Hudson Confirms J-Horror Game, Calling, For North America

By Spencer . July 10, 2009 . 8:25am


Calling, Hudson’s take on J-horror for Wii, will get a domestic release. We’ve confirmed with Hudson that Calling on target for a release in spring 2010.


The game centers around a mysterious website known as “The Black Page”. Some say it’s a gateway to something evil. Others say it’s a prank. The only thing on the page is a simple counter with the number of people that died after visiting the site.


You play as different people who visited the Black Page and are now trapped in limbo. Souls in the Calling are fighting to live, but they won’t be armed with rocket launchers. Hudson says Calling will be a traditional survival horror game. So, you have access to everyday items like a flashlight, radio, and a note pad. The remote primarily acts like a flashlight similar to Lit, but Hudson also plans to use the remote as a phone by playing sounds out of the speaker.


Each chapter of the Calling focuses on a different person and is set in the memories of the dead. You’ll visit locations like a schools, hospitals, and homes with lots of creepy dolls. As players progress through the game a “horrifying” truth to why the characters are drawn to the space between the living and the dead will be revealed.


While Calling does not have an official ESRB rating, we’ve been told this could be a “M” rated game.


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  • JJ

    damnit I want Fatal Frame 4. I don’t care about these horrors. I want FF to be release.

  • Yeah, looks Fatal Frame-tastic. What’s Tecmo waiting for? =P I am impatient as there really aren’t a whole lot of these horror games anymore. Resident Evil has left the playing field, Silent Hill has lost its touch..

    • Actually, Tecmo said a while back that Nintendo hold the right to Fatal Frame 4 (since they published it in Japan), and that they’re the ones holding it back. It’s out of Tecmo’s control…I’m sure they’d love to release it. :/

      • Agh! Now that you mention it, I do recall that. That’s just in regards to the US/EU releases, though, isn’t it? Or am I delusional?

        …Since it’s under Nintendo’s armpit (as sweet smelling as it is), I guess we won’t see a port to any other system regardless, unless they work around it somehow like with the Ninja Gaiden Sigma games.

        I’m a dreamer, but I can’t afford more than one system/accessories/games at a time. Not just money, but time, too. =)

        • I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe they’ll fix the controls and release the game toward the end of the year. Or maybe next year…it’d get slaughtered by NSMB Wii and Wii Sports Resort this year.

          • Hmm, true. But then again, the first three weren’t exactly major sellers on the PS2/Xbox/360, either. Especially FF3 (probably due to Tecmo only distributing like… 6 copies). Which is truly unfortunate; they’re really top of the class as far as horror games go in my opinion.

  • Does this look like it will have more substance than XSeed’s Ju-On? I remember you saying Ju-On was similar to an interactive haunted house and I was hoping this was similar to a typical horror game.

    • Ah, good question! Calling is a full blown survival horror game. It’s not going to be like Ju-on.

  • I remember demos of this game were being taken down every time they were uploaded on youtube.
    From those videos it looked very creepy. And dolls just scare the daylights out of me.

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