Data East Arcade Classics Revived For Wii

By Spencer . September 3, 2009 . 6:45pm

image Majesco, best known these days for Cooking Mama, acquired the rights to publish a slew of games from Data East’s library and are making a compilation disc for Wii.


The ESRB leaked the news and some of the games with the following description.


This is a collection of classic arcade games covering several genres. Games include Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Burger Time, Caveman Ninja, Street Slam, Secret Agent, and many others. Some games involve side-scrolling fighting action against dozens of enemy thugs, ninjas, and creatures. Characters occasionally use knives, guns, throwing stars, or grenades in the 2D-style combat. A few games depict brief splashes of blood when enemies get hit; one game depicts a shark that emits red blood when it gets harpooned. The suggestive material represents the strongest pertinent content in the game: A puzzle game called Magical Drop III depicts female characters wearing provocative outfits that expose underwear and deep cleavage. When players score points or make successful combos, the background figures cheer or move in ways that cause their breasts to jiggle.


Kind of amusing to see a puzzle game is primarily responsible for Data East Arcade Collection’s T-rating, but whatever. I’m glad to see Data East’s games back on the market, especially Joe & Mac.

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  • This is so badass.

  • ElTopo

    That sounds pretty sweet, probably check this out.

  • Aoshi00

    Joe & Mac was an awesome game, especially w/ a friend.

  • maxchain

    Goodness knows how long I’ve awaited the return of S&M Puzzle Chick!

    But seriously, where’s Karate Champ.

  • Zefiro Torna

    I’m assuming the version of Magical Drop III is likely the Neo Geo one, other versions wouldn’t be very ideal to pursue. If so, this should mean that G-mode and Majesco actually managed to license a Neo Geo emulator from SNK Playmore (or at least, legal right to emulate that platform). A rarity if I’ve ever heard of it, as the only outside party to use a Neo Geo emulator for home release in recent years was probably Sunsoft, but that compilation was co-published by SNK I believe.

    I hope this shows that other Neo Geo 3rd parties (at least those still around since back in the day) are capable of easily acquiring legal use of emulation for that platform when releasing compilations. As, yeah, I’m still bitter about Taito Legends 2 not using the wonderful Neo Geo version of Bust-A-Move Again/Puzzle Bobble 2.

    Anyways, I’ve gabbed enough, here’s to hoping that this compilation has Joe & Mac Returns, and encourages SNK to hurry up with SNK Arcade Classics Vol 2.

  • Are you friggin’ kidding me? I would buy Magical Drop III by itself for $50 again. I always crack out the Neo-Geo version and play this. It’s an amazing puzzle game and I would advise anyone who hasn’t played this to pick up this collection. If they have online play (Vs Mode), I may be able to die happy.

  • Hope it’s the Japanese MVS version of Magical Drop III if that’s the case…so much better than the English version and easily accessible based on the BIOS…quite weird.

    Add online support and you have yourself a goldmine.

  • lordgeo

    This collection better have Two Crude (a.k.a. Crude Buster/Two Crude Dudes) and the Fighters’ History series as well… The “T” rating probably means that we won’t be getting Tatto Assassins in the collection, though, since that was a meant to be a pretty violent fighting game; shame too, since it never got an official release before. In fact G-Mode, the company who bought the rights to many Data East titles and probably licensed these games to Majesco, has a list of all of the titles that they have the rights to:

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