Otaku Inventory: Does Anyone Use Skins For Their DS and PSP?

By Ishaan . November 1, 2009 . 12:32pm

Check Out These Awesome DS And PSP SkinsLong ago, I signed up for JLIST’s newsletter, which often comes with a smartly written introduction and is pretty informative when it comes to fun little facts about Japan and its culture. While I’ve yet to actually buy anything from them, I come across stuff that catches my attention all the time. This week it was these custom skins (watch out for NSFW stuff lower on the page) for the DS and PSP.


$6.25 (and up) seems a little on the high side for a sticker to paste onto your system, especially when there’s no guarantee of how easy it is to take it off; but hey, a little window shopping never hurt anyone. Plus some of these look awfully cool. I really like the one pictured to the right but I already have a metallic skin for my DS. Apologies for the horrible webcam quality pic.





Does anyone else use these? And yeah…as you can see, my DS suffers from a…slight hinge problem.

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  • Code

    rar, Gengar ftw! My DS also has a hinge problem x_x’

  • Aoshi00

    I never liked skins, since I don’t know if it’s hard to apply and remove them (putting on the protective film on the DS’s two screens w/o dust getting in is hard enough). I like to collect cool faceplates though. I have a black one for GB Micro as don’t want to look at the gold Famicom one sometimes, and five faceplates for my two 360’s (one of the US Eternal Sonata ones, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 4, the Last Remnant, and the new guy Magna Carta 2). PS3 is not getting any love since there isn’t a customizable faceplate. I never bought those cases for the DS since most of them are transparent w/ black images on them, and my Lite is an Onyx. And now I wouldn’t put anything to cover up the Blue Badger on the DSi…

  • malek86

    Don’t like stickers and stuff on my consoles.

    I’ll admit though, the interchangeable covers for the Micro were kinda cool. But they weren’t stickers, so it was fine. Not that I ever bought one, but only because there weren’t many to begin with…

  • I never use them because any time decal start peeling, even a little tiny bit, it drives me nuts and I feel like I have to peel it off. Man, I wish my DS only has a hinge problem =( I has a touch screen problem!

  • Ereek

    The closest you’ll get me to using a skin is the screen protectors on both my DS and my PSP. There’s just something that bothers me about them. I do like the 360 ones, though, since that isn’t something you hold while playing.

  • I use hard plastic cases for my DS and PSP , mainly because they add a little bulk and are a little easier on my hands during extended play sessions. I grabbed one of those Hori DQIX Slime cases – it looks super cool on the blue DSi.

  • ElTopo

    I don’t use anything to cover my systems, skins or decals. The closest thing I have is the bag my GB micro came with. The only kind of screen protector I would invest in would be the invisibleshield, that product actually works and doesn’t ruin the aesthetic, but really, its unnecessary for the portables I have.

  • maxchain

    I’ve been meaning to pick some up for a while, but my clumsy ass drops them so often, I ended up getting Nerf Armor for the both of ’em first. I might still buy some eventually–there’s still some DS/PSP showing underneath all that fun(?), shock-absorbing foam.

  • EdgeKun

    To answer the posted question, Yup!My DS is currently making use of an awesome G1 Optimus Prime Skin. (Seen here: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61Wy2rB7A… Robot mode on the front, truck on the back)One reason I went for it was the shell design, means I don’t have to get any adhesives stuck on my DS. The bigger reason though was that I’m more than a bit of a G1 Transformers fanboy. Grew up on that stuff. ^^;;My single complaint is that my DS “Lite” is hardly as small and sleek due to the ‘protective’ casing. Tis a small price to pay though for some nice art of a childhood hero on my DS. =D

    • Woah! That looks neat!

  • I have a silicon skin cover for my Blue DSi. It ugly so its not for style, but where I work my hands get dirty and I _hate_ having dirty systems. I used to rag on my friends when they ate pizza then got their mushroom hands on my controllers. Not to sound like a materialistic dope, but it kills my buzz. It kills me!
    My Matte Blue DSi has a hard cover case, but that’s just to protect it since it cost me a pretty penny and I’ll be dayumed if I see a scratch on that thing.

    Customs aren’t my thing, but THIS is something I’ve been asking for years!
    DSi Eye Candy Shell, a transparent shell for your DSi. Wowzers, and it comes in blue, red and clear, too.
    I’d love to try this, especially now that the person repairing my DSi dropped and chipped the coating off… the one time I take the cover off to fix it, haha.

  • eliel

    nope not on my ds but i do have a Gears of wars 1 skin on my 360(i bought it like that Wink*) but there cool skinz like that kingdom hearts one…

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