You Can Play Sin & Punishment 2 Without The Remote

By Spencer . September 28, 2009 . 1:12pm


Treasure changed Sin & Punishment 2 so it feels like a light gun game. Maybe too much like a light gun game for fans of the original. But, you don’t have to snipe ruffians with the Wiimote in this game.


Sin & Punishment 2 supports the Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, and Gamecube pad  — the best setup for the Virtual Console version of Sin & Punishment on the Wii. Like motion control? Nintendo also created a Wii Zapper set up for Sin & Punishment 2.


Wonder how this will affect online rankings. Will we see each player’s controller choice on the leaderboads?

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  • I actually look forward to playing this as a “lightgun”, especially since you have control over the character anyway. Moving a crosshair with an analog stick is ridiculous when you have the wiimote pointer at your disposition.

    ** but don’t get me wrong, this is awesome for those who want a true S&P sequel.

    • I’m with denpa. I don’t plan on fiddling with stick controls when I have the option of using the pointer available to me. That said, it is freaking AWESOME that they’re supporting the oldschool controls and even awesomer that they actually bothered to put in Gamecube controller support. Most people go Classic Controller-only.

      • Yup they know EXACTLY who’s going to buy this game, so might as well please their audience.

        • On that note, I wonder if SPD Group 3 is overseeing development of this. Kensuke Tanabe’s group is usually the one that oversees all outside development. Excitebots, Punch-out, Metroid Prime etc. They’re easily my favourite Nintendo division at the moment.

  • EvilAkito

    I think I’ll probably stick with using the pointer. What really sets Sin & Punishment apart from a light gun game is the ability to move around and dodge enemy attacks. If anything, I’d say it’s more accurate to compare it to Star Fox or Panzer Dragoon than to something like House of the Dead or Time Crisis.

    • So you mean to tell me if they did a Panzer Dragoon remake (AND THEY SHOULD) with a nunchuck + wiimote control mapping, but no “classic” analog setup… you’d skip it?

      • malek86

        Do we really need a PD remake? The original is already ok. Why not a new game instead?

      • EvilAkito

        No, I wouldn’t skip it. I think you misread my post. I plan on playing S&P2 with the Wiimote pointer and not with the classic controller, and if Sega were to revive Panzer Dragoon, I’d also much prefer a pointer-style control scheme.

  • Asura


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