Estpolis, Square Enix’s New Lufia Game Is For DS

By Spencer . November 17, 2009 . 9:13pm

image Famitsu also revealed details about Estpolis: The Land Cursed by the Gods, a new game in Taito’s Lufia series or Estpolis Denki if you’re in Japan. The title is, as many Siliconera readers speculated, for the Nintendo DS.


Meet Selena, the game’s “cool beauty”. Unlike past games, Selena is a polygonal model. Estpolis is in 3D. It appears Square Enix is adding voiceovers to the game too since an actor is listed.


Details unconfirmed from the partial scan state Estpolis is an action RPG, a change for the series, and is scheduled to come out on February 25, 2010.

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  • kylehyde

    Those features sounds great to me.

  • Que people complaining about “Lufia Neo”.

  • Nooooooooo! My worst fears. I’ll kick off the complaint queue; I don’t care. That stinks.

    …That said, I will still follow every piece of news and purchase the game upon release. Who knows; even if the entire formula changes, the story may still be good. At least the main character isn’t a tween. That’s one of the reasons I truly enjoyed Lufia 2 above its brethren.

  • I like action RPGs, and am glad they’re taking it in this direction. However, Neverland has proven themselves time and time again to be rather mediocre developers (see the Rune Factory games and Shining Force Neo), so I’m not sure what to expect.

    • Neverland also developed Lufia 1 and 2.

      • I’m aware of this. I tried editing my comment to clarify that I meant recently, however, it wouldn’t save my edit. Numerous developers that were once great are now pretty terrible.

    • jarrodand

      I didn’t enjoy Rune Factory, but the Shining Force loot’em ups are great. Probably the best (1 player) loot games out of Japan right now, and easily the best Shining games since Audio’s overlooked Soul duo on GBA.

      If Lufia’s like that, then it’s already a massive step up from the GBC/GBA games. I’d love the originals on VC, but I gave up hope of ever seeing a true Lufia III a long time ago…

  • Moriken

    A new RPG…for the DS. I had never, ever expected this!

    The seiyuu listed is Marina Inoue for anyone who cares.

  • Kris


  • Pesmerga00

    Yeah, it’s a DS game. Figures. Oh the missed potential.

  • Nick will hate me but YES! Another action-RPG for DS! Those tend to be good in general. *adds to list of games to watch* :D

    • No hate, really, since I’ve learned this is more of a reimagining of Lufia 2 anyway. So it’s not really a new game, per se… so… it doesn’t count! Somehow! But ARGH with the DS 3D. It always looks like crap. I’m sorry. N64/PS-One games don’t look good anymore. It’s frustrating.

      …I say as I read your feelings of the 3D on DS. My apologies. I’m generally not a graphics whore, but as a whole, I find 2D games more appealing, especially when another handheld has insanely better 3D capabilities. Some 3D DS games are getting nicer, but not quite what I’d applaud.

  • Ereek

    The DS prints money, it would be strange for SE to be testing the waters of “reawakening” an older IP on anything else.Though, I suppose they did try with the, yet unreleased, Third Birthday on PSP.I’ll definitely be watching this.

    • Yea, I don’t understand the portable hatred sometimes. Nor the hate for 3D on DS. I think both Crystal Chronicles games and FFIV looked fantastic. At least Square are, you know, making decent games on the DS.

      • Ereek

        I loved how Wizard of Oz looked. Despite being DS 3D, it had more atmosphere than many other games. But at the same time, I do like the mix that some games employ, like Suikoden Tierkreis with its 3D models and beautiful backgrounds. Also, Avalon Code was lovely, too.I also think that one of the big reasons for the decisions is the amount of money a DS game costs to develop over, say a 360 game. It’s a “safe bet,” development wise. I’m sure this point had been made countless times, though!

        • Yea, Wizard of Oz looked fantastic. I loved the way Dorothy was animated, Other great looking games are Soma Bringer and Tales of Innocence. Kingdom Hearts looks awesome, too. I tend to ignore the “Boo, 3D!” crowd.

          You’re spot on with the development cost thing. It’s also that portables in general are selling more software than the home consoles in Japan. And as much as they apparently sucked, at least the DS affords them the luxury of trying stuff like Blood of Bahamut and Sigma Harmonix. No complaints from me whatsoever.

      • Handhelds are great! I do admit I sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable (physically, since it’s hovering over a tiny screen for so long!) if I try and play through 2 handhelds games in a row so I try to mix it up. Yes, FFIV was a superb remake. I still need to play Wizard of OZ… =(

        I’m looking forward to more news on this game. As long as it is anywhere similar to the originals I’ll be happy.

  • In game graphics look pretty good from what I can tell from the scans. I’m slightly interested. I’m still a bit bummed that it’ll be a far cry from Lufia 2… I can at least hope for a good amount of puzzles like in Lufia 2.

  • I like Lufia 2 for its puzzles and battle system (with IP attacks and mini pet system). Changing it into Action RPG, I’m sure they will make it similar like Zelda, with puzzles here and there. But i’m more concerned with the RPG stuff.

  • Tokyo Guy

    An action-RPG? Seems like it won’t be very Lufia-like…

  • symytry

    The story on Andriasang says that this game is actually a remake of Lufia II and not an entirely new game…but remade as an action RPG.

  • Jirin

    Oh, who the heck cares if it’s 3d. The only problem with 3d is that it often makes games move slower, but that’s not an issue with action RPGs.Really these details tell me nothing about whether I’ll like the game. I care more about preserving the great characters, dialog, and the puzzles than the turn based combat. And, action RPG could mean a lot of things. Is it like Tales or Star Ocean where there are random encounters and you have to put up with crappy AI, or is it more like Ys where you fight on the map and have full, direct, speedy control?So far I have received no information that will help me decide whether or not to get the game. And you know what? As great a game as Lufia 2 was it got away with a lot of stuff you couldn’t get away with today. Like fetch quests (I’m sorry, my son was playing with the key to the shrine in the monster filled dungeon and he dropped it!), cliche villains (Sinistrals?!), and that useless capsule monster system. (I am hungry! Give me an item that isn’t available till twenty hours later!)

  • kupomogli

    Because it’s going from RPG to action RPG, I’ll have to look into it before picking it up. If I don’t really like how it looks it’ll still be in my collection once it’s $20 or less.

  • Joanna

    I don’t know. I remain skeptical because the last Lufia game (Ruins of Lore for GBA) wasn’t that good. I will be following it to see if it actually warrants a purchase. The fact that it is an action RPG isn’t looking good though. (I loved how Lufia had no random encounters with a traditional RPG system).

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