DSiWare Domo Games Are Actually GBA Games

By Spencer . October 19, 2009 . 11:50am

image Nintendo released (maybe we should say “re-released”) five mini-games starring Japan Broadcasting Corporation’s mascot Domo-kun. While Crash-Course Domo and White-Water Domo are new for us, they were originally part of a Game Boy Advance game.


Notice how the copyright information says 2002 and 2009? Nintendo and Suzak also released Domo-kun’s Mysterious TV for the Game Boy Advance in 2002. Their Domo-kun title was a mini-game compilation.


Those mini-games were chopped up, upgraded with menus on the top screen, and sold individually as the five Domo-kun games available now.


Take a look at Rock-n-Roll Domo when it was on the Game Boy Advance.



And here’s the DSiWare version:


image image image


It seems like Nintendo has a system ready to remaster and re-release Game Boy Advance games for the DSi. Are there any Japan-only GBA games we missed out on that you would like to see overseas as DSiWare downloads?

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  • MadMirko

    Is that a trick question?

  • neo_firenze

    The obvious answer is the BitGenerations series, which just fits perfectly with DSiWare and the 6 already released “Art Style” series games. Of the seven Bit Generations games:

    * DigiDrive (AWESOME game!), the only game in the series not made by Skip (it was Q Games, currently “the Pixel Junk studio”) is apparently already getting a DSiWare remake.

    * Dialhex and Orbital got Wii sort-of-ports. I’m not sure that means they won’t still be viable on DS though.

    * Dotstream and Soundvoyager would be great additions to DSiWare. Boundish and Coloris don’t really do it for me as much, but they do still look like they make sense for DSiWare.

    Other than the Bit Generations games…

    Maybe Kuru Kuru Kururin, or it’s sequel Kururin Paradise? Perfect for stylus control, it’s essentially a maze game kinda like Cameltry or Irritating Maze, you have to steer a rotating stick through the levels. Nintendo published them (the original was a Japanese GBA launch title). Although the first game got a PAL release, it never made it to the US.

    Or how about the first three Starfy GBA games? Nintendo has actually promoted the new Starfy DS game fairly heavily in the US as a good game for kids. The first three are solid platformers.

    • I do feel that Dotstream and Soundvoyager are more conceptually engaging than Boundish and Coloris but I would still welcome all four as retooled Art Style DSi titles. I certainly love Digidrive and it’s good to know it’s on DSi now, but it’ll feel a little strange if the remaining four Bit Generations titles are left alone.

      I’ve also thought that DSiWare would be a nice venue for re-releasing the first three Starfy titles. Each does feel a bit hefty compared to most DSiWare but I would imagine it’s technically possible to port them. I’d rebuy them on DSiWare for sure!

  • cpt_Tabor

    How about Fire Emblem 6?

  • Chow

    I would have to say Rhythm Tengoku.
    I’d guess they’d call it Rhythm Heaven Advanced.

  • fuzaku2

    So that’s why the DSi doesn’t have a slot for GBA-cartridges…

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