Final Fantasy Gaiden vs. Rune Factory 3 Features Fight

By Spencer . October 21, 2009 . 3:48pm

Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden and Rune Factory 3 are different games from different publishers, but they are on the same platform. So, a 2ch user decided to compare them, not based on either game’s story or gameplay – just on each game’s core features listed on the back of the box.


image Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Matrix Software


- One save slot
- 2-4 players via wireless play
- Online play not enabled.



imageRune Factory 3

Publisher: Marvelous
Developer: Neverland


- Two save slots
- 2-3 players via wireless play
- Online play enabled



We’ll throw in an extra comparison that overlaps between the two games, Avalon Code.


imageAvalon Code

Publisher: Marvelous
Developer: Matrix Software


- One save slot
- 4 players via wireless play
- Online enabled

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  • nyobzoo

    I’m not sure why a comparison is needed nor do I see the point. What, is it that FF4W is lacking online or that RF3 only has 3 people playing? What?

  • WildArms

    rune factory series pwn, avalon code pwnz, dont know what to say about the “not final fantasy” because …. as far as ive seen is just like another FF

  • Tim Nguyen

    I’m having trouble seeing why this is worth posting. Then again, I guess I am making it a point to comment and say; it is a fun and interesting read.
    The two games mentioned, I want them. Rune Factory 3 more then Final Fantasy Gaiden.

    • denpanosekai

      It’s from 2ch, it’s not supposed to make sense.

      Can’t wait for 4WOL

  • RootBeerKing

    MAAAAAAAAKUUUUROOOOOOOOSU~!, is what I think of this comparison. Also Am I the only one who thinks they’ve officially killed Rune Factory? This new game looks quite terrible.

    • PuddlesPuddles

      Based on a few screenshots, you think it looks terrible? What on earth makes you think that? (And don’t say the main character’s hair!)

      • RootBeerKing

        None of the character designs look appealing to me, and from the gameplay screen shots, I’m getting a really big Rune Factory 2 vibe(Which is a bad thing, in my books.)… If Rune Factory 3 returns to the same dungeon setup as Rune Factory 3, and Frontier, then I’ll over look the crappy characters.

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