Xseed Comments On Arc Rise Fantasia Publisher Change

By Spencer . October 22, 2009 . 7:49pm


When Arc Rise Fantasia was first announced for North America, Xseed was the publisher. We even discussed the game’s US release with Xseed at E3 a few months ago too, but as of today, Arc Rise Fantasia will be handled by Ignition Entertainment.


After hearing the news I contacted Ken Berry, Director of Publishing at Xseed.


"Xseed Games is no longer involved with Arc Rise Fantasia,” Berry stated.  “The decision from Marvelous Entertainment, Inc, to re-license the US release to another publisher was driven by Marvelous’ business decision to increase its overall profitability. Marvelous and Xseed have greatly enjoyed working together to deliver great titles to the US market, and look forward to continuing the opportunity with upcoming titles.”


Earlier this year, Muramasa: The Demon Blade went through a similar transition where Xseed was the original publisher before that game was handed to Ignition. Xseed will be busy with a “ton of titles” including Korg DS-10 Plus, Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces, and Ragnarok Online DS.

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  • EvilAkito

    Sounds like an “I’m pissed but don’t want to burn any bridges” type of comment. I feel kind of bad for Xseed. They looked like a promising new-comer in the niche games market, but it seems like they keep getting shafted.

  • I feel as though Ignition’s localization of Muramasa was a bit stiff. Perhaps the dialogue was that way to begin with, but even so…

    XSEED is not exactly known for pushing large quantities of games–they’re known for niche releases. It sounds like Marvelous thinks that this title has more potential than your average niche game. (Though niche games are hardly “average”.) If they think that, I think it’s another reason to look forward to this release.

    • Ereek

      Muramasa’s original dialogue was definitely not as stiff and dry. Ignition isn’t really known for having the best localizations. If you understand any spoken Japanese, you’ll know some of the lines are flat out wrong.

      The one thing I’m reading from Berry’s comment is XSEED’s lack of advertisement. Let’s face it, XSEED doesn’t advertise at all. Ignition was pushing Muramasa and the North American release of KoFXII. They seem to be willing to spend more money on advertising than XSEED which, in effect, causes more sales.

      • I agree completely here. I guess I shouldn’t complain entirely since we still got Muramasa, though we would have gotten it from one or the other so maybe I can complain. XSEED really is not known for their advertising. It sounds like Mr. Berry’s comments boil down to XSEED just having to “take it” and roll with the punches. I hope this doesn’t become a trend between these companies as they didn’t sound as perturbed with Muramasa. I expect livid remarks in the future from _someone_.

    • I think that makes a lot of sense.

      And, if Marvelous is trying to move copies of Arc Rise Fantasia, Ignition is probably a better choice for the reasons you mentioned. Marvelous probably sees that there are way to few Wii RPGs available, and knows that Arc Rise Fantasia will sell just because it is one. (I know I’m going to buy it, just because it’s a Wii RPG!)

  • daizyujin

    It sounds to me like Xseed needs to rethink its business partnership with Marvelous. Being at the mercy of a company that has shafted you twice is probably not a wise decision. It sure does seem like Marvelous is a terribly unreliable business buddy.

    • As much as I don’t like the idea of another game being given a bad localization, I can kind of see where MMV is coming from. Their games haven’t been doing well in Japan, and they need all the sales they can get from the U.S.

      Ignition is owned by a very large company named UTV and have considerable financial backing not only for their own game development projects but also for marketing and promotion. Plus, it really doesn’t help that Xseed keep delaying all their games on account of having too many projects at once.

      • JeremyR

        Very interesting. I had never really heard of them before, but yeah, looking it up UTV is apparently a pretty big company from India.

        Also according to Wikipedia, Walt Disney owns about 1/3 of it.

    • neo_firenze

      Agreed that it may be time for Xseed to reconsider working with Marvelous if they’re not going to keep their word. Either that or they need to do a better job with their licensing contracts. I actually work negotiating software license contracts, so I have some background in such things. To me, Marvelous backing out of these supposed “deals” hints to me of a few possibilities:

      1) Xseed did a lousy job of ensuring they actually had a deal and getting a proper contract. They really need to insist on a contract provision that Marvelous can’t just back out for convenience (and if it’s happened once, now TWICE, they definitely need to do so in the future to protect themselves). If they don’t, it’s completely Xseed’s fault for being either too ignorant to properly protect themselves, or they were aware of the issue and simply let Marvelous walk all over them while negotiating the deal. If they’re willing to be pushed around by Marvelous and invest time and resources in the localization, that’s their decision. Doesn’t seem like a wise one though.

      2) Marvelous might have paid to get out of the deal. I can see why maybe Xseed wouldn’t be too upset if they profited from the deal due to Marvelous being indecisive about its choice of publisher. If Xseed was well prepared, they may have contracted up front to lay out what happens if Marvelous pulls the license (e.g. Marvelous owes Xseed money). It’s very possible that Xseed made money off of losing this deal. Ignition might have even footed the bill for the buyout (or damages owed by Marvelous for an intentional breach of contract).

  • cowcow

    So all this time I was thinking they were working on the translation and in reality they haven’t done anything?? And now instead of January we gotta wait till NEXT summer?? gaaaah business politics suck… >_<

  • Vanilla

    I’m sad that Marvelous has backed out on Xseed yet again. Xseed has a full plate, but the release date’s being pushed back quite a bit anyway.

    While I understand the financial incentives Marvelous has to hand the game over to Ignition, I’m worried about the quality of the localization. I have a lot more faith in Xseed to do it properly, especially in light of Ignition’s recent release of Muramasa.

  • This is indeed some bad news, I was looking forward to XSeed’s release of this game, they were going to give us everything we wanted and more! Well I have nothing against Ignition, I too am worried about how they’ll treat this game. Of course I’ll be buying the game either way, as I’ve been working forward to this one in English for a very long time. At least we still have Lunar and Fragile to look forward to from XSeed.

  • xseed tried too many games in no time so they had to pass other games to other companies but since lux pain ignition will always get me to fear a game localization ;.;

  • Hraesvelgr

    Wow, that’s pretty disappointing… XSeed has pretty good localizations and I like them in general, but Ignition does nothing but disappoint me with their work. Guess I’ll just have to deal with the likely strange translation…

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