Shenmue Star Returns For Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Cameo

By Spencer . October 7, 2009 . 8:57am

Sega pulled Ryo Hazuki out of retirement and added him to the roster in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.


While it’s strange to see Ryo, Sonic, and fellow Dreamcast alum Samba the monkey in the same game, it almost makes sense. Shenmue had a motorcycle racing mini-game. Bonus points to Sega and Sumo Digital for adding in the forklift.


Sega All-Stars Racing is slated for release in spring 2010.


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  • cowcow

    Aaagh what a tease! Damn you SEGA, just give us Shenmue 3 before the world ends!

    Still cool I guess

    • Aoshi00

      Ryo-san! And every new Yakuza installment or spinoff is also a tease too. Damn I want Shenmue 3. The forklift joke is funny, I remember people saying Ryo’s part time gigs like working in the dock were boring as heck.

      • Didn’t mean to “like” ment to reply, but man, I loved the part time jobs!

        • Aoshi00

          I do too, it was very innovative that every mundane little thing was turned into a mini game, gambling, arm wrestling, etc. Shenmue was true pioneer and many games followed suit. What I would give to have a 3rd installment.

          • Heck yeah! This game is a buy for me. It reminds me of Konami’s Krazy Racers for the GBA. I still break that out and play it every now and again when people beat me in Mario Kart Double-Dash. =) It’s a different story when it’s Super Mario Kart though…

            Put some Jaguar(Space Channel 5) in there, please! I want to hear his theme shout again.

  • Forklift ftw!

  • Bafish

    I LOVE Shenmue! This is odd, but I’ll take anything with Ryo in it. And like Cowwow said……give us Shenmue. It is not fair to tease us with Shenmue 2 ending!!!!

  • jarrodand

    Awesome. I still hope the Hornet makes it in.

    • pressstart

      That would be pretty funny, the car as a car XD

  • Chow

    I guess this shows that Sega has a certain awareness of Shenmue fans, and possibly what they want.

    • jarrodand

      I’d say it reflects more on Sumo (who’re big Sega fans) than Sega themselves.

  • I had my fingers crossed for Mecha Sonic being in this, but Ryo is good enough. It shows that SEGA realizes Dreamcast fans haven’t forgotten about Shenmue. I don’t expect a new game in that series to come any time soon, but at least their using something from that property. I do plan on running Robotnik’s monster truck thingy off the road using his forklift.

    I’ll be surprised if Dural and B.M. don’t at least make a cameo appearance in one of the track backgrounds or something. Show the Virtua Fighters/Fighting Vipers fans(myself and others) a little love!

  • cepp


    lol @ the forklift switchover though.

  • Hexen

    do he get a forklift toy car on every race? :)

  • thebanditking

    Its been too long, welcome back from the void Ryo! Now just go convine Yu Suzuki out of retirement and get the Yakuza team prepped, I need Shenmue 3. I am so buying this now.

  • daizyujin

    This is great. Now just give us Ren and Lan Di. :)

    • Guest

      omg how awesome is that to have Ryo Hazuki. long live Shenmue.

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