Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 Akatsuki In Action

By Spencer . October 9, 2009 . 6:31pm

Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 covers the rescue Gaara arc so the nefarious Akatsuki are naturally in the game. Compared to the first Naruto Shippuden game Tomy released for the Wii in Japan, this game has a bonus “member”.


Hiruko and Sasori (true form) are playable in Clash of Ninja Revolution 3. Sasori’s metal wing form wasn’t introduced until EX2. Here’s a look at what the Akatsuki can do.



There is one more move I’ve seen that isn’t in this trailer. Deidara has custom throw where he lunges forward to give an opponent a face of explosive clay.

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  • Cloud_ST

    Deidara’s voice actor ruins it for me x x,is just not the same without the “KATSU!”.

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    Wow ever since the Chuunin Exams, I have felt that almost every English voice over was quite a bit better than the Japanese counterpart, but Deidara’s voice is terrible….

  • neon6

    Wasn’t Deidara’s original catchphrase “Art is like a Bang”? Translating it as “explosion” is just dumb. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

    • ryne11

      That was a fan translation. “Explosion” is the correct term, though “Blast” would have made more sense

      • Asura

        While “Art is a blast!” roles off the tongue it also feels like a show on Nick Jr. or something trying to teach kids about art by being zany and wacky.

        “Art is a bang!” was by far the best one, even if it not a direct translation, because it really does feel like he rushes through the whole phrase to just get the word explosion to fit in the time slot, making it loose sooooooooo much impact.

        And I miss “Katsu!” as well, I mean the phrase makes sense to begin with (google it).

        But as far as voices ago, Deidara is actually one of the ones I hate the least amount out of all of them. I just loathe the translations they chose for him.

        I assume this game has no Japanese option… right?T_T

        • neon6

          The last two were American made, right? I don’t think they’ll do so with this one unless there’s enough interest for it and space on the disc.

          • ryne11

            I would rather they put that money into improving the gameplay than some gimmick Japanese option that will only be used by 5% of the full fanbase

          • Gringovic

            without the Jap voices I’ll skip this as the previous “Clash of” versions and will keep stickin with the imports… even if it means no online :P
            as long as the versus fights and shadow fighting mode are in, I’m cool :D

          • Asura

            You fail to realize that the Naruto fanbase was gigantic before the series was ever licensed here.

            A minimum 5% of people won’t even bother buying the game, because the voices ARE annoying as hell to them, I will most likely be in this category as well. The Naruto dub is no Ghost in the Shell or FLCL dub. It is quite mediocre. 3 of my friends won’t buy the game for this reason, and those are the only friends who even follow the series, meaning 100% of the people I know first hand would also rather take the import route.

            And lol at improving gameplay. If they changed the game “as they see fit” no extra money will make them do more changes.

  • Aoshi00

    The way I see it is no Jpn audio for Jpn games (esp anime-based) = lame, unless it’s a disc capacity issue which shouldn’t be the case here since a fighting game only has a handful of sound bites. I actually don’t mind English voice acting even in JRPGs provided that it’s good and I’m not picky at all.

    But there’s no reason at all why such option is not available. Even the Jpn ver of Heavenly Sword or Gears of War (among many localized Western games) have dual audio, so Jpn players could choose to listen to it in the original English dub for the authentic feel, despite the fact 95% of them can’t follow or understand fast spoken English dialogues anyway.

    Didn’t the latest PS2 DBZ game Infinite World have dual audio too, and all the next gen DB games. It’s really no excuse.

    If only they were so nice, I wouldn’t be forced to buy most JRPGs twice…

    • Pichi

      Just don’t want it to be the SE trap. Make the Japanese version, then have the English release with new stuff and then make a better version usually with only English VA. Basically making you buy it at least two times! Robbery I say!

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