New Super Mario Bros. Wii Multiplayer Mode Exists Thanks To Wii’s “Graphical Capacity”

By Spencer . November 5, 2009 . 2:42pm

image The biggest feature in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is co-op play something Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to bring back to the Mario series for years.


“After that [Mario Bros.], on every Mario project we have discussed the possibility of having two players play together simultaneously,” Miyamoto said during an investors Q&A session. Super Mario Galaxy had a lite co-op mode where a second player could shoot stars. New Super Mario Bros. Wii finally realizes Miyamoto’s goal with a four player mode where Mario, Luigi, and two toads explore the Mushroom Kingdom together. You can thank the Wii’s graphical capacity for that.


It was all thanks to the graphical capacity of Wii console. If two players or more are simultaneously controlling Mario and Luigi in the same screen on a platformer game, the slower player will be left behind by the faster player, beyond the game screen. This time the screen zooms in and out accordingly, thanks to the capacity of the Wii console. The camera can zoom out as far as three times wider where you can see a very small Mario running around, and zoom in to show huge Mario and Luigi. The camera will work automatically and simultaneously, according to the position of four players. That’s how we realized a Mario game which can be played by up to four players at the same time.


Miyamoto also believes the multiplayer mode helps balance the game for different skill levels. “If there is one veteran player among four players, he or she can lead the other three and they don’t have to do much. People can enjoy a kind of play like peeking inside Bowser’s castle to see how scary it is.”


OK, who’s going to do all of the work while the other three players float in bubbles to the end of a level?

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  • nyoron

    It was all thanks to the graphical capacity of Wii console.

    Miyamoto: (laughs)
    Iwata: (laughs)

    This looks like it’ll be fun… but I really can’t wait until Galaxy 2 comes out.

  • Jaxel

    Yes, graphical capacity of the Wii… Clearly stuff you couldnt do on the PS3.

    • Saturnus


    • Kuza21

      I love my wii (No pun intended) but that was by far the silliest thing I have read all week.

  • malek86

    Surely, zooming in and out of a 3D scene is a very advanced technical feat, that can only be done by the most powerful machines….that, or I guess Miyamoto never heard of LOD?

  • sd28

    and unsurprisingly most people missed the point

  • Chow

    Yeah, making an NDS game run on a higher resolution and four players should probably be possible on a Wii. I’m glad Miyamoto let us know that.

  • “Graphical Capacity” and wii shouldnt be in the same sentence

  • pedrron

    Doesn’t matter what anyone says. This is going to sell 15 million+ easily.

  • I really don’t like making fun of Nintendo, they have given me some really great gaming memories. But when they say crap like this it just can’t be helped. I really do wish they would invest in more core game development then gimmicks (even though they sell really well for a brief time). I must say that the balance board was pretty sweet for a while, and my family still uses it.
    Now, this new game they have coming out, is this the best they can get out of the Wii?

  • MetalLiquid

    I think MM was comparing the Wii’s graphical capability+the technical level of NSMBWii to previous Nintendo home consoles’ capabilities. This game would not have worked in the same way on the Gamecube, the N64, or SNES for example, thats how I see his statment. It’s not like he flat out said “this can only run on Wii, PS3+360 aren’t fit for a game like this, praise the Wiiii!” heh.

    • Hraesvelgr

      That’s basically it, but people are too used to the “This can’t be done on PS3!” or “This can’t be done on 360!” lines that often come from developers/fans/reps.

      Besides that, making fun of the Wii is the “cool” thing to do.

    • MadMirko

      Aw, now you’ve spoiled it.

    • malek86

      I refuse to believe that the GC couldn’t have done this. As I said before, LOD. And even if they had to lower the graphics a little bit, it’s not like the GC couldn’t have made it because its processor was not good enough or something.Graphics level don’t define a game. Other things do. For example, if I take Half-Life 2 and try and make it for the Saturn, it probably wouldn’t work the same, because the physics model requires more processor power. But I can take Doom 3 and bring it to the Saturn. With worse graphics, obviously, but it will work exactly the same.Miya should get his act straight. If he wants to say “this level of graphics couldn’t have been done on the GC”, then fine. But if he tells me that “zooming in and out couldn’t have been done on the GC”, that’s not true.

  • Who knew a little bit of talk from PR could bunch up so many people’s underwear? It’s like this generation of gaming has the most tightly wound, ready-to-snap “rubberbands” in gaming history. Maybe people who play PC’s can talk about how consoles are stupid for saying they have top notch processors, etc in this thread to complete the cycle and make my day complete. =)

    I’m actually curious about this red coloring in the picture. Dare they change that common white for this Mario game? As far as the bubble at least it’s not like FFCC where one person would have to carry the chalice everywhere!

    • Re: the red coloring — yes, they dared! Unless you’re ordering the limited edition tin from Europe, even the plastic case for NSMB Wii is going to be red. (And if you’re in North America, the Wii logo on the boxart will be gold.) So awesome!

      It’s coincidental that you should mention this gen’s tightly-bunched underwear. I’ve run into a few people who are all bent out of shape about how the red case won’t match the rest of their games, haha.

      • A red case actually sounds pretty nice. I’d welcome that change for sure. Reminds me of how they had DOOM and Spiderman & Venom: Maximum Carnage cartridges colored red. Good stuff.

  • daizyujin


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