Hands On Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star

By Spencer . October 14, 2009 . 11:17am

image Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star feels more like an enhanced port rather than a full remake of Mega Man Battle Network. This upcoming DS game borrows sprites and the battle system from Capcom’s early GBA game.


In the demo, now available on Japan’s Nintendo channel, Lan meets up with Mr. Famous and immediately battles viruses. The battle system is just like Mega Man Battle Network. You move Mega Man EXE on a 2D grid and use battle chips to attack. When you run out of cannon or sword chips you can still use Mega Man EXE’s buster to deal damage while you wait for the chip customization meter to fill.


After a battle against Mets, Mega Man EXE meets Flame Man. Defeat him and Mr. Famous summons Mega Man Star Force who initially appears on the enemy field with 700 HP. The demo ends here.


Since this is only a demo there may be more to Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star. I hope there’s more to it. While I enjoyed Mega Man Battle Network, it seems too soon for a slapdash port starring Mega Man Star Force.

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  • Saint_Tibulus

    Will this get a European release?

    • It’s too early for an announcement, but I’d bet on it. We haven’t missed out on any of the EXE/Star Force games other than Rockman EXE 4.5.

      • Saint_Tibulus

        Ok. Thanks for answering!

  • QBasic

    Might as well lose hope Spencer. The series kept going in a steady and fast downhill spiral after BN2.

    • Dasuzero

      not really, no.

      • QBasic

        You’re kidding…right…..right?

        • Dasuzero

          no, but then again, I’m not an idiot.

        • Saturnus

          Are YOU kidding?

          BN3 and BN6 were the two best games in the franchise, they were awesome. Way better than BN1 which, tbh, was kinda meh.

          BN3 had tons of post-game content and was pretty healthy in replayability… BN6, even though a lot was removed, was still a solid game – Capcom FINALLY got Souls right when they changed them to Crosses.

          Can’t say I’m excited for a port of BN1 + random scenario involving SFMM. Supposedly Capcom is gonna port the others… Maybe I’ll get more excited if they do that. And considering there is NO WIFI IN THIS GAME has pretty put the final nail in the coffin. :

  • Cloud_ST

    Damn Capcom,they should stop milking this dead Battle Network franchise and give us another Megaman Legends.

    • QBasic

      How I miss that series… T_T

      • So does Keiji Inafune. Capcom couldn’t care less, though.

        • I guess it’s easier to churn out sprite-rip ports/sequels instead of supporting a company like (now defunct) Clover to make something new and vibrant. I’m looking at you, Godhand.

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