Havest Moon: Magical Melody Wii-make Heading Stateside?

By Spencer . July 20, 2009 . 5:22am

imageNatsume squeaked Harvest Moon: Magical Melody out on the Gamecube near the end of its life span. By the time Rising Star Games prepared to bring it to Europe the Wii was in full swing.


Even though the Wii is backwards compatible, Marvelous developed a Wii-make of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, which has only been released in PAL regions… so far. Gamestop says they are exclusively selling the game in North America too. (Thanks for the tip Hayden!!)


Marvelous added motion control to the game, but took out the female protagonist. The Wii version is over a year old so the development team had plenty of time to put that feature back in if the Magical Melody Wii-make if it gets a North American release. Natsume announced a flock of Harvest Moon games at E3, but Magical Melody wasn’t on it. This release calendar says otherwise, however.



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  • I had no idea Cursed Mountain had a confirmed release date, much less a publisher.

    Will definitely give that a try.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      That was an another that just kind of showed up one day — but at least in its case, I had seen a back cover ad in PLAY. Grabbing that too, as one screaming ‘single printing’. By early next year there’s gonna be quite a little niche Wii library built already with the HMs, Cursed Mountain, Sin and Punishment, the oddball shooters, Octomanias, Oneechanbaras and the like. And that doesn’t include the unusual download titles.

      It’s just really a shame that the numbers watching press has forgotten if such things sell 100k-150K over their lifetime, the companies are probably more than happy and it did make money for them. And thats 80k-100k MORE than such sold in the days of the PS1 and early PS2.

  • Hope Natsume actually completes the Wii conversion, as I read that the PAL release still have mentions of the GC in it.

    Also, 480p would be nice at least. But I’m not holding my breath, Tree of Tranquility and Reel Fishing Challenge lacked it. :/

  • And also Natsume/MMV/Rising Star, if you’re liking the idea of Wiimakes, how about Chulip, or better, Innocent Life Special Edition, both on PS2? :D

    • I want a Chulip Wiimake! (A new, DS entry would be awesome as well!)

      • Let’s go crazy:

        Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland (PS2)
        River King: A Wonderful Journey (PS2)
        Reel Fishing 3 (PS2)
        Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Boy & Girl (GC, Yeah! Put both versions together!)

        That about covers it for games on PS2 and GC that’d make nice cheap Wiimakes. I remember seeing in MMN’s JP site, that there’s a RPG for PS2 that was a near launch title:


        But that’s way unlikely, that never even came to NA. :P

        I’d be happy with at least getting the PS2-exclusive games above as cheap $20 – $30 Wiimakes. Surprised River King or Save the Homeland never made it to GC.

        But who did the Wiimake of Magical Melody? Rising Star doesn’t develop games, it had to have been outsourced… right?

        Natsume USA does develop games, like the puzzle Harvest Moon games IIRC.

      • Kimura-san seemed so pleased with Chulip, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Wii-make or PSP port yet.

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