Only Europe Gets A Star Ocean: The Last Hope Collector’s Edition

By Spencer . May 26, 2009 . 6:01am

europesoWhile we’re finished sailing through the galaxy, Europe still doesn’t have Star Ocean: The Last Hope. PAL territories won’t see the game in stores until June 5, but they get two versions.


The Star Ocean: The Last Hope Limited Collector’s Edition comes with the game, a 32 page mini-guide, five character cards using “rare artwork not officially released in Europe”, a Star Ocean compilation soundtrack CD, and a limited edition box with digistack packing. The package has a suggested retail price of £54.99 ($87). A standalone game runs for £44.99 ($72). Most online retailers have a price break for both versions.


On closer inspection the “rare artwork” on the character cards is actually the anime style character designs Square Enix used in Japan. The digistack packing sounds kind of nice considering the US packing has three games stacked on top of each other.

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  • That’s a first :3

  • Malek86

    Here’s an interesting question: technically, who chooses the tracks which will go into a “Best selection” OST? Because they are almost never the good ones.

    Anyway, this looks kinda cool. I’m not a fan of Star Ocean, but after playing Devil Summoner I think I can stomach another action-based RPG. I’m also not a fan of CEs, because they make you spend a lot of money, but it’s been almost two years since I last bought one. And finally, I’ve yet to see a HD RPG. So, combining these three factors, maybe I’ll actually buy this CE.

    • Helves

      In case it is the same as the japanese version (I bet it is), the tracks were selected by the composer, staff members and Square Enix Members. This info was in the Square Enix members page, but I picked it from VGMdb:

      Tracks 1 & 2 selected by Motoi Sakuraba
      Track 3 selected by Yoshiharu Gotanda
      Track 4 selected by Yoshinori Yamagishi
      Tracks 5 to 10 selected by audience on Square Enix Members website

      So this time it’s a real “Best Selection”!

      I’m a huge fan of the Star Ocean Series and I’m waiting impatiently for this collector’s edition (I have mine pre-ordered ^^)

      • There’s an additional track ‘Star Ocean Forever -from Star Ocean 2-‘, at least if my itunes tags are correct. Anyway there’s 11 tracks on the EU soundtrack, the rest is identical.

  • doubleO7

    Will the European version also remove the anime artwork and have the changed menu layout from the US version?

    If not, then maybe i’ll import it.

    • The European version has the same artwork as the NA version, CG faces instead of anime ones.

    • Aoshi00

      I’ve played both versions side by side (actually just the Eng ver and then pop in the Jpn disc to watch the same cutscenes in Jpn w/ the same save files). Personally I think the US modified interface is much easier on the eye and above all consistent. The anime faces actually don’t fit well w/ the in-game CG models, unlike P4 or the Tales series which sport SD chars. I don’t think they’re drawn particularly well either, compared to the CG faces which look very detailed and beautiful. Also to my surprise, I actually prefer the Eng. voice acting, like Reimi, Bacchus, and Sarah. Faize, Lymle, and Meracle were voiced extremely well in Eng I think.

  • Pesmerga00

    I would have bought it, had it been released in the US, instead we get stupid stacked disks. I’m getting tired of lazy packaging. As I mentioned I would have bought an LE, but we shouldn’t have to pay extra for proper packaging.

    It this instance the LE packaging would have actually been helpful while playing the game. Towards the end you have to swap discs if you want to backtrack(even if installed to the HD) so not having to juggle them would have been nice.

    I liked the game, but the whole changing discs multiple times for post game content was a very stupid move. Should have just made it four discs and avoided it all together. Despite that, it was still an enjoyable game.

    • Aoshi00

      That disc stacking in the US 360 RPGs really irks me too, it’s even more stupid w/ Lost Odyssey, 3 disks stacked together w/ the 4th in a paper sleeve stuck in the manual side, the Jpn ver don’t have that. I really wonder whose bright idea is it. First the discs could be scratched easily, like my first disc was out of the box, the swapping for SO4 is very cumbersome too, even w/ the HD installs, makes no sense.

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