Atlus Teaser Site Reveals Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey?

By Spencer . July 16, 2009 . 10:37pm


Atlus posted a new teaser site which has a scrambled picture and text like “we’re hope!” and “for the future of mankind, let’s do it!”. The game will be revealed on July 24, but I believe we can beat that.


Denpa no Sekai helped crack the mystery by sending a picture an unscrambled picture of the South Pole imploding. Thanks!!


imageDoing a little more digging I think we got the name of the game and it’s a Shin Megami Tensei title. The page’s source code hid a file called logo_megami.jpg. The file has been removed, but not before this Japanese blog grabbed it.


It looks like Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is coming out in Japan on October 8. This year that’s a Thursday too and games in Japan are typically released on Thursdays…

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  • BK0000

    It’s Second Impact!

  • lostinblue

    strange journey smells like a first person dungeon crawler to me. that or a mmorpg.

    • MadMirko

      Personally I hope for the former, but how likely is that? :/ Of course it could be an expansion for SMT Online:Imagine.

  • What’s with game series and going into space.

    • Ereek

      Why not? SMT has done the present to death and most other RPGs have done medieval to death, too. RPGs that take place in space are rare compared to the others.

  • speedstersonic


  • geosafer

    Be on an HD console that allows you to import please.

    • jarrodand

      Japanese 360? Seems likely imo…

  • QBasic

    The image and title make it feel like a combination of “SMT on the Moon”, and “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”

    ……Platform? =/

  • ryne11

    Pants…. Getting…. Tighter…….

  • mirumu

    So I guess this will be another spin-off series from the SMT universe. It does have the ring of a title set in space to me. I haven’t tended to enjoy many space JRPGs, but if they take SMT that direction I think it could prove interesting.

  • Awesome work, Spencer (and helper)! I haven’t gasped so much in quite awhile.

    • Thanks! But, so many other people helped figure this out so thank you Internet!

  • Astronaut Jack Frost.

  • malek86

    Cool. Cool. Cool. Now I can’t wait for July 24th.

  • ryne11

    We need some alien mythology in the MegaTen franchise. Instead of YHVH, how about the Evil Overlord Xenu as true enemy?

    • CleruTesh

      OK, I definitely need to expand my MegaTen horizons a bit more. OK, so I’ve only played P3 & P4 through so far, in what games is your primary enemy frickin’ God? That’s totally frickin’ black metal.

      • Ereek

        Pretty much every non-Persona SMT game.

      • Even to some extent the enemies in P3 and P4 are gods too. Choosing to rebel against God is one of the core SMT concepts.

        • CleruTesh

          Yeah, well, “gods” with a lowercase “G”, sure. But I have never done battle with the primary deity of Judeo-Christianity, and it just sounds epic!
          (For the record, I am Catholic, so I am not opposed to YHVH in any way, but I have always been fascinated by theology, and the Gnostics, for example, viewed YHVH as their ultimate nemesis)

      • ryne11

        Actually fight? Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II (Japan only), Shin Megami Tensei II (Japan Only) and it is implied that in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (Kagutsuchi as YHVH’s avatar possibly)

        As an Entity? Shin Megami Tensei I, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne if following the True Demon route

        • CleruTesh

          WOW. While the term “avatar” is strictly connected to Hinduism, AFAIK. The concept of “YHVH’s avatar” sounds like a fascinating analogue to Christ. It’s just unbelievable that Japan has only been relatively recently exposed to occidental theology, yet they somehow seem to be more capable than us at creating compelling stories out of it.

  • That logo is so 70s Prog Rock.

  • keriaku

    Awesome awesome awesome. I’m excited! :D
    I’m hoping for the PS3.

  • Oh man , Cannot wait to see what this is.

  • jarrodand

    I bet it’s DS or PSP.

    The Wii and HD SMTs are likely still a ways off.

  • malek86

    Now that I think about it… weren’t there rumors about an unnamed SMT project for PS3? Could it be this one?

    • Yeah, but those rumors have been around since the PS3’s launch. Who knows if this is it or if that was quietly canned. I’m hoping this is it, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Nabe

    I’m intrigued. Let this be a current-gen title Atlus!

  • cj_iwakura

    I don’t buy that logo just yet. I’ve seen better ones faked.

    • QBasic

      Yeah….except, this is 120% legit…


  • Saturnus

    Is that a massive hole opening in the south pole, or a giant explosion?

    I’m hoping this is
    a) on PS3, whatever happened to that SMT game?
    b) futuristic, either demons in space or travelling to the center of the earth deal (read: hell?)
    c) post-apocalyptic dog eat dog world

    • Hraesvelgr

      To the PS3 question, if a PS3 SMT game isn’t announced at some point in the near future, it’s highly likely that it got cancelled like numerous other projects for the PS3.

  • The whole “We’re Hope!” and “For the future of mankind, let’s do it!” makes me wonder if this game is somehow related to Devil Survivor.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      Same thing here, for some reason I have a feeling this could be a sequel to Devil Survivor, or at least be something similar to it.

      • If the logo’s right it won’t be related to Devil Survivor. While that was a Shin Megami Tensei game here, it was actually a “Megami Ibunroku” or Another Goddess Story game in Japan.

        • Shadow_Raskolnik

          Yeah you’re right, I forgot that Devil Survivor had the Megami Ibunroku logo.

          Thanks for reminding me.

  • Parable

    I’m thinking a console “prequel” to SMT: Imagine… The coming of the great destruction, the world being overrun by demons, the building of Shinjuku Babel, etc.

    • Ah, this is an interesting idea. That would be a good way to tie loose strings since SMT: Imagine is out in the West.

      • Rebusca

        SMT: Imagine’s prequel is SMT1.

  • to me looks like a devil survivor related game for wii with now a world themed isolation

  • DDanny

    As it’s using the SMT title in Japan, it’ll either be SMT4 or something like SMT If…
    Oh god, please make it more classic megaten like SMT1 and 2.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Not likely to happen, as cool as that would be. Their more streamlined have had more success recently, after all. Chances are they’ll just stick with more streamlined approaches.

      • futomimi

        Actually, just based on how the title looks I see this as a return to classic Megaten. I think they’ve been so successful with the Persona games that they can afford a little wiggle room, and go with something stranger instead.

  • EvilAkito

    I bet it’s a mobile phone game.

  • gvnmadeinheaven

    Awesome >w< … (btw is it just me or the "Shin Megami Tensei" kanji looked… different?)

    • futomimi

      I just checked and it’s the same. Slightly less pixelated but the same.

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