A (Not So) Shaky Cam Tales of Graces Trailer

By Spencer . June 22, 2009 . 12:20pm

If you want to see how Sophie, the female protagonist in Tales of Graces, fights then watch this blurry video. Namco Bandai showed a new trailer for Tales of Graces in Japan, which a kind Internet user recorded and uploaded.


Famitsu explains Sophie is a martial artist. The A button is used for hand to hand combat while the B button is used for healing techniques like First Aid. Famitsu also says Tales of Graces will be ready in “winter 2009”, a slight change from “this winter” which could have meant January 2010.


Meanwhile, Tales of Graces and all of the other Tales games coming out in Japan this year have not been announced for North America.


Update: Thanks to Hero of Legend we have a crystal clear version of the trailer. Enjoy!


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  • Hero of Legend

    You post this up just when the proper-quality trailer gets released! XD


    • jarrodand

      Woah, it looks amazing. Almost like Vesperia in SD.

    • TurkeyPotPie

      Looks very nice indeed. I’ve never really liked the Tales stories/characters all that much, but the game systems are usually a lot of fun.

      I am starting to get concerned about a Western release of ToV PS3 though. I wonder if the extras being added (all all the voice that would be required) might end up killing a Western release?

    • Awesome. Thanks for the link :). Now to replace the trailer and credit you…

  • Malek86

    I haven’t been following much about the game, nor I have played any Tales since Phantasia, so indulge me for a moment here:

    – How can you control two characters directly? Does the game give you the choice to change them during combat?

    – Is there no party in this game? Every image I’ve seen until now has the main character fighting alone.

    – Did they get rid of the separated battle screen? From the images, it looks like the chara fights directly in the world map, though that might be an illusion.

    If this came out in EU, maybe I’d like to try it. It looks pretty cool.

    • lostinblue

      1st question: you can control all the characters directly, but only eone at once (unless you have extra controllers plugged-in, and people)

      2nd question: there is a party, thing is Namco is keeping it under wraps, they only unveiled SoPhie as a playable character 2 weeks ago or so. Next up it’ll be the redhead one.

      3rd question: seems like it is seamless, yeah, but I cant be sure just yet

  • I genuinely hope this gets a US release. It looks awesome!

  • I still say the creation of the LMBS system is the worst thing Namco ever did to the Tales series. I miss the days of the classic 2D combat system that was PERFECTED in Tales of Legendia. There are now FOUR teams making Tales games, and the two that make these LMBS games, I have no interest in.

    • lol, that is almost reversed for me.

      • Well I like the classics, Tales of Phantasia and Destiny… games like those. Thats why I’m looking forward to Tales of Hearts for the DS, because its not made by the Symphonia/Eternia team… its being made by the Melfes team, and the last game they did “Legendia” is one of the best in the series.

        • jarrodand

          Hearts was made by mostly Team Destiny (TOD2/Rebirth/DestinyR). Legendia wasn’t even developed at Tales Studio, Namco made it inhouse.

    • You think Legendia perfected the 2D tales of battle system? I strongly disagree… Tales of Legendia’s battle system was slow and boring… I think the Tales of Destiny Remake, for PS2, perfected the 2D tales of battle system.

  • Masengan

    I guess I shouldn’t get rid of my Wii just yet. Oh and Namco please release one of them DS Tales games to the US, thanks =]

  • Nem

    Did they just lift the blindside system straight from star ocean 4 XD

  • Looking forward to the game.
    Winter 2009 huh, all the more good news!

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