A Long Trinity Universe Trailer

By Spencer . August 4, 2009 . 8:01am

Remember Trinity Universe? Idea Factory’s latest crossover RPG which stars Etna from Disgaea, Atelier cameos, and handful of original characters?


It’s heading to the Playstation 3 in September. This trailer summarizes the game system after a two minute skit and a meet the characters sequence. Gust stars appear in the goddess side of the story and Nippon Ichi favorites like Prinnies and Flonne are in the demon story line. Gameplay footage which shows 3D combat and 3D dungeons is at the 3:30 mark.


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  • Trotmeister

    Yet another cheap-ass piece of junk, courtesy of Idea Factory.

  • Joel

    i want this game , looks greath )8]

  • Well, I’m stoked at least. Unlike the reviews and the people who lacked the skill to get past the Prinny fight, I played Cross Edge like no tomorrow…beating it four times and I’m still in the midst of doing things. It’s more crack than most give it credit.

    • I know to litte info about this new game to be interested in it or not. Cross Edge on the other hand is hard as hell and so rewarding when you get past the enemies or that damn boss that´s been obstructing your way.

      I like the story and gameplay of Cross Edge, so I guess I´m looking forward to this new title as well.

      • Well, Idea Factory has a bad wrap…and rightly so with the abomination that is Chaos Wars. Now, the game in itself is sub-par…but when you get localization that uses a family of actors to do the job and get HILARIOUS results…it doesn’t take much for most people to go ‘will not buy ever again’.

        In my opinion, Cross Edge more than made up for the loss that Chaos Wars was to me. Trinity Universe looks to be the same. They’re learning, I hope.

        • Seems as if they´re learning :) More details, more mixups in systems and such makes for a nice promise at least.

          Chaos Wars as a game is not so bad. Localization was worst ever.

          Cross Edge has made up for that by being hard but addictive. And with all the free stuff they keep releasing which makes the game even more fun :)

  • geosaferi

    I’m still not sold. I guess after it comes out and people upload some videos I’ll be able to draw a batter opinion.

  • Seems interesting. I like this new style of “2-d portraits” that’ve been coming out recently (Agarest Senki Zero had the same). I couldn’t get a good feel for the flow of battles, but the dungeon exploration seems pretty normal. Hopefully the battle system is not a hack n’ slash mess. I’ll look forward to more on this!

  • KonradChin

    Even if the game doesn’t look like it will be anything amazing I still put my pre-order in. Honestly, as long as the battles are better than Rorona I’ll be happy.

  • Gestahl

    So it seems that the limited edition will contain a digital DVD (desktop accessory, IF radio business trip edition?, interview with seiyuu) and reversible straps.

  • godmars

    Nice to see some cheap Flash animation finally being implemented.

  • Izaak

    Did I see a Summon Night character in there?

  • aaron171085

    why do all games from china or asia in this shit anime crap its childish that adults are making these games

  • Jae

    Really loving this “cheap-ass piece of junk” so far.
    Hoping the localization isn’t too far away. ;}

  • SamuraiLloyd

    The game looks interesting enough, i like the new ideas they’re going to implement in this title but again, the same question i had with Cross Edge arises with this one, where the heck is Laharl?!?!

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