Super Robot Taisen Goes To School

By Spencer . May 15, 2009 . 8:56am

imageNamco Bandai is borrowing the campus RPG setting for a Super Robot Taisen spin-off called Super Robot Academy. After the arrival of intergalactic invaders and countless wars, an academy was created to train future leaders. This game is about them.


Ryoga, a 17 year old student, and Sakuya, his childhood friend with a giant ribbon in her hair, are the two protagonists. As students, they participate in battle simulations by installing unit data. Sounds like there could be a card robot collecting element to the system. Mecha from Virtual On Marz, Dancougar, Nadesico, Gun X Sword, and plenty of Gundam are confirmed for the game. Famitsu has pictures of the robots, which will later be a key reason why the game won’t be localized. That’s OK. There are tons of other campus RPG games to play like Mana Khemia, Class of Heroes, Final Fantasy Agitio XIII

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  • blueblaze64

    great news!!! thx spencer!

  • Fonic

    Huh, a SRW game I have no interest in. Never thought I’d see that happen.

  • MadMirko

    I wonder if school has been such a fantastic experience for others that they just can’t seem to stop making / playing games about it. I find myself immediately developing a dislike towards games like that, and it often takes the joy out of an otherwise good game.

    • Vino (Tim N)

      Its probably the other way around, school sucked so much that a person wishes for a different kind of school…in a fantasy world.

    • CleruTesh

      I personally find that it adds to the immersion.
      By combining “mundane” activity from “real life” like school, it allows for a fantastical game with a greater suspension of disbelief.
      At least when it works well, as it did in Persona 3.
      Although for old fogeys like me, it may be better if they were to replace school with work.
      I’m a janitor, and I can’t count the number of times I’ve started swinging my broom around like a katana when the boss isn’t around… there has to be a game in there somewhere.

    • Mazen

      Maybe they think it makes children loves school, at least anime made me wish if I studied in Japanese school I want to skip classes and sleep on the roof then an amazing event happens with kick ass music and I meet a cool looking character.

  • leafpanda

    This seems interesting.

  • squall3031

    this sounds good. too bad it won’t be localized ><.,.

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