Medabots Getting DS Sequel

By Ishaan . September 6, 2009 . 12:00pm

image I had no idea what Medabots was until I decided to look it up after the announcement of a DS sequel, so I’m in no position to be schooling anyone on the series. If you’re a fan, please, feel free to educate us in the comments.


For the uninformed — I just know I’m not alone — Medabots was a role-playing game based around fighting with artificially intelligent robots, developed by Imagineer for the Gameboy in 1997. It was followed up by several Medabots games, including one for the Gamecube (Medabots Infinity) in 2003 and GBA entries. As with any popular Japanese franchise, several manga and anime adaptations exist.


Medabots DS Kabuto Version and Kuwaga Version have three on three battles and 3D graphics. Like Pokemon, there are two versions each with some unique items and Medabots to play with. Natsume used to make the Medabots games, but they aren’t doing this one. Rocket Company, which recently made a shadow boxing game for the Wii, is doing the work.

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  • I remember this series. I watched a little of the anime and shrugged it off tbh.

  • Dasuzero

    Rocket Company? Ouch, talk about a no-name developer.

  • I used to watch this everyday before school! I still have one of the GBA games too XD

  • Natsume is/was in the copyright for Original Idea IIRC. And RC developed another version of Metabots for GBA that resembers WarioWare in the wacky style. So it makes sense for them to be a candidate for the revival.

    Also, I think Victor, now part of MMV and was behind Harvest Moon developed the GC game.

    Oh, and Metabee’s voice in the TV show = effing awesome.

    • Pichi

      Also a fan of Metabee’s voice! Just so different when I was a kid! Still got it in my head.

      • Joanna

        ah, now Metabee’s voice is stuck in my head XD

  • inkling

    omg you serious! DX about time lol

  • I had the Medabots: Metabee GBA game. It was a pretty interesting RPG. Think Pokemon, but with robots and 3 on 3 battles. One part that I thought was kinda cool, was that the various robot parts could break. If they did, the robot couldn’t use certain attacks or abilities and you’d have to get new parts. The story was really kind of silly, but it was kind of fun.

    What you equipped on your robots would result in all sorts of intricate and elaborate attacks and abilities in battles. It took a while to figure out the best way to go. I also remember there were tons of battles, which occasionally got frustrating.

    If this got translated, then ended up going on sale for $19, I’d probably take a chance on it for nostalgia’s sake.

  • I used to be a HUGE fan of the series. Infact, the first game I bought with my gameboy pocket was Medarot Kabuto(Beetle) version, and its still on my top 10 list of favourite games ever made. Needless to say I am ecstatic about the announcement of this new sequel.

    The game was based on the manga running on Comic BonBon at the time, and basically tried to get into the “gotta collect em all” bandwagon that pokemon popularized, except it didnt suck like 99% of the ripoffs out there and had a lot of its own gameplay elements and trademarks that made it quite uniqe.

    You basically went around doing 3 vs 3 battles with others using the Medarots(I think short for medal robots), which were little robots with frames called tinpets with swappable head, left arm, right arm and leg parts powered by a medal which could also be leveled up (for example Metabee’s medal was that of a beetle).

    Battles were sort of turn based. Each medarot would start at an outside line, where you would give them commands, and once they were issued they would move to the middle line and execute that command. The speed it took them to move would depend on their leg part, terrain, etc.

    I’ve only played the “main” RPG series, Medarot 1 to 5, all for the handhelds, and the odd SRPG they released for the GBA called Medarot Navi. 1’s main character was Hikaru, who I think is known as Henry in the US for the animated versions. 3 to 4 switched to Ikki as a main character, and 5 was set in a totally different rural-country setting with a new main character. It seems this one’s all new as well(although the Metabee the main character initially gets seems to be the same as the “classic” Metabee from the old ones). They also did a “remake” of the first game with a totally new “pop” style that was shunned by almost all fans for the GBA, after which most people thought the series would never revive again.

    Its been forever since I last played it, so some of the info may be wrong, but thats the gist of it. The artist is Horuma Rin, who did the art and design(as well as the manga) for all the original ones. Again, I’m really happy they’re bringing Medarots back. I’m probably looking forward to this more than any game this year(even more than SMT: Strange Journey!!).

    Hope my info helped.

  • puchinri

    I remember watching Medabots all the time, and still watching it now actually.
    I never got to play it, but I jumped on finding out about the sequel.

  • blarginghonkbag

    man! when is this coming out!? this looks great! please tell me when it is released!

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