Havest Moon: Magical Melody Wii-make Heading Stateside?


    imageNatsume squeaked Harvest Moon: Magical Melody out on the Gamecube near the end of its life span. By the time Rising Star Games prepared to bring it to Europe the Wii was in full swing.


    Even though the Wii is backwards compatible, Marvelous developed a Wii-make of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, which has only been released in PAL regions… so far. Gamestop says they are exclusively selling the game in North America too. (Thanks for the tip Hayden!!)


    Marvelous added motion control to the game, but took out the female protagonist. The Wii version is over a year old so the development team had plenty of time to put that feature back in if the Magical Melody Wii-make if it gets a North American release. Natsume announced a flock of Harvest Moon games at E3, but Magical Melody wasn’t on it. This release calendar says otherwise, however.




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