A Horde Of Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Screenshots

By Spencer . October 22, 2009 . 5:13pm


Capcom is giving an unedited Sengoku Basara game a chance with Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes. Next year, the game will be on the Wii and PlayStation 3. So let’s take a look at it, shall we?


Just a little caveat, we’re not sure which platform these screenshots are from or if there will be a visual difference between platforms. The single player campaign will be the same on the Wii and PS3, but only the PlayStation 3 version has online co-op play.


Gameplay screenshots

40[1] 22[1] 23[1] 24[1] 25[2] 26[1] 27[1] 28[2] 29[1] 30[1] 31[2] 32[1] 33[1] 34[2] 35[1] 36[1] 37[1] 38[2] 39[1]


Realtime Demo screens

41[2] 42[1] 43[1] 44[1] 45[1] 46[1] 47[1] 48[1] 49[1] 50[1] 51[2] 52[1] 53[1] 54[2] 55[1] 56[1] 57[2] 58[1] 59[1] 60[1] 61[2] 62[1] 63[2] 64[1] 65[1] 66[1] 67[1] 68[1] 69[1]

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  • Advent_Andaryu

    I really like how they revamped the series, it’s definitely due some praise. I hope they put a lot of emphasis on the multiplayer. SB Battle Heroes was a blast but I’m glad to get it on a major console again, especially in HD.

  • Kris

    How strange that it’s a Wii and PS3 game… I wonder what the overall visual differences will be.

    • thebanditking

      Well I dont think any Wii screens have been shown yet, so if these are PS3 screens then I imagine the Wii one will look the same but blurry and more jaggies/pixelation. This is a no brainer for me I will be getting the PS3 version, HD resolution, Trophies and proper controller for this type of game.

      • jarrodand

        Wii version will likely use CC Pro, arguably the most proper controller this gen. The real advantage for the PS3 rev (besides the resolution bump) will be online co-op.

        • malek86

          The CC is really bad. I don’t know how much the Pro improves it, but judgin from the images, I guess it can’t be that much.

          • jarrodand

            Well, the Pro was co-designed by Capcom specifically for Monster Hunter, so I can’t imagine it being too bad. My only real problem with the original CC was the analog sticks (too close, too loose) and the useless Z1/2 buttons, but for 2D games it’s easily the best pad so far this gen. The Pro essentially looks like a more ergonomic dual shock with a superior Dpad, what images are you looking at exactly?

          • malek86

            The CC had horribly small, loose and too close analog sticks, the design was not ergonomic (should have been “horned” like the Saturn one), and the d-pad is only 4-ways, which is never good.

            I would need to take a closer look at the Pro in order to see if the sticks are better. The d-pad doesn’t look like it is. At least the form factor looks more manageable.

  • nyoron

    Seriously excited about this. I actually like the Warriors/Musou games but I find Basara to be a lot more fun.


    • Advent_Andaryu

      Oh yeah, Warriors is fun, but the character design (not to mention voices) are getting really stale. Sengoku Basara is much funner and has great character! Although it could use some customization features that are in the Warriors games.

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