Anime Portraits Restored In Star Ocean: The Last Hope International?

By Spencer . September 18, 2009 . 8:12am

image Star Ocean: The Last Hope International uses the CG menu interface Square Enix designed for the West. The Japanese press release highlighted it as one of the new features in Star Ocean: The Last Hope International.


It didn’t highlight the original look as one of the features, but a battle screenshot with anime portraits was also included with the announcement. The official site, specifically the page that mentions manual targeting with the start button, has battle screens with anime art too.


Did Square Enix quietly add an option to switch between CG models and anime art? If so, the anime look is a new feature for North America.


We asked Square Enix if this was the case, but haven’t heard back from them at press time. If we get a response we’ll post an update.



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  • pressstart

    It would definitely be the ultimate version if they let you pick between either of them in the options. Of course, complete customization would be pretty crazy, mixing and matching the camp screen, cg and anime portraits. Not that that will happen.

  • geosaferi

    Thank god, I hated those lifeless doll CG portraits.

    • TyeTheCzar

      Amen, brother. But that still won’t make up for the actual in game character models.

  • nyoron

    I hope so. I know anime is like poison or something to the western 360 market but it just pissed me off when they changed it. I know it isn’t a huge deal but it’s the principle of the thing, damn it!

  • QBasic

    Okay… Should we care? Are we caring? Because battle portraits make all the difference in giving us the magnum opus of a gaming experience…

    • nyoron

      Squeenix thought it was significant enough to change for the western release, so they care at least.

      But you’re right, you don’t care so why should anyone?

      • QBasic

        Someone finally sees…THE LIGHT!!!

    • epy

      I was somewhat pissed when they changed the menu and portraits in the 360 version to appeal to people who don’t care about these games to begin with. So yeah, I care, as much as it baffles you.

      • QBasic

        That’s such a far-fetched statement, it’s not even funny…

        Personally, I DON’T understand why SE changed it to begin with. And I even more so fail to understand why people make such a godamn deal about it. It’s Star Ocean. It’ll appeal only to a closed box, and nothing else.

        Different portraits, SAME GAME. I know, I know. It’s a ludicrous statement that borders on gaming Wapanese philosophical blasphemy. But I have a firm belief that it’s scientifically conclusive:

        People Who Bitch About The Smallest of Cosmetic Changes: Fail.
        People Who…Just Generally Don’t Give a Crap: Win.

        If you want. You can always complain next about them changing the text from Japanese to English in the Western release. That’ll be a pickle of a debate!

        • Pesmerga00

          They even had the audacity to distort the pristine voices; to of all things, ENGLISH! I mean WTF?

          • nyoron

            Thankfully, the International version fixes that too!

          • QBasic


    • Not saying if you should or shouldn’t care, but it seems like a lot of Siliconera readers cared about this so since it’s important to them I thought this was worth pointing out.

      • QBasic

        Well, I never said it’s not worth pointing out. What I meant is it isn’t worth raising a big hoot-nanny over it. I mean, you should’ve seen the Gamefaqs discussions about this when SO4 first came out; it was a complete and total clusterfuck, and quite frankly, it was really embarrassing.

        I’m sort of surprised there are still people whose purchase decisions are determined by something so irrelevant like battle portraits…

        Yeah. Baffles me. I am baffled. Baffled, am I. :X

      • Pesmerga00

        For me I care about the topic in a “I wonder what they’re going to do, and why the hell they are doing it.” way. Though I don’t particularly care about the outcome, it is interesting.

        Like Qbasic mentioned the gamefaqs boards were OMG WHARGARBLE when this first broke. It was pretty odd seeing as this is a pretty small feature. People will simply whine about anything and everything.

        I personally liked the US version better. I guess for some people it’s pretty important though.

  • As a person that likes japanese games ,and anime fan ,not to mention that sometimes i prefer 2D features than 3D ones , yes i do care , and im glad i waited so i can play with original japanese voices !

  • vrakanox

    The good news just keeps coming. A big thank you to siliconera for relaying all this news. You guys are really good at telling me exactly what I like to hear.

  • Ereek

    To be honest, I think the CG battle portraits fit the game more. The anime portraits stick out, even if they look a bit better stand-alone.

    I hope that they let you have a choice, not because I care either way, but because the more choices you have in your UI the better. Remember, even a few years back, when you could change how your menu screen and text-box color and appearance looked? It may seem minor, but I love doing that. It’s not like having or not having them will make or break the game for me, but having more freedom is always good.

  • Saturnus

    So, there is Japanese and English voice acting, but is their English text too? I read that there is Japanese, French, German… But I haven’t seen anyone mention English!

    • Check back on our previous posts. Ever since it was announced in Japan we said there was English text too :)

      • Saturnus

        Looks like I missed an update ha! Thanks Spencer. :)

        So this game isn’t going to be retailing in N/A correct? (Not like it’s a problem, being ridiculously import friendly lol).

        • This game is indeed coming out in North America(retail), if that’s what you mean by “N/A”.

  • Aoshi00

    My stance has changed ever since I played both the US and Jpn ver on 360. At first I thought it was a great deal too w/ the anime portraits taken out, but after comparing them I thought the change was really for the better (I know many don’t like the idea of the original presentation being tempered w/). The Jpn menu is so colorful that borders on blinding and psychedelic, just an eyesore, while the US version has a consistent and clean sci-fi theme.

    But it is nice if they do include the anime portraits and give people an option, this would indeed be the ultimate edition, and same release date for US and Jpn too, awesome. Now I wonder what the PS3 cover would look like. The US 360 had planets and Edge’s silhouette, while the Jpn 360 version just has a boring Earth on it.

  • Man I certainly hope they give us the anime portraits in the north american release, if not I’ll import the Japanese version seeing as it’ll have the English subtitles still.

  • I like this new addition I am very ahppy with the ability to switch languages so I can hear the game in Japanese while I see the english subtitles and also the ability to change the portraits from CG to anime sweet.

  • ok. Then there is one more reason to buy this again then.

    And I need to find someone who wants to buy my Xbox 360…

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