Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Videos Surface

By Laura . July 26, 2009 . 8:46pm

Mankind crossed the 7 billion mark, but the more they prosper, the harder the backlash is. Wars break out, pollution contaminates the environment, and poverty and famine run rampant. Suddenly, a wasteland, a land of destruction, appears over the Antarctic. A team comprised of selected members from various nations is sent to the place to investigate, and so a journey, checkered with many ups and downs, begins.



Most of these features were already expounded in the other article, but some were elaborated. Of particular note are the four videos posted on the site. Two are of wandering in the dungeons, giving you all a sense of the first person point of view so characteristic to old Shin Megami Tensei games. Judging from these, it seems that battles are indeed random, but there are also special enemies that don’t generally appear in these usual ones. These carry rare items and have to be found using the Enemy Search option on the Demonica Suit. Also an option is the Gate Search, which allows you to find hidden doorways. On another note, the battle screen looks like it has the same format as Digimon Story, in which only the enemy monsters appear.



The last new content on the site pertains to the nameless protagonist. The video mostly shows an introduction to Captain Gore and your name entry. Nothing really special, but don’t expect to only have four character slots in the English version, haha. The dialogue is the white text, while actions are the green. I wonder if there’ll be any indication on how well you’re doing with other characters, like in Persona?


  • I like it so far and the sprites are animated awesome!!!

    • Haven’t played Devil Survivor, but I heard those sprites weren’t animated? =P

      Man, I’m looking forward to this game… More Demons, w00t!

      • Yeah they weren’t animated in Devil Survivor so this looks much better.

        Nothing intimidates me in battle more than a demon doing a jig with its arms moving up and down. (kidding!)

    • My same thoughts exactly. Animated first person sprites FTW! Gotta say that it was kinda weird that nobody did any attacks. I wanted to see them coming at you or you smacking them up.

  • ElTopo

    Pretty excited about this.

  • DDeep

    Wow, you used Digimon Story to describe the battle view.

    • Haha, but it’s true! I mean, if you’ve seen the battle screen for Digimon Story, they’re lined up the same way, the battle screen appears the same way, and I’m almost willing to bet the attacks will show up the same way XDD

      I felt it was almost inappropriate, but it’s just….true XD

  • Suzero

    Digimon Story, really? Well, whatever.

    Those movies actually decreased my confidence in the game, although it might help if I knew Japanese and could appreciate the dialogue/trailer blurbs. And if the game music could be heard for more than a few seconds. Doesn’t sound much like previous main series SMT music at all.

    also, I’m curious to know what the excuse will be for not having visible enemies. Giten Megami Tensei experimented with visible enemies on the PC-98 over ten years ago, I find it hard to believe they can’t come up with some nice scaling solution for the DS.

    • ElTopo

      Nocturne/DDS/Persona 1+2/DS1+2 and Im sure the originals all had random encounters, ie: no visible enemies. Persona 3/4 were the only recent ones to date that have used visible enemies and even then they’re just the black blobs. So why would they need an excuse or a reason to use a random encounter system when its pretty established, especially in the main series of games.

      • Suzero

        it’s not so much the random encounters as the whole thing of the DEMONICA helmets apparently scanning areas and then revealing that there’s something there you didn’t see a second ago. Random battles are basically a series (and to some extent genre) staple, but most of the time there’s an unspoken agreement between designer and player to not bring up the ridiculous nature of not being able to see most enemies beforehand (especially when walking down a narrow hall). The scanning animation indicates that agreement may be broken in this particular game.

    • Heh, don’t mind the comparison. Either way, it just means that you only see the enemies and not your own party running around. It might’ve been this way in more retro games as well (I wouldn’t know), but Digimon Story was the only game that came to mind with this article =P

      The trailer words are basically summarized in the first paragraph. About the only thing not kept was the words in the “mysterious voice”: “Humans. What more do you wish for?” Or something like that.

      The dialogue in the name entry video isn’t anything special. Just the “Now that we’re here, let’s all introduce ourselves” shpeil. On another note, the name entered is “Atlus Hero.”

      • Suzero

        Does the voice have any notable intonation? If it so, it might give a clue as to the nature of the speaker (whether a basic demon or some important deity).

        • It’s not the intonation so much as the words chosen that makes me think that this is one of the higher Demons. Don’t quote me on that though.

          • Moriken

            Sounded like a typical narrator voice to me. The wording however gave the story introduction gravity.
            The story itself could be pretty heavy on topics of existence and the worth of humanity if they really follow that trailer direction…o_O

            I’m actually surprised that the music is by Shoji Meguro (again), it definitely strays from his Pop/Jazz/Rock-style he employed the last gazillion of games. I wouldn’t have recognized him just from the trailers.

  • MadMirko

    That looks so awesome I feel like bursting OMG and so soon and remember how a SMT DS game was like announced ages ago and now here it is OH YESSSS Atlus I love you

    • Haha, SMT DS and Persona PSP have both been anticipated for so long. I can’t believe they’re finally happening!

      • And what I enjoy more is that this isn’t even SMT IV. Also, October doesn’t feel like such a long wait for importers.

        • Yeah, so close, yet so far!

  • Are we sure the enemy encounters are random, Terra? Perhaps we’re missing something on the bottom screen, like an enemy radar? Then again, random battles are a Megaten staple…

    • As I said, I can’t be sure that the battles ARE random. But the battle in the second system vid had no indication whatsoever other than a blanking of the screen after you run into the enemy. I think they are random.

      The enemy radar is for finding rare enemies that have rare items. I believe that may be it…

  • Very interesting stuff so far. The DS is surely to have another good RPG.

  • Without getting ahead of myself I really enjoy the sound effects so far. This gives me the urge to play SMT I & II. Wonderful update.

  • Chris

    When are we going to get another Nocturne-style dungeon crawler? These plot heavy SMT games are nifty, but let’s have a few that are just pure gameplay too.

    • Honestly, though I haven’t finished Nocturne this game might be as similar you can get based on the early footage. All Atlus has done is introduce the game and I’m sure you’ll change your mind as we’ll know more.

  • memoryofwater

    This really does look like Devil Summoner 3: This Time With Feeling. Yay. I’m giddy.

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