Monster Hunter 3’s Online Fees Look Familiar

By Spencer . July 24, 2009 . 9:42am

image With only days until it comes out Capcom confirmed Monster Hunter 3’s online mode will be pay to play. To access the online mode you need a hunting ticket, which are sold in tiers just like Monster Hunter G.


Before you fork over Wii Points you get a twenty day trial subscription. Afterwards, it’s 800 Wii Points ($8) for a 30 day subscription, 1,500 Wii Points ($15) for a 60 days, or 2,000 Wii Points ($20) for 90 days.


Please note the online fees are only for Japan. Monster Hunter, the original one for the PlayStation 2, also had a pay to play online mode in Japan, but the game was free to play here. Monster Hunter Tri is slated for a domestic release this fiscal year which means sometime between now and March 31, 2010.

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  • ElTopo

    Yeah won’t be paying for this. Not enough content to drop 20 extra dollars on for 90 days. The whole idea of an MMO is that your subscription fee goes to producing more content, which you get usually for free, in the form of patches. This seems like its just a surcharge to play online.

    • ECM

      “This seems like its just a surcharge to play online.”

      Hey, it works for Microsoft ;)

    • Enact

      Um, they do do downloadable quests and stuff you know so the money is justified. Plus, we don’t even know if it will be pay to play here, considering the price may push people away and that is the last thing Capcom wants for their MH Western Expansion thing going on.

      • ElTopo

        Downloadable quests are a joke. Honestly if thats the best they can offer, I don’t see many people signing up for this. Look at modern successful MMOs out here, big difference in content. Yes the price is higher, but try and convince people they should drop 10-20 bucks every couple of months for what is essentially equivalent to map-packs or added costumes. Capcom probably won’t charge a subscription in the west though, I just don’t see it being successful.

        • shauneh13

          The game is brand new there are only 3 bosses returning from the OLD monster hunters. People pay 20 a month for 1 month! in WoW 20 for 3 months is pennies, for a game that is obvioulsy amazing since you play it on a HAND held system, for endless hours. The game has been the same since ps2 and yet everyone still comes back to play over and over so I think capcom seems to know what they are doing…

          • ElTopo

            Your still just paying more money for what amounts to an online multiplayer component. Which is why they can’t charge the 15$ WoW can, and Monster Hunter 3 is on the wii… So I don’t know what your trying to argue there. If your ok with paying 80$+ to buy the game and play online go for it, but I don’t see most consumers forking over extra money just to play online.

            And since Monster Hunter on the PS2 wasn’t exactly a success like it was in Japan, again I really don’t see them utilizing a pay to play feature, which would only turn potential customers away from what will be, for many, their entry into the series.

          • nope777

            yeah your a retard, it wasnt a success because they failed to advert for it AT ALL. Yeah, people knew it was coming over from japan and was a success but the casual gaming public who otherwise WOULDN’T know about it , couldnt know about it. L2economy jackass

  • demonfruit

    Ugh, if it’s pay to play in the US, I’ll just settle for Freedom Unite + xKai.

  • Guest

    Man i just played the monster hunter Tri demo today and i must say the game looks beautiful.this game is definitely beeing added to my wii roster.

  • 911gaming

    Who the HELL is going to pay for that? Not Jesus. That’s just plain unholy–its like anti-christ right there.

  • snaredrums

    I was so exited about this game until i read this. It would be cool if it is like an mmo, but otherwise no.

  • anglesk

    The money is also needed to maintain the servers and the cost of bandwidth, don’t forget that. Millions of people in Japan are going to be playing on those servers and eating up the bandwidth like crazy-cakes. The only reason Monster Hunter for the PS2 had free online was because the game had a niche fanbase over here in the US, so money wasn’t a big concern for them.

  • hunter37447

    i doubt that its gonna be pay to play online because the monster hunter creators said they were gonna try to make monster hunter as famous as it is in japan.So maybe they will charge us in a future monster hunter game if monster hunter gets as famous here as it is in japan.But right now there goal for the western audience is to make it well known.1/3 of japans population owns a monster hunter game,and that is enough to charge them.

  • zwei

    where can buy wii point at malaysia???

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