Romancing SaGa Wanders To Virtual Console

By Spencer . October 30, 2009 . 8:55am

imageIn preparation for the 20th anniversary of the SaGa series, Square Enix is starting to release their SaGa games on Virtual Console. Japanese Wii owners will be able to download Romancing SaGa for 800 Wii Points ($8) next month.


If you want to play this dust off your PlayStation 2 and grab the remake. Since we missed the original game I wouldn’t count on Square Enix releasing this version of Romancing SaGa overseas.


What titles could come over? Fatal Fury Special and Street Fighter II Championship Edition are good bets.


Here’s the full list. Fire Emblem Gaiden is scheduled for next week. The other games don’t have release dates.


Fire Emblem Gaiden


Super Famicom
Romancing Saga


PC Engine
Street Fighter II Championship Edition


Neo Geo
Fatal Fury Special
Chotesu Brikin’ger


Yie-Ar Kung Fu 2
Space Mambo
Metal Gear
Road Fighter
Penguin Adventure

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  • That PS2 remake is an amazingly under-appreciated gem. I feel many SaGa games get unfairly harped on because they’re JRPGs, but they’re very nonlinear. WRPGs are praised for nonlinearity, JRPGs are bashed for linearity…but when the opposite is true, they’re bashed for being TOO nonlinear.

    All my subjective views, of course. But I think the SaGa series is great – well, Unlimited is debatable – and I’m happy to see SE putting these classics up. Even if it’s just for Japan.

    • Hraesvelgr

      I agree 100%. In fact, the PS2 remake is probably one of my favorite PS2 games.

  • BK0000

    Romancing SaGa was one of the SaGa rumors that popped up this week. Maybe this means that SaGa Frontier 3 for PSP is true too. :o

  • neo_firenze

    Neo Geo
    Fatal Fury Special
    Chotesu Brikin’ger

    Whoa WHAT? Chotesu Brikin’ger, also known as Ironclad, is a fantastic horizontal shooter that’s pretty rare. It was released on Neo Geo CD only (one of the very few notable CD-only Neo titles, along with Crossed Swords 2 and Samurai Spirits RPG), which would be the first Neo CD release on Virtual Console. As for the game, it’s total quality. It’s in the class of Pulstar, Blazing Star, and Last Resort, and would certainly appeal to fans of those games (and of the Darius and Thunderforce series).

    I’m crossing my fingers this does get a US release, and that’s not crazily optimistic judging by how many other shooters come to the US on VC (even some “import only” titles like Gleylancer, Star Parodier, Cho Aniki, etc.

  • Dasuzero

    wait, Space Manbow? seriously? Finally getting a real port…

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