Line Attack Heroes: The Line vs. The Kabuki Boss

By Spencer . June 8, 2009 . 7:53am


When I played Line Attack Heroes I jumped straight into a boss fight. The fifteen minion line wormed around the Kabuki inspired boss’ geta. Whacking the boss with a giant hammer didn’t phase it. What should a line do?


Whip it! The line has two kinds of attacks, a melee attack and a line attack. Hitting A made the character in the front of the line swing a weapon, like the hammer. Swinging the remote activated the line attack which whipped the connected minions. The line attack can trip the kabuki boss, but the weak spot on his back was unreachable with the ground skimming tripping attack. Fortunately, you have multiple line attacks. The Z button switches the front character’s weapon and the line attack. When you’re holding the hammer the line attack is a downwards slam which can smack the boss senseless.


Line Attack Heroes has other modes that I didn’t get to try like a four player battle mode. A representative explained that the battle mode has players whip each other and steal minions. When you lose all of your minions you’re out of the game.




Our universe is linked to the world of Line Attack Heroes which has a dragon. The two universes are disturbing each other and the only way to stop this is to collect pieces of a dragon statue. Friends like Jebron, a savage looking fellow wearing a wolf pelt, and Tomi who wears fuzzy pajamas are some of your allies in Line Attack Heroes.




For an action game, Line Attack Heroes has a lot of text. When I lined up to play the demo two people in front of me just gave up in the middle. All of the dialogue was fully localized in English too, but it’s unclear if that means Line Attack Heroes is almost ready to go or not. Nintendo doesn’t have a North American or Japanese release date scheduled for Line Attack Heroes.

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  • lostinblue

    it has a lot of text because it’s being done by the secret of mana creator

  • Mazen

    Very interesting.

  • Trenchoat

    Your review just assumes people even know anything about this game. I can’t tell jack about what is going on. You should do a better job at setting this up.

    • KCdash

      It’s not a review, it’s a hands on impression and really people can just click on the tags or google the game to find out more about it

      • moo

        I’d have to agree with Trenchoat. I couldn’t make heads or tails of this article the first time I read it, and I just got redirected here from another link, hoping to find out more about “Line Attack Heroes” only to be befuddled once again.

    • Well it’s not a review, it’s impressions from playing the game at E3.

      There isn’t much to “set up” about Line Attack Heroes. The game is still in development, but it’s a beat ’em where you have a line. You have two attacks: a melee weapon attack (A button) and a whip attack called a line attack. There are different line attacks. The demo I played was a boss fight. At the end of the level you get part of the dragon statue, which you need to save the world as a reward.

      I saw other people playing levels where there are things just running around to attack, but I don’t want to report on that demo since I didn’t play it.

    • Mazen

      Well I did understand all of this hands on impressions Spencer wrote up.

  • Reminds me of Tokobot with the whole chain thing.

    It looks interesting, so I’ll give it a try.

  • jarrodand

    Looks forgettable. Having Ishii at the helm has me immediately expecting the worst… I wish NOA would’ve picked up Dynamic Slash instead…

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