Reyvateils Return, Ar Tonelico III Announced

By Spencer . October 13, 2009 . 7:43am


Gust’s next big game is Ar Tonelico III and it’s a PlayStation 3 exclusive. The game stars Aoto, a strapping lad who is accompanied by two reyvateils, Saki, a lab born Reyvateil on the run, and Phinnel, a pure blood Reyvateil. These characters live on a third tower known as Sol Cluster. (Thanks for the tip Bradley!!)


Song magic is still a key feature of Ar Tonelico III, but the battle system has been revised. Players can make custom songs with the R.A.H. system and change the background music in real time. Diving into the minds of your party members, an Ar Tonelico hallmark, returns and just like the other games, the feature is used to procure more songs. It also looks like Gust shifted the game’s presentation from 2D to 3D.


Namco Bandai will release Ar Tonelico III on January 28, 2010.




    [/M. Bison]

    • Volcynika


  • Now with EVEN MORE innuendo!

  • Marcus70

    Are the new 3-D battle sequences turn-based, real-time or a hybrid for this PS3 version?

  • I’m not too fond of their choices for the battle system, honestly, but I still want to see this series through to the end.

    Also, January?!?! Damn. That was fast.

  • Now we keep our eyes peeled for a certain character making a re-appearance from 2. Possibly from 1 as well, given 2’s ending.

  • Xien12

    PS3… Wow. I got gyped. 2D has always been a GUST standard, though… I guess it’s time to change. Seems Rorona was more than a test.

    • A lot of titles have been jumping ship in Japan to the PS3. 360 in Japan is terrible (aside from Cave shmups).

      • I think what you mean to say is that the 360 actually targets a lot more of the niche market in Japan, rather than the mainstream. Culdcept Saga, [email protected], certain RPGs, Shmups. There’s a lot on there that makes it a “gamer” system there.

        Though all the systems are great.

  • Pretty awesome.

  • malek86

    Those are some short skirts, even for japanese standards.

  • Also announced with At3 are Grandia IV and LEGEND OF DRAGOON 2.

    LoD sequel. O. M. G.

    • malek86

      They didn’t announce them. It’s just a rumor.

      That said, the rumor spoke of Ar Tonelico for PS3, and it turned out to be true. So there is a chance for G4 and LOD2 to be true as well. But, not quite yet. I’ll wait for an official confirmation.

      • Ah…but it does sound like they’re ‘in the works’ and ‘to be announced at Sony’s discretion’.

        That’s still a good sign at least.

    • Ereek

      I don’t believe it, but that would be amazing.

    • raymk

      this is some of the best news yet for ps3 for me makes me glad i’ll be getting my own in a week. At3, grandia IV and legend of dragoon 2 even people that didn’t like LOD played it and alot of people remember it. I’m hoping this will bring in more ps3 owners.


    • Kris

      My heart just skipped a beat there. Oh I do hope so!

  • Xeahnort

    Hell yeah,
    Who say something about lack of RPGs on PS3?, next year will be terrible for PS3 owners.

    P.S: I like the new look of Cocona.

    • overlord_laharl

      Do WANT!! (hoping that NISA bring this like has to be)

    • hironobusan

      3 years later…

      • aquagon

        That isn’t even Cocona, according to what’s written on that article (her name’s Finelle, and she’s a native of the Third Tower).

  • Ereek

    Y~es! I absolutely can’t wait, top of my want list, etc.

    But the character designs keep getting stranger with each game.

  • Volcynika

    Can’t wait for direct feed screens, trailer, and Hymnos albums!

  • To use a quote from another game: “Hell, it´s about time” :)

    More greatness in the form that is Ar Tonelico!! Now all we have to wait for is a US release and everything will be great.

    Great news. Loved the first two titles and boy, it sounds more promising with the third title.

  • anbu

    atleast here they could fix glitches thru patches. im still piss with the ar tonelico 2 bug.

  • zhemos

    People are going to be going crazy begging NISA to localize this like they did Ar tonelico 2. But considering what they did to the 2nd game do you think Namdai will let them bring it over? Seriously I want this game like SOOOOOOO bad! It makes me happy I bought my PS3 which I’ve been regretting lately. But I’m getting a feeling this game might not leave japan.

    • Just curious, except for changing names and freezebug. What more did NISA do with the american version of Ar Tonelico 2?

      Cause I didn´t get that much problems with AT2, I enjoyed AT2 really well. It was really a great game. Still is and I´m having thoughts of replaying it to try and get some 100% ending score.

      • zhemos

        You never noticed the horrible grammar? Miss spelled words? Cutting of the Japanese audio? Which makes absolutely no sense. Whenever you get people to join Cloches fan club the pop up thing is not translated and in Japanese. Random freezing, music going in and out, the final boss freezing the game every time when a certain move is used.

        Don’t get me wrong I loved Ar Tonelico 2, but this game should not have been released with all this crap. I’m quite sure Namco Bandai was quite unhappy with NISA.

        • Grammar and miss spelled words I did see. But not sure about the cutting of Japanese audio.

          I didn´t make much notice of the untranslated pop up either. It frooze one time for me out of the permanent freeze glitch.

          But I wasn´t bothered that much by it. I´ll have some new ways of looking at this when I play it again :)

          You forgot about the deletion of the memory cards that all Gust games seem to have though :p

          And to wether Namco Bandai is unhappy or not? I can´t say. I enjoyed the game and I will be waiting for this third title as well. I waited a long time for AT2 so I can wait the same amount of time for AT3 :)

        • Ereek

          The final boss didn’t freeze, it was a boss before the final boss.

          The worst part was in the Fourth Cosmosphere, around part 4 or 5 where everyone suddenly starts speaking in Engrish. One or two characters even speak someone else’s lines! I’m not sure why you’re whining about one line of untranslated text when other games, like Devil Survivor and Muramasa have at least three separate sections of untranslated text. It’s not a NISA-only thing.

          Also, it isn’t all Bamco’s property, it’s also GUST’s. NISA and GUST generally have a good relationship, it just depends on which company, Bamco or GUST, has rights in the US.

    • You posted a similar message on the NIS forum, too, didn’t you?

      Don’t worry. NISA has really learned from that blunder. Trust me. I would know. Sort of why I exist.

      • I did say I was going to exploit that to the fullest, didn’t I? ;)

      • zhemos

        You know something don’t you?! Out with it!

        • *meekly points to Disqus profile*

          I’m not hiding that, but I’m afraid I won’t be saying anything that could get me in trouble.

          • Pichi

            I remember when you got that title! If you’re on the game, then its no need to worry!

      • aquagon

        I hope so, given the fact of a certain line that was a great blunder to the characters of At2 (someone killing someone’s else parents).

        And I also wish that they take more care with the terminology and world setting if they are going to localize it, given the importance that it and Hymnos have in the At series.

  • Awwwww YEAAAAAAHHHHH~! Can’t wait for this one! I love the Ar Tonelico series. Great to see it continuing on the Playstation 3.

  • nyobzoo

    Yes, can’t wait for this game

  • orica

    Great news. I shall tell everyone about this.

  • Slashlen

    Hell yes. Can’t wait.

    January? I really hope they gave NISA a heads up.

    NISA, are you listening? Redemption time.

  • Oh man! I totally need to find Ar Tonelico II now! D: I loved the first one, but II fell under my radar and I missed out on it…

    • Soma

      I think the Microplay here has a copy. I’ll snag it for you.

      Also, totally psyched for Ar Tonelico 3. At least there has been some good news lately. =3

  • ElTopo

    Surprisingly the screens actually look kinda nice. Two was a lot of fun despite the game ending glitches, horrible translation, and in your face innuendos and blatant sexual connotations that made it almost embarrassing to be seen playing. That all said I’ll probably pick this up.

  • vrakanox

    Hell yes finally another PS3 game worth pre-ordering. Day one for me!

  • Xeahnort
  • If this is truly in 3D, then, I can easily see Namco Bandai bringing this over by themselves, due to its unwritten “3D & DB(Z)” rule.

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