Again And Monster Rancher DS, Two Cing Games From Tecmo Coming Next Year

By Spencer . November 10, 2009 . 5:02pm

201_opening_movie Tecmo confirmed their interactive crime novel, Again, and Monster Rancher DS for release in North America. Both games Nintendo DS games are slated for March 2010.


In Again: Eye of Providence you play as Jonathan Weaver, a FBI agent with the power to see in the past. His past vision skill utilizes both screens – one for the past and one for the present. The style of this work is different from Cing’s other DS mystery game, Hotel Dusk. Again makes use of actors instead of art. Not too surprised about seeing Again on Tecmo’s list since they mentioned an international release two Tokyo Game Shows ago and released English screenshots. We have more of those, but before that Monster Rancher DS which is a surprise.


Monster Rancher DS lets players makes monsters by speaking, drawing and kanji writing. Not sure how the latter is going to transfer over or if Tecmo is going to cut that out. Monster Rancher DS (aka Monster Farm DS 2 in Japan) also supports Nintendo Wi-Fi for online battles. Good to see the Monster Rancher series back in action. Even though you can’t do it in this game, digging through DVDs in search of the ultimate Suezo was fun.


Away screenshots

104_pastvision_03 103_pastvision_02 102_pastvision_01 101_bloodletter 007_Henry 105_pastvision_04 106_pastvision_05 107_pastvision_06 002_Hugo 003_cellphone 004_file_7th_victim 001_icons



Monster Rancher DS screenshots

034 028 031 024 019 011 004 001 099 098

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  • Cing made Monster Rancher DS?! Why have I not heard that before? O_o

  • Ereek

    Both look rather interesting, but I’m liking Again’s look. If it’s as good as Hotel Dusk, I’m all for it.

  • Simon

    How exciting, monster rancher DS!!! yeah I love the disc swapping too its exciting to see what monster u get from different discs

    • I miss doing that with Monster Rancher. I had the original game, but never was able to keep up with most of the subsequent sequels. If they’d bring out another disc swapper for the PS3 or Xbox, I would be extremely tempted to get it and ransack all disc/dvds in the house.

      • Simon

        LoL yeah I only played one of the ones on PSX, dunt remember which one it was.. but back then as a kid i was happy to find the ones in the anime from one of my discs and use it

  • So our Monster Rancher DS is the sequel? Are we missing much by only getting one out of the two?

  • I love the promo video of Again with the actors in action! reminds me of those Italian movies from the 70s. I would love to see this on prime time, going against that AWFUL crime investigation show on Fox, or that other one that spawned 50 billion spin-offs. A live action Phoenix Wright is fine, too.Monster Rancher is one of those games I hear often enough, but never really get around to look at it. I probably should this time, it sounds.

  • Lol monster ranchers, its been a while,… though i remember it was monster rangers instead o_o

  • =( I’m still sad over the lack of Hotel Dusk/Trace Memory style art. I really liked the art style of both. It looks a little more cheesy with real actors…buttt it’s still a Cing game! Also I’ve always wanted to play a Monster Rancher game, I’m curious how’ll turn out!

  • kylehyde

    I can’t wait for ‘Again’. I hope that Cing made this history as good as Hotel Dusk.

  • Games with murder, mystery, crime, and noir-esque intrigue are finally on a roll. What a great genre to start picking up on in the video game world.

    • I started with Déjà Vu on the NES.
      Would love to see that series come back in some way, either a remake or on VC. Awesome, awesome music…

      • Hell yeah! I was all over those games as a kid. Déjà Vu, Shadowgate, The Uninvited–wait, I’ve got a vision… a three pack of those games for a current gen system with “Dark Spire” option of graphics redone with arranged music, or traditional option. Oh man…I’ve gone and excited myself over pipe-dreams.

        Edit: You’ve also made me pull up my Déjà Vu soundtrack at work. It’s only 8 songs, but man do I love listening to this. What a coincidence that it’s one of the games in my list mp3 OST’s I have at work.

  • Joanna

    Not feeling the art in Again. I might still pick it up if the price isn’t too steep (liked Cing’s other two DS adventure games, which strangely both have Wii sequels…). I’ve never played a monster rancher game in my life, so this one is really tempting.

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