These Characters Didn’t Make The Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Cut

By Ishaan . May 17, 2009 . 11:02am


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is done, it’s coming to North America with 22 playable characters. Ryouta Niizuma, producer of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom considered more, but ultimately a group was left out the first game due to licensing and balance issues.


Here’s what he’s had in mind:


Representing Tatsunoko:


1. Joe the Condor (Gatchaman)
2. Yatterman #2
3. Shurato (from Shurato)
4. Soul Taker
5. Nakahara Komugi
6. Daikyojin (mecha of Yattodetaman, another Time Bokan series anime)
7. Berg Katse (enemy of Gatchaman)
8. Tekkaman Evil
9. Braiking Boss (enemy of Casshern)
10. JJ (Zillion)


Representing Capcom:


1. Leon
2. Nash (Charlie)
3. Date Masamune
4. Arthur
5. Ibuki
6. M. Bison
7. Lei-Lei/Hsein-Ko (from Darkstalkers)
8. Zero Gouki (Cyberbots mecha… who acts like Gouki)
9. Tiara Hime (from Gaia Masters, another Japan only, obscure Capcom game)
10. Nero
11. June
12. Rouge
13. Tyrant
14. Hinata Wakaba


Note the curious absence of Versus staples like Strider and Akuma. Is Capcom saving those for Marvel vs. Capcom 3?


Niizuma also casually mentions he would like to make a sequel to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Could this be one of the three mystery Wii games coming from Capcom this fiscal year?

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  • Fonic

    Leon would have been neat; if only to carry on from Jill being in MvC2.

  • Roto13

    No Samurai Pizza Cats? Augh. >_>

    • That would have been cool if they included them since people in west are actually familiar with the series …kind of.
      “Like furballs in your throat!”

    • daizyujin

      SPC could be one of the hardest to get ahold of the rights to since the show was made by Saban. That means it was aquired by Disney when they bought out Fox International and all the other Saban shows like Power Rangers.

  • leafpanda

    Tekkaman Evil That would’ve been an interesting character.

    • Aoshi00

      But it’s the old Tekkaman Evil, just like Blade, not the new one right?

      So the above list is all the characters that would appear in the US version? That’s even cooler than the Jpn roster. I didn’t even know Zillion was a Tatsunoko anime, I loved that show, would’ve preferred Apple to JJ. And Shurato!? Had no idea Tatsunoko had a hand on that too, I’ve always thought it was by Sunrise (Shurato and Samurai Trooper were kind of copy cat of Saint Seiya)

      • daizyujin

        Zillion was a co-production between Tatsunoko and Sega. Hence why there were several Zillion branded games on the Master System and also why the SMS’s light gun looks just like the Zillion gun.

        • Also Opa-Opa for Fantasy Zone.

  • Wake

    Leon’s intro should be him telling Ashley to hide. Are downloadable characters out of the question?

    • daizyujin

      Most likely since the original version didn’t support it. The game would probably take a decent sized rework to add the option at this point. Besides, we already are getting 4 characters that are not in the Arcade version.

  • LordGeo

    Aoshii: But it’s the old Tekkaman Evil, just like Blade, not the new one right?

    No. There was only 1 Tekkaman in the original show. The Evil that was considered was the one from Blade. At least a Blade character was considered, and hopefully will make it into the sequel.

    • Aoshi00

      I see.. I haven’t seen the original show, just the new Blade, which was totally awesome despite the major fluctuation of anime quality. When I used the Vol Tekka super move, the old Pegasus design cracked me up, so retro. It would be so cool if they would sneak the new Tekkaman characters in the sequel, especially Evil. Been craving for a Tekkaman game for a long time, and Super Robot Taisen doesn’t really count..

  • ECM

    They left out Arthur…*cries*

    • I know…
      But, he appears in one of the cutscenes in the game. I forgot which one.

  • LoneWolf

    It would have been awesome if Hsein-Ko,Charlie, and Rouge would have been in the game, Charlie espically.

  • Malek86

    Any God Hand character would have been awesome.

  • MisterNiwa

    q_q no Date Masamune…

  • daizyujin

    Having dumped at least a dozen hours into the Japanese version, I can just say that the game rocks. Yes there are a lot of omissions but then again both of these companies have a rediculous number of characters they could have used. I am curious though, how solid is the evidence of the US release? This wouldn’t be the first time we have seen a fake magazine mockup.

  • Seems very flexable for a sequel. Likewise, the capcom side alone has enough new characters to support something of thier own.

    I would of liked Dante but oh well. At least Leon was meantioned.

  • alphajammer

    Guaaahhhhh!! J.J. from Zillion was being considered!!?? Oh MAN, would that have been rad.
    I was a huge fan of the Master System titles.

  • Mazen

    They missed Hutch the Honeybee a classic for kids of the 60s real icon character, I watched it in the late 80s and it was still awesome but there was so much violence against insects it makes you feel sad for them.

  • s.o.a.k

    Well personally I dont think we need anymor street fighter characters in the vs series. But Id like to see Leon make it and instead of Nero put in Dante

  • s.o.a.k

    oh yeah and falcon or wangtang from power stone seeing as how they are more popular than rouge

  • Naki



  • Sintu

    Date Masamune =(

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