Record of Agarest War Delayed, Battle Fantasia Still On For 2009

By Spencer . November 5, 2009 . 9:34pm

image Sure is foggy in Agarest. It’s so foggy Aksys had to push Record of Agarest War back until next year when clearer skies are expected. A representative from Aksys said we’ll understand why there was a delay when they make an official announcement. A post on the Aksys forums hints that the US version will be different from Ghostlight’s European version.


Since Record of Agarest War is stuck in hot dog limbo, I inquired about Aksys’ other retail to US PSN download game, Battle Fantasia. It’s still coming out this year, but maybe not this fall as originally planned. Aksys hasn’t finalized a date and are looking at late November to December.


Speaking of Ghostlight’s Record of Agarest War localization, here’s a trailer for their version of the game. Oh, and thanks for the tip Marcus!!


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  • Ereek

    Rumor has it, and we all know how trustworthy rumors are – so take it as a grain of salt, that Aksys wants to make a retail version.

    Too bad I already imported from the EU.

    • That would be pretty neat, espically when it seemed it was out of their hands as to how it would be released. We’ll just have wait and see.
      On a side note, I was checking the ERSB site and I noticed a handful of titles that may be in the pipeline for Aksys. Ben (one of the reps. in their forum) said they were busy so that might be a possible reason for a slight delay, too.
      They sounded pretty burnt out after BlazBlue, too, but that paid off for them or at least hope so.

  • nyoron

    The Aksys rep says”the official announcement will explain why you should buy our version instead of importing the European one. ;)“Seems to me like the only thing they could do to make it substantially different would be dubbing it.Unless the Ghostlight version is bugged/typo-filled/censored or something and they’re planning to fix it. I already imported it so I hope that’s not it D:

    EDIT: Actually I guess another possibility is they plan to add trophy support. Pfft.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    So far my experience with the EU version is that it reads clean enough to my american ears. There definitely is a crapload of stuff to translate with character bios, item info and everything else you’d expect details about. The bonuses with the SE are well enough done, but cut small enough to fit inside the PS3 case itself or alongside the typical cardboard slipcase.

    Ya, the only thing that would make sense is some sort of dub, but this is another one I’d expect the hobbyists would play in the original JP, given the many recognizable VAs involved.

    • I can’t play the game yet, but from what little cutscenes I’ve seen in BlazBlue, the dub was pretty solid. Having the same treatment for Agarest War would be pretty cool.
      Does your EU copy have multiple translations into other languages? I remember Aksys mentioning having multiple languages about a couple months before BlazBlue came out, so I wonder if they’re focusing on that as well for Agarest War. Not sure why, though…

      • M’iau M’iaut

        It’s JP lang/ENG text only far as I can uncover. It also only will work in 720 or stepped down from 1080 for the resolution — just yet another title unplayable with the cables shipped with the system.

  • nyobzoo

    it’s a shame, I was going to get it too. But if the delay is for a retail version then I’m up for that also

  • BK0000

    It’s going to be different? After doing some research, there was a 360 version released that was apparently slightly better than the PS3 version. It had some extra features. Maybe they’re going to add the bonuses from the 360 version to it. Or maybe they’ve decided to do both the 360 and PS3 versions.

    • I had no idea there was an Xbox 360 version, but after looking up wiki, yeah, there are also new items for that port as downloadable content as well.
      That would be great, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  • This still gives me a chance to crack open the LE import I got. I feel bad that it’s still had no playtime and it’s almost out in the US! That would be neat if they _did_ make a physical retail copy of this.

  • Perhaps they really DID run into that total game size issue. I was wondering why I wasn’t hearing any thoughts on the matter in the last month or so leading up to this. I know this is a restate, but the game itself is at least 20GB. Putting that on PSN would be one heck of a pain to deal with unless it was split up for the FAT32 file system.

    It makes total sense to go through with it in disc format and not much of any sense to make it digitally distributed on PSN…but perhaps since they’re on that train already and considering the way the PSP Go operates, maybe they’re doing both? I could see that. Given that there should be an official announcement and the fact that they’re stressing that ‘importing won’t be better’ there’s probably huge credence to a disc version coming. I have the feeling Aksys isn’t just blowing smoke up our butt. They’ve got a pretty good track record thus far and they seem to be as good with the localization and customer satisfaction as, say, ATLUS is for a number of reasons.

    Well, we’ll have to see. Probably won’t be too long before an announcement of some sort.

  • Hm, I just hope that they don´t decide to give away more goodies than the PAL CE has. That would be really bad since I usually buy the NTSC games but this one time I didn´t since I want my games boxed. And with the CE being as cheap as it was it was no blunder to do so.

    So far I really like the game. Need more images though instead of just battles and text :p Not that I don´t enjoy the text and battles. They are very satisfying when you win.

    Will look forward to what you uncover about this all.

  • Omg i didnt knew u checked there!! HEY GUYS IM THE WILDARMS OF THAT FORUM! IM FAMOUS!!!… and you can already see all my sadness after see that this game is being delayed… *sigh*

  • Marcus70

    I’m really disappointed with Aksys. If they wanted fans to buy their (supposedly better) version, maybe they should have made an announcement before Ghostlight’s version shipped? I already imported Ghostlight’s version for $45 from the UK. Reading the forms, most fans of this niche title wanted a disc version and already bought Ghostlight’s version. Aksys really dropped the ball for this game and probably lost a few sales in the process.

    • Artavasdus

      I feel the same, judging from the forums many USA fans have already imported Ghostlight’s limited edition, while we europeans obviously choose the Pal release.

      I am curious about Aksys’ claims on their version being the best, Ghostlight’s localization is very good and without any kind of censorship, and their limited edition is much more palatable for jrpg fans, who often tend to be collectors, than a dd release (the rumor about an USA physical release is still just that, a rumor).

      The only thing they could add as far as I imagine is english dub, but I don’t think many players in a niche and Japan-loving fandom like this (we are talking about a jrpgdating sim hybrid with lots of semi-eroge innuendo by a low budget, poorly known company, after all) would find that reason enough to wait for months. This kind of audience is known to clamor for the japanese dub more than the english one.

      • since when that company is semi-eroge?… this is the first game they release like this.
        Anyway i cant use euros and cant bring the game to america so im screwed

        • Artavasdus

          You misread my post, I said “we are talking about a jrpgdating sim hybrid with lots of semi-eroge innuendo by a low budget, poorly known company”, not “by an eroge company”, and the semi-eroge bit was clearly referred to the game, or to some of its CG’s innuendo to be precise :P Of course Compile Heart is in no way an “eroge company”, nor is Agarest “eroge”, even if some of its cgs are allusive.

      • The reason they would add dub is to reach a broader audience, which if the anime audience is any indication, does grab a lot of people.
        If that’s their reason (and the rumor is true), then all I’m for it. Whatever brings more of these games out here to the west.
        Who knows, maybe it could pave way for games likes Time Leap and such to be brought over too.

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