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By Ishaan . November 14, 2009 . 11:26pm’ll keep this one short and sweet, since we’ve covered these rumours to death already. Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry blog says that they can confirm the rumoured deal between nVidia and Nintendo for the DS2, and then proceed to toss around conceivable hardware specs for DS2 and PSP2.


Speaking under conditions of anonymity, further credible sources from within the mobile graphics industry have provided Digital Foundry with further background detail on the raw technical capabilities of the new hardware. These sources, intimately involved with the alliances and deal-making within their sector, effectively confirm the reported allegiances between Nintendo/NVIDIA and Sony/IMG, but also provide a fascinating insight into the kinds of devices the new handhelds will be, and the power levels we can expect.


In many ways, the next generation of handheld gaming technology will mirror the differences in philosophy seen in today’s devices. Nintendo’s new machine will offer a modest level of 3D power using established parts, while Sony will once again be aiming for the bleeding edge in mobile performance, which could well come with the same kind of price premium we saw with the launch of the original PSP.


That’s the gist of it anyway. It’s a long post, so head on over if you’re interested in reading about a Quake III demo running on the technology supposedly powering the DS2’s graphics. (Although, later on in the article, they debate whether Nintendo will return to a single screen format with DS2, so take it with the usual grain of salt.)

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  • Kris

    Wake me when we get news on the NGPC 2.
    Anyway, I don’t think Nintendo and Sony should keep releasing new SKUs of their handhelds when preparing their successors, it’s very frustrating.

  • ECM

    Sony need their head examined if they go down the PSP route again unless it comes in some form of a cell phone to go toe-to-toe w/ the iPhone.

    • I liked it when video game platforms were just for games, now it’s all about being able to use other forms of media. :/ Custom soundtracks are nice though.

      • malek86

        To be honest, I never use custom soundtracks. And I’d rather have a machine that only plays games – not that I don’t care about multimedia and stuff, but it usually goes to increase the retail price. If they want to give me Facebook for free, whatever. But if they have to jack up the price in order to have that stuff, I’m not too happy.

      • Guest

        +1 for custom soundtracks best damn feature ever

  • nobitakun

    I don’t expect great results with DS2 unless that Quake demo is running 60fps…or maybe DS2 is gonna be smaller than the actual DS Lite? Then, I’m not going to buy anything since my hands are big and it is unconfortable to hold and play though a machine with those dimensions, totally horrible.

    For a DS2 I expect graphics near a Gamecube, and only one screen. It is known that splitting screens means more money to spend, more process to invest and (as for me) worse way to play. Whether you want to apply with a dual core machine…it is OK, but it’s a waste when you put two screens. Work with one, and DO work good.

  • Divals

    I’m hoping if they make a PSP2 they do away with the ridiculous ‘download only’ nonsense of the PSPgo. Backwards compatibility with UMDs would be nice, but if it’s download only I can’t see it doing too well.

    • Saint_Tibulus

      Well the iPhone is doing pretty well, and considered by some as a threat to both the DS and PSP, so I don’t think you can say ‘download only’ is an impediment to success.

      • Divals

        True, though the iPhone is primarily a phone/PDA hybrid, and most of the games on it are smaller, more casual games that cost at most $5, and are linked to your iTunes account in a similar fashion to Steam and Stardock.

        ..though, when I buy Steam and Stardock games I buy the physical media rather than the download only. And I don’t own an iPhone. Meh.

    • Tokyo Guy

      I don’t mind the download issue IF the same games that release in stores are sold online. Yet why is it I had to buy the UMD Lunar when I just got a PSPGo…

  • Saturnus

    Oh goodness. DS2? Give me a break. This better not come out soon, and I better get a discount if I trade in a DSi (IF the DS2 is worth it).

    If they’re gonna revise the DS again, I’m excepting magic. Upgraded graphics, better online structure, the whole 9 yards. Not just bigger screens, I want an REAL upgrade.

  • Jirin

    I just want a DS with a bigger screen. Maybe some kind of Super Gameboy-like device to display it on the TV.

    I hope the graphics don’t get too good. If the graphics get too good, gameplay will slow down and games will get more expensive. The thing that draws me to DS is that the games play like SNES games, and I don’t want to mess that up.

  • no dual screen OBSOLETE no touch screen OBSOLETE the idiot idea of going back to one screen is basically saying nintendo will go backwards not forwards a handheld gaming device with one screen = OBSOLETE why are these people so stupid i can list 10s of ideas that benefit from dual screens single does not cut it anymore…thumbs and fingers alover a visual screen NO THANKS give me dual multi touch screens SO ITS NEXT GEN SINGLE SCREEN IS GAMEBOY ERA but then again maybe a hybrid console/portable BRING IT NINTENDO they base there ds new beliefs on there own stupidity


  • Tokyo Guy

    Can anyone please justify why Nintendo is releasing the DSi LL in just under 2 weeks when there is all this speculation about a new DS? I’m sorry, but for the life of me I can’t fathom the justification for the LL. The DSi sure, because of the different features and the larger screen. But this is nothing BUT a larger screen.

    And lo and behold in a few months Nintendo will announce a new DS and thus make the LL even more irrelevant. Seems to me they just want to try and bolster sales without doing real work.

  • Where did you find that image? Any more like those around? because I love it xD

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