The Two Faces Of Nier’s Protagonist

By Spencer . September 17, 2009 . 3:00pm


Nier Replicant has an entirely different style than Nier Gestalt. The PlayStation 3 game has androgynous characters (typical Square Enix design) while Nier Gestalt’s hero looks more like Conan the Barbarian.


Nier (Replicant) vs. Nier (Gestalt)



The main characters have comparable features so they might be related or, perhaps, are the same character in a parallel universe. Square Enix hasn’t explained how or if the two titles are connected. Confusing right?


Famitsu scans also revealed Kaine as a supporting character. While Kaine looks female the scan indicates she’s intersex and gained male “characteristics” after being possessed by a demon. This shows up in Kaine’s personality, which is described as masculine. So far, we haven’t seen Kaine appear in Nier Gestalt.


Maybe, Ishaan was right when he pondered if Square Enix was making one version of Nier for the West and another for the East. The build of Nier Square Enix brought to E3 was Nier Gestalt, the Xbox 360 version. Nier Gestalt and Nier Replicant are slated for release next year.


Nier Replicant

 nierr1  nierr3



Nier Gestalt

nier4 nier3 nier2

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  • MisterNiwa

    Hrm, the 360 gets the manlier hero, the PS3 gets the cooler hero.
    Its easy to see that the 360 version has the more western hero where the PS3 has the japanese young hero.

  • hitosura

    thats a pretty cool thing to do….like since xbox gets most of square enix’s games they should like make a western version for the 360 and the more japanese version for the PS3

  • malek86

    Looks like Squenix is really aiming at the western market for the 360 version. I guess it means we won’t be seeing a PS3 (360) version of Gestalt (Replicant) this time. Though, never say never.

  • cowcow

    What? This is completely stupid. This makes me hate the 360 and its fanbase and how foreigners think U.S. gamers ‘think’. Meh I dunno….

    • Hraesvelgr

      What? This comment is completely stupid. This makes me hate the PS3 and its fanbase and how they blame everything on ‘M$’. Meh I dunno….

      • cowcow

        Nooooo how dare you reword my sentence. meany

  • The one in Gestalt looks like he’s older (take place in a different time than the other game?) than the Replicant version…
    If it’s a parallel universe that’ll be neat.

  • Aoshi00

    I’ll get the one w/ pretty boy then.. the macho one just feels too similar to the Rygar/N3 2/Castlevania Lord of shadow type of hero, sort of boring… A good action game is even better w/ prettier characters (Ayane/Rachel/Momiji, lol). Still, this East vs. West tailored hero feels weird to me, kind of like how S-E originally wanted to make the Conqueror a playable character for the Western audience in The Last Remnant.

  • QBasic

    This is such bullshit it’s not even funny. Last I checked, didn’t Wada say something like “exclusitivity is dead?”

    Now they’re outright stereotyping the consoles; fitting “manlier” games for Microsoft’s crap machine, while giving typical SE fare for the PS3.

    How bout we see, you know, both for both? I mean, there’s a killer alien concept certain to turn heads…

    • Kuza21

      I Agree. Well, expect for the 360 being crap. Me wuv me 360. :3

      • QBasic

        I think the correct term is “I love the games for it.”

        I love Gears of War, and Lost Odyssey both to death. Doesn’t change the 360 from being a crappy piece of hardware that has over a 1/3 failure rate… T_T

        • Kuza21

          Welp, You can’t beat that argument! Lol.

        • You must REALLY hate Sony, too, given the PS2 and PSX were shite on that failure rate. Why can’t anyone but Nintendo get their early failure rates under control? Haha, I do sort of miss flipping the PSX over before replacing the laser. It made me think of the ol’ NES days when people were spitti–blowing in their cartridges.

          I’m interested in trying both of these out. This whole PS3/360 game thing here is really odd. I’m going to reserve all judgements until I actually know what’s going on. This leaves a LOT open to our speculating minds…

          • Maybe they looked at how interest in [email protected]ster DS spiked after the tranny announcement. Going forward, we’ll be seeing more Japanese publishers release tranny and non-tranny versions of their games.

          • Well, the tranny doesn’t really bother or suprise me. Especially given some of the odd fetishes people have out there in the world. I’m more worried about well written stories or deep characters. Something the “usual suspects” working with S-E aren’t that well known for lately. Let’s hope this isn’t as ridiculous (East vs West) as we think.

          • thebanditking

            Im with Qbasic I like the 360 games that I have (GOW, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Dead Rising, Lost PLanet) but the hardware is garbage. Also I dont think the PSX/PS2 compairison is fair in this case as the PSX was ironed out after a year or so as was the PS2, and that the PS2’s only problem came from the DVD drive(that I recall), which the Original Xbox suffered from as well. Where the 360 on the other hand still after almost 4 years fails (I know people with broke Jasper units) and the reasons it fails are numerous.

          • True enough, just pointing out the facts in general. Sorry, I didn’t mean to insinuate that they were better/worse overall. Also, just focusing on early-production failures in general. Not being “as crappy” doesn’t define a better company to me either. I do happen to “love” all my gaming equipment/games rather evenly. I dislike Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo is starting to join them as far as companies go (consumers are never happy, are they?). They’re all evil and I prefer the actual game companies although several are bordering on ultra-greedy as well. ;) It’s a dog eat dog business world, though, so what can I do but complain randomly like the jaded nerd I am.

            =) I’ll try to control that on here because I know it gets annoying fast! Hahaha.

          • thebanditking

            True, I like all of them too but different ones annoy me more then others sometimes, though it seems completely random as to why at times ;p. One of the reasons I like talking with other gamers is that our opinions dont always line up I just hate it when the people go all caps lock on me, you seem to be the same way, so its cool.

  • Oh my God… o_o;

  • HPN

    I’m hoping Sqaure-Enix is planing on bring Nier Replicant state side. I would be pissed if we only got the 360 version of the title.

  • thebanditking

    Am I missing something? You say that Kaine is not in both versions but from the screens I look at she clearly is. The second picture of the 360 game has a woman who outside of the different angle clearly matches the character art show for Kain in Replicant, look at the mag scans for her art then look at the picture with the female standing in front of the monster.

    Question is will she be transgender in both, or is this something they feel only Japanese PS3 owners will accecpt? I am still out on this issue, its just not a topic I would want in a game, but it depends on how its presented. Also how do we know this is going to be presented that she actually has two genetalia and not that she simply is being possesed by a mans spirit (similar to Muramasa’s Moehime?)

    Other problem is I like the PS3’s character design better. Like Aoshi00 said the western design is too boring/similar to everything else, we get over here. It’ getting to the point where you could swap these characters into each others games and no one would notice.

    though Cavia’s original Drakenguard had Incest, Pedophiles, and child killers in it which I think all three of those things are disgusting, so these guys are a bit strange to begin with.

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