Deadly Premonition, Marvelous’ First Xbox 360 Game, Dated For March

By Spencer . November 10, 2009 . 10:56am


Ignition and Marvelous are partnering again to publish Deadly Premonition in North America. The game puts you in the role of Francis York Morgan, a FBI agent investigating a grisly murder in a small town where supernatural creatures lurk.


Access Games is developing… wait a minute Deadly Premonition looks a lot like Rainy Woods which was also by Access Games and Marvelous.




On second thought, Deadly Premonition is Rainy Woods which Marvelous announced in 2007. Looks like it’s a new name for the reworked game. What’s interesting is Rainy Woods was originally a multiplatform title for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Deadly Premonition is only for the Xbox 360 and Ignition is bringing it here in March.


Interestingly, we haven’t heard any news about Rainy Woods in Japan and the special site Marvelous made to promote the game there is now gone.

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  • malek86

    I guess it’s going to be a survival horror?

  • thebanditking

    More timed exclusivity BS or some kind of embargo that prevents them from mentioning the PS3 release, this is getting old. Spencer didnt you just ask them about Rainy Woods a few months ago?

    • Yes I did at E3. I also had a post planned for Friday about how Rainy Woods official site disappeared, Access removed the games name and so forth. Now we know why!

      Not sure if this is a timed exclusive or not. Another possibility is a PS3 version exists, but won’t be released here for whatever reason.

  • Chow

    This looks promising. But I’ll have to wait for a PS3 release.
    The title reminds me of Heavy Rain somehow.

    • Aoshi00

      As soon as I saw FBI agent, it reminds me of Heavy Rain too, but HR’s gameplay/experience would be so unique just like Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit). I totally forgot about Rainy Woods (the little people twins did make an impression like the Shining) since I was totally looking forward to Alan Wake and Heavy Rain.

  • Icon

    I wonder if they reworked it after everyone kept saying it looks like a Twin Peaks ripoff? ’cause the new stuff on this game seems to try and mute that influence.

    • Hraesvelgr

      If I’m not mistaken, that’s exactly the reason why they went and sort of “redid” the game.

  • Xeahnort

    I just saw the trailer on youtube and the game looks mediocre.

    BTW: Did someone notice this ?

    • Hraesvelgr

      What about it?

      • Icon

        It has Playstation buttons for the commands.

  • Ereek


    . . .

    Looks like XSEED really doesn’t have much of a relationship with Marvelous anymore. Well, that’s fine with me, maybe we’ll get lesser known, non-Marvelous titles out here. I’ll be interested in this game if it shows to be “pure” survival horror. Less of those action elements that have permeated the genre recently, please.

    • Looks like that’s the case for games that can have a broad (maybe, broader compared to the average Marvelous game?) appeal. Sakura Note might jive with Xseed better.

      • Ereek

        You’re right, I think Sakura Note definitely seems up their alley.

        I was also thinking along the lines of more GungHo games in the future, since they already have both Ragnarok DS and Lunar, but Aksys is pretty much all over their releases, with Mimana Iyar, Cho Aniki Zero, and Laevatein Tactics.

        In an interview you did with XSEED here a while back I remember XSEED mentioning their lack of involvement with any one company being a strength. But with many other small companies having some type of “relationship” with certain developers, it’s slim pickings for XSEED. I love them, but their seemingly more limited budget doesn’t allow for them to get the first choice in publishing contracts.

        • They haven’t disappointed me so far (haven’t played Ju-on, yet, but I AM looking forward to getting to it).
          It’s a small track record but I’d say it’s becoming a really solid one. It would be great to see it build up and really take them somewhere.

          • Ereek

            Oh, absolutely. I love XSEED, I just think their more limited budget doesn’t allow them to have the most ideal selection of games. Not to mention that they have no “real” relationship with a developer of a well known series, with perhaps the exception of Media.Vision, a company that isn’t particularly prominent over here.

          • Yeah, I can see that holding them back a little on the long run, but for now they got some interesting stuff coming in the near future!

        • When I did that interview I thought Xseed would publish more Gungho games and handle everything from AQ Interactive, but AQI doesn’t seem to be doing much anymore other than character mahjong and KORG DS-10, which Xseed picked up.

        • Yea, Xseed have it rough. Considering the games they publish and how little advertising they can afford, I’m amazed they’re still sticking to what they do. I’d love for them to publish Sakura Note, but honestly, I think Xseed need to find something a little more mainstream. It really is too bad Muramasa and Arc Rise were taken away from them. Both of those would have helped get their name out there.

          • I have to chime in. I feel bad for XSEED also as they really do get slim pickings and have little luck. They’ve always interested me and I agree with everyone that Sakura Note would blend well into their company. Hell, anyone who’s got the balls to take a chance on Ju-On has got a vote in my book. Are they bringing Korg DS-10+ out here? I hope that’s not all they are left with anymore… Not dissing Korg on the DS, as it is fun, but I would just rather use the real programs/instruments instead.

            And Ishaan, you’re right about having something a bit more appealing to the mainstream so they can get off the ground. I wonder what could come their way that they can grab which others will not.

          • Xseed didn’t have a choice with Ju-on. That was developed by their parent company, AQ Interactive. XD

            Honestly, now that they’ve lost Arc Rise (which could have been their big mainstream game), I don’t know what else they can publish. Rune Factory 3 might be a nice addition to their library, but they aren’t publishing that. I think their best bet is to try and pick up at least one casual title…something like Cooking Mama, which did wonders for Majesco.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I’m sorry can someone explain Marvelous Entertainment for me? Are they comprised of ex-Square developers or something? They just kind of appeared from nowhere some years ago and then seemingly acquired Natsume’s Harvest Moon series. In recent years they have tons of RPGs and such. Just wondering as I don’t recall hearing about them in the 90s.

    • Marvelous is a general entertainment company that got into the gaming business after purchasing another Japanese company called Victor Interactive a few years ago. Victor was the original publisher of the Harvest Moon games, which Natsume worked with since the SNES days.

      So, the reason why you haven’t heard of them in the 90s is, technically, Marvelous didn’t exist. After their acquired Victor they started to make other games and backed studios like Grasshopper.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Ah, OK. I’m familiar with Victor Interactive but assumed they just “disappeared” like Jaleco or Pac-In-Soft (etc). Thanks for the clarification.

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