The Siliconera Demon’s Souls Giveaway

By Ishaan . October 13, 2009 . 2:38pm


Are you a cheapskate? Of course you are…who isn’t. Are you also lazy? Wait, that’s pretty much a given now, isn’t it. Then you’ll probably appreciate this Demon’s Souls giveaway, which caters to both your cheapskatism (?) and your laziness.


(Aren’t we nice)


It goes like this:


1. You start by posting in this contest discussion topic on Facebook for an entry to the giveaway.


2. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to start or reply to existing discussions on our Facebook group. Each discussion you participate in counts as an entry…which is to say, more is better.


3. Come Wed. October 21 @ 15:00 PST, we’ll be picking one random winner from everyone that entered who will receive a copy of the U.S. edition of Demon’s Souls along with the art book and strategy guide.


4. This giveaway is worldwide, so you could live at the North Pole for all we care, and we’d still figure out a way to get the prize to you. Just remember, you’re melting the polar ice-caps if you’re using your PS3 at the North Pole…




1. Be nice and keep it clean. Scathing or insulting comments will not count.


2. One-word replies won’t count either. No "first!" or "lolz" or "wut" and so on. Let’s try to keep things sensible and meaningful. Ask yourself, "Does this make sense?" before you post.


3. You need to be 18 or above to enter.

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  • Pichi

    Was the Naruto contest finished?

    • Yeah, it was on Saturday and we’ll be annoucing the winners tomorrow.

  • Simon

    just entered the contest… nice to see so much contests back on siliconera

  • ryne11

    I’d Enter, but I am to busy playing my copy to try and get another

    • Ereek

      Same here.

      Good luck, everyone! It’s a great game.

    • Indeed.

      >_> Factor in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Uncharted 2 as well…
      <_< I'm way too swamped with gaming goodness after work.

      Such a fun hobby. Lifestyle? Hmm… well, whatever. Better than watching reality TV!

      • Aoshi00

        Right now I’m juggling btwn Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Magna Carta 2 (& FF12 that I never got to finish), so I really don’t dare touching something like Demon’s Souls at the moment.

  • Great to see you doing stuff like this. I’m one of very few that doesn’t have a copy yet (living in Sweden has it’s downsides) so I’ve been trying to stay sane by watching the trailers over and over and over again… I’m very much entering this giveaway! <3

  • Wah! I want to try this brutally difficult demonfest. The hardcore in me has been craving it after reading all the reviews yank at the difficulty level. ^_^

  • eliel

    im in hope to win contest 0_-

  • I guess I’m super lazy; because the moment I saw that I needed facebook to enter this contest I was like “Aww nevermind…”

  • Narugakuruga

    Well, here goes for that chance to win it.

  • kupomogli

    Already have the game and don’t need the money. Not signing up for facebook just to win something. Seems like an advertisement ploy to me.

    • …or a nice reward for people who joined the community. Maybe even a nice incentive to push someone that extra inch to get off their derriere and become apart of something that may be more fun then they initially criticized. =P

      You really can’t please people, huh?

    • You just love to complain.

      (I hate Facebook too and will never sign up)

  • Marcus70

    I’ve only logged about 5 hours into Demon’s Souls so far… and really enjoying the combat and challenge at the beginning (i.e. not being able to level up until you kill the first demon boss). I’m so glad I bought this rpg!

    I’ll glad your doing this contest. Hope someone in Europe wins a copy!

  • Jaxel

    I would like to participate in this contest… but I REFUSE to make a Facebook account. Not that I have anything against Facebook, I just don’t like online social networks in general. I already created an account on siliconera (DISQUS), I morally object to being forced to create another account on a third party system.

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