Ninja Gaiden, Rygar Lined Up For Virtual Console Arcade

By Spencer . August 14, 2009 . 8:42am

imageTecmo Bowl won’t be Tecmo’s only Virtual Console Arcade game. Rygar and Ninja Gaiden are on deck as future releases.


The ESRB rated Rygar (arcade) and Ninja Gaiden (arcade) for Wii, identifying both titles as Virtual Console arcade games. The NES version of Ninja Gaiden has been online since 2007, but the arcade game is quite different. It has co-op play and a hilarious title screen.


And for more amusement read these ESRB descriptions for Rygar and Ninja Gaiden.


Ninja Gaiden — rated E10+
This is an arcade-style action game in which players assume the role of a ninja who fights his way through a 2D side-scrolling environment. Players punch, kick, and use swords to slash at street thugs carrying batons and blades. Occasional boss battles require players to attack stronger enemies in more protracted battle. When players lose all their “lives,” a “Game Over” screen depicts a circular saw being lowered down on the central character as the screen fades to red. In one area of the game, a background mural shows a man in a tight-fitting leather outfit that exposes portions of his buttocks. Some billboards and signs display the word beer.


Rygar — rated E10+
This is an arcade-style action game in which players fight their way through 2D side-scrolling environments to earn points and achieve the highest score. Players can punch demons, dragons, lava creatures, and large birds, or use a projectile-chain weapon to defeat them. Enemies react to damage by dissolving in a red-and-white burst of bones. In one level, there are small animal skulls in the background.

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  • jarrodand

    Ew. Less Tecmo, more Sega/Namco/Taito plz.

    I’d like to see some others get into VCA support too (Capcom, Konami, Irem, Gmode, Nintendo, SNK, etc).

    • The funny thing is Namco released a ton of VCA games in Japan, but only a handful in North America. SNK is probably done with Virtual Console though since the arcade ports wouldn’t be much different from Neo Geo right?

  • Rygar – the ultimate fighting experience.


    In the Gran Mountain lies the entrance to Garloz.

    Okay, I’m done reminiscing.

  • Strike_Man

    “Some billboards and signs display the word beer.”

    Virtual billboards that say beer? Not in MY house!

  • thaKingRocka

    Ninja Gaiden on the NES provided one of the greatest disappointments of my game-buying career. i had just gotten birthday money, and i went off to TRU. i bought three NES games. two were a bit of a gamble. of course, everything in gaming was a gamble back then. there was no internet, and all an 8-year-old could do was check out the boxes and pray for quality. that is, unless he had a chance to check out nintendo power’s advertisements/reviews. i bought … oh god, this is so sad. i bought Godzilla and Fester’s Quest. complete and utter misery with both of those games. the only good thing to be found was the opening theme to Fester’s Quest. i had never even seen The Addams Family.

    the saving grace was meant to be Ninja Gaiden. when i popped it in, i nearly cried. maybe i did really cry. it was not what it was meant to be at all. i had played NG for hours at the arcade, and i thought it was the most awesomest game ever. who wouldn’t want to swing on signposts, and stomp jason vorhees in the face? when i played NG on the NES, it was the rudest of awakenings. thank god sega made every effort to replicate their arcade games with the greatest of quality.

    i’m not sure why NG on the nes had nothing at all to do with the arcade title, but i can tell you that i’ve never forgotten or forgiven the NES series for this. the xbox series, well, that’s a different story. i love it to death.

    for your consideration:

    godzilla – jump to about 3 minutes or so to see normal gameplay

    fester review by the angry nintendo nerd

    ninja gaiden arcade – one of the awesomestest games in history! imagine buying this, and getting NG NES instead. NG nes wasn’t terrible, but it felt like a nasty bait and switch in an age without information.

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