Yggdra Unison Unites On The DS

By Spencer . July 22, 2009 . 10:15am


Sting is giving the Japan-only mobile phone game, Yggdra Unison: Beat Out Our Obstacle, an expanded port on the Nintendo DS. However, Yggdra Unison: Seiken Buyuuden (Yggdra Unison: Holy Sword War Tales) isn’t a sequel, it’s an alternate universe scenario.


Princess Yggdra is back and this time she’ll face her adversaries in a real time simulation game. Players command units on a field map and trigger dual battles. If allied units are nearby you also get a chance for a unison attack, if you can tap the screen at the right time. Line up a group of allies to chain unison attacks and take down the Bronquian Empire.


Atlus will publish Yggdra Unison in Japan in December. While unannounced for North America chances are Atlus USA will pick this up.

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  • malek86

    Anything by Sting is automatically awesome. And it looks like i might have more luck with this game than with a turn based strategy. Honestly, i suck at turn based strategy.

    But I’m not sure this will get to US. I mean, the original Yggdra Union didn’t exactly fire up the charts, didn’t it? And this was part of the Sting Station games, which means it’s just a mobile game (granted, it will get some DS enhancements)… not the sort of thing you see in the west. Oh well, if it does come, I’ll be the first one to get it.

    I wonder if any of the other Sting Station games will get the same treatment? But most of that stuff is just a bunch of minigames, this looks like the one with the most “depth”. Maybe they could make a compilation.

    • Serge73

      Another site suggested it as maybe a DSi download game. That would kind of make sense too, with the various games phone games already out (Asphault and Real Soccer series…)

      • It’s not a DSi download. It’s a full price game that costs 6,279 yen.

        While this was part of Sting Station’s mobile line up, they must be expanding it beyond the 30+ stage cell phone version for that price.

        • malek86

          What was the price for the mobile version?

          • jj984jj

            200 points via Sting Station, so this better be one hell of an expansion since it’s even more expensive than the new PSP game. I trust Atlus/Sting will make this worth it but I want more info.

          • Thanks for answering Malek86’s question. :)

            The system sounds just like the cell phone version, but the price is so different Sting must be adding something to the game. Also, there’s a lot more to Yggdra Union that Yggdra Reversi.

          • Sorry, this is a reply to Mr. Spencer, but the thread got too long. Anyways:

            The thing is that I’m sure many many people (myself included) would be okay paying something along those lines in a US release. Hell, even if it was 200 points to the standard, what is it, $39.99 I’d pay that. Slightly miffed, I’d remain for sure, but what can one do? Either get a Japanese cell phone that I wouldn’t be able to use and go through absolutely insane means, or… Yeah, buy it overcharged. I’d much rather the latter, seeing as the former might not be possible.

    • MadMirko

      The original Yggdra Union didn’t light up the charts. Neither did Riviera, neither did Knights In The Nightmare or Baroque. And that is neither in Japan OR the US, where every single title emerged in mutliple editions for multiple platforms (KITN excluded).

      I don’t see the problem.

      • I second this. None of these games have been hot sellers in Japan, but Sting’s titles have a growing fanbase worldwide so I think Atlus will publish this. I’d be more worried about Hexyz Force.

        • jj984jj

          I wouldn’t be too worried about either, Atlus USA has published a lot more than Sting’s Dept. Heaven games in NA this generation. Not to mention Atlus Co. is the publisher of both in Japan.

          I’m actually pretty happy about all this news, hopefully Atlus USA will concentrate more on localizing all these Atlus Co. games next year than Success or GAE games. My wallet is crying though.

        • Volcynika

          Atlus USA also goes by Sting USA, dontcha know!


      • mattiator

        You’re right about all of the above, except one. Riviera for the GBA did suprisingly well, and convinced Atlus to hurry up and localize 5 more games for the dying GBA. Those games were Battle B-Daman 1, Battle B-daman 2, Super Robot Taisen OG 1, Super Robot Taisen OG 2, and Yggdra Union. There were so many shoved out around the same time that they ate into eachother’s sales and individually got very little attention (particularly Yggdra Union, which had around 9 reviews when the GBA kicked the bucket).

  • Ooh, that’s cool. I still need to play more of the original one but I’ll look into this if Atlus localizes it.

  • Kinohara

    Alternate scenario…? Might be good idea. I found myself stopped playing Yggdra Union after that princess battle with town resistance… >_<

    • Mattiator

      That sequence… was powerful, and it gave the game an edge I haven’t seen too many other games go into.

      Maybe this isn’t just Yggdra Unison, perhaps it’s all of the YU cellphone games put into one cart (with Unison as the headliner).

      • malek86

        The other Yggdra mobile games look like a bunch of time-wasters.

        But maybe they could be included as unlockables, or something like that. It would up the value, even if just a little bit.

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