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    I tried this in a store. I share your opinion 100%! RIGHT FROM THE MOMENT YOU START, you _know_ there’s something weird. The floaty jumps, the long ass animation for a punch which can’t be canceled by a jump… and then the platforming levels just sucking hard overall. Try again, HVS.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/xxHiryuuxx Hiryuu

    Not to sound fanboyish but…no sh*t it’s not the same. Treasure didn’t do this. It takes a lot to beat out or come to par with something Treasure started a vast majority of the time.

    Then again, there are underlying facts that have to be analyzed for all games but I have a feeling if Treasure were the people behind this, it would be a game that would not end in a negative critique unless it was about difficulty.

  • Aoshi00

    I’m not a huge Astro Boy fan, but I hope the movie turns out to be good (heard box office is Asia is only so-so, imagine in the US…), since I liked Imagi’s TMNT CG film. Still haven’t finished the GBA game yet…

    • cowcow

      I hope so too because I think it’s success is what will determine if Gatchaman will be completed or not so I heard.

      Shame about this game though. I think it fell victim to the usual ‘rush the game out to coincide with the movie’ curse.
      Recently, only X-Men Origin’s Wolverine PS3 game seemed to beat that curse (maybe because the movie was so god awful).

      • Aoshi00

        Yeah, these CGI films take a fortune to make and it’s a huge gamble for Imagi since they’re relatively new, unlike Pixar which has a guaranteed Disney following. TMNT did well if I remember right, I would’ve thought people in Jpn would flock to see the classic ”Tetsuwan Atom” even if Astro Boy might be a harder sell in the US. I do hope they’d be successful and make the Gatchaman movie too, anime are better adapted into CGI films than live action, you saw how Dragonball turned out to be a disaster, not once but twice, don’t they ever learn.

        I haven’t seen the Wolverine movie yet, been on my Netflix queue forever. After playing the game (not done yet, just got to the Sentinel), I wanted to see the movie so bad, guess Hugh Jackson wasn’t ripping people to pieces in that one.. The Wolverine game is total awesomeness, I thought I was impressed w/ Batman Arkham Asylum, now we have two excellent games based on superheroes.

        • cowcow

          Well I also liked Ultimate Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2. Don’t know how I feel about Web of Shadows; only played it for a bit.
          Other than that, I’ve played Watchmen (was ok)
          Then there’s Tatsunoko vs Capcom if you wanna count that :P

          • Aoshi00

            I really liked the Watchmen movie, but the game demo felt boring to me so I didn’t get the game, I know it was just a regular brawler w/ good old Rorschach and Nite owl, still it felt really repetitive.. Spidey has enjoyed some good movie games, I haven’t played the newer ones recently. But a good Batman game was way overdue, I don’t remember when we last had a good Batman game, it must’ve been since the NES side scroller or SNES beat’em up.

          • cowcow

            I never got to play the Batman Begins PS2 game or some of the animated series ones but some say they were decent

  • eliel

    seems like Astro Boy on GBA is still a better game(i really liked it!!)….

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