    Entry 3# wins my vote,making cosplay of both Aeris and Cloud(and looking good on both) is truly remarkable.

  • Michel

    Entry 3 is botted so it doesnt matter who you vote for.

  • sontawila


  • I vote for #3!


  • Lynn


  • Veila

    I don’t mean to be rude at all, but they way I read the rules DID kinda make it seem like you wanted entries of our collections. I could have totally made some adorable stuff had I known the rules better ^^;
    –just puttin’ that out there–

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