No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Uncensored On Xbox 360 Only

By Spencer . November 19, 2009 . 12:49am

image All of the gore in No More Heroes was censored when Marvelous released it in Japan. The Wii version replaced fountains of blood with pixel clouds and cut out grisly death sequences. The HD port, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, restores the carnage, but only on the Xbox 360.


Amiami’s product page explains the Xbox 360 version is the North American edition and they expect it to be rated as an adults only, CERO Z game. This warning only appears on the Xbox 360 page, which suggests the PlayStation 3 version will have black pixels instead of red blood.


Releasing an edited game on one platform and a bloody one on another is an interesting strategy. In Japan, Microsoft has shown they aren’t afraid of the restrictive CERO Z rating. On occasion, they even embraced it by throwing events showcasing CERO Z titles.


This shouldn’t be an issue in North America if Ubisoft picks up No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise since the ultraviolent version was published here on Wii. Europe is a different story since Rising Star Games released the censored version. Perhaps, they will try Marvelous’ approach and release two versions of Heroes’ Paradise in PAL territories.

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  • bubbba123

    Interesting…I think I understand their reasoning. 360 version for me. :D

  • Aoshi00

    Nice cover art, I can’t wait to get this on the 360. I hope they would make clear whether the US version would sport dual track or not, otherwise I’m importing.

    • dv8shun

      Who said there would be a US version (Would be nice though). Nothing’s been confirmed, no?

      • Aoshi00

        It’s not confirmed, I was just saying “if” the game does come out in the US I hope they would include dual track like the Jpn version does. I think there’s a pretty high chance this would come over. If so, I hope they make some kind of announcement before the game is released in Jpn in Feb, so I could decide to import or not.

  • Randgriz

    Although i dont need gore, this is incredibly retarded that they make a uncensored version exclusive to one console. This is the HD ports were talking about here, not Ninetendos Family Friendly console.

    BOTH ports should be uncensored.
    Im really hating Marvelous’ “only westerners own Xbox’360s” mentality.

    • endaround

      Its not Marvelous, its Sony. Sony doesn’t want any Z rated games.

      • gar3

        But inFamous did get the dreaded rating over there ;-)

        • Kris

          How did that even happen? Infamous wasn’t that gory or anything…

          • daizyujin

            I would like to know this too. I remember seeing that and scratching my head. The game was rated T in the US. I can see going up or down by one rating but CERO Z is essentially AO.

          • Kris

            I know this is a bit late, but I think it’s going to be Z because it contains the GoW 3 Demo.

    • gar3

      Yeah, you gotta remember that “Z” is like “AO” in America and not many are willing to touch that with a ten-foot pole. Microsoft isn’t afraid of the rating cause they got absolutely nothing to lose over there, heh.

      Actually, back when the original Xbox was floundering around in Japan I often wondered why Microsoft didn’t embrace hentai PC game ports? Keep the sex and watch the sales rocket up, heh. I always thought that would have saved ’em over there ;-D

      • malek86

        However, even MS won’t allow hentai games on the 360. I think CERO Z is more equivalent to R in the US?

        • gar3

          Well of course Microsoft won’t allow pure hentai games on the 360. But way back when I figured they could easily have saved the original Xbox by allowing ’em ;-)As for CERO Z in regards to videogame ratings here in the US, it’s an “AO” rating. Japan already has their “D” rating which is America’s “M.” “Z” is equivalent to “AO” in regards to videogame ratings.

  • Kris

    Curious. I wonder if the US PS3 version (if it happens) will have blood.

  • Tokyo Guy

    What the heck IS this nonsense? Since when is Nintendo’s market suddenly Sony’s? First all of the severed limbs are cut from Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and now ALL of the blood from NMH will be censored? Give me a break.

    And yet, just a few weeks ago I was speaking to someone on the PS3 team and he mentioned that Japan sees the Xbox as a much more “Western” product, in large part because of the blood and gore.

    • Aoshi00

      You’re right, it is a little absurd. Maybe NMH can be overlooked more easily since it was cartoonish and celshaded in the first place. But man, the no blood no limbs no rolling heads in NG Sigma 2, did that turn me off. It’s a pity too because it would’ve been the defintive edition w/ the addition of Momiji/Ayane/Rachel. Now, I don’t enjoy over the top violence, but it’s weird to see Ryu flick the blood off of his sword at the end of the slaughtering when all you see was purple light coming out of the ninjas’ torsos during the fight 2 seconds ago, where did the blood come from, where did the body parts disappear to, another dimension? Well, at least I would just go get the 360 version.. I must say, for many multiplatform games (Fallout 3, Bayonetta), I tend to go w/ 360 because PS3 seems to be dealt a worse hand for one reason or another, blurrier textures, and now censorship. Ironic too because Kill Bill was not censored in Jpn, and Sony had the rights to that movie in Japan if I remember correctly.

      • neon6

        Kill Bill was a movie. Video games still haven’t been accepted in the same regard as Books or Movies and are still seen as for kids.

        • Aoshi00

          I do realize that, and Jpn has tons of movies that are more bloody than this or Kill Bill which only had stylized violence. It just seems silly they regressed on the violence acceptance level since older anime which are mainly geared toward kids like video games were bloody back then, and they were aired in prime time, like Dragonball or Saint Seiya, people get beaten to a pulp w/ a pool of “red” blood underneath them. Now most anime aired on TV other than late night really went out of their way to censor the color of blood to dark brown… Also I just brought up Kill Bill since people mentioned Sony wanting to be the new Nintendo on making kids friendly games. I know games are an “interactive” medium and all and they are probably conscious of scaling down the violence which could negatively affect kids, but still… and NMH isn’t really a kid’s game to begin w/, w/ its light saber sexual innuendo..

      • Tokyo Guy

        Indeed; what reasoning did Team Ninja have for butchering NGS2 for the PS3? Since when has Sony been the de-facto platform for little kids who need to have censorship? And as far as I know, the overseas versions of NGS2 were also censored as well.

        I can only imagine what this trend will continue with in the future. Will the Biohazard 5 director’s cut also be censored?

  • urbanscholar

    Well I still plan on importing the PS3 version of NMH HD. The lack of one of the many factors of what made playing NMH is quite the bummer.

  • eliel

    how much diffent is this 360/ps3 port from the wii, beside the Uncensored part, are their any screen shots out yet or is it too early?(i own the wii version)is it worth buying again?

    • urbanscholar

      Looking at Famistu scans, it seems the changes are purely comestic as in there is more texture and details to the visuals. There’s also a very sweet mode, from what I can gather the female adversaries are just wearing very suggestive clothing. I think we will find out more come the next famitsu issue.

  • Code

    Even with blood, I’d hardly consider it a gory game, there’s a certain quality lost just because of the the blood sprays are more stylized then anything else, I’d hardly consider it something worth rating Mature, let alone CERO Z, imo. You know what I’m going to miss on both platforms though, the wiimote cellphone, that was clever and enjoyable. I still think it was a creative game, that really was tuned for the wii itself, but it still won’t stop me from picking up an additional copy of it. Still it’s definitely weak sauce that the PS3 version is going to censor, like I said above, I just don’t think there’s anything worth censoring. Also I hope the new mode is a higher difficulty, that is something I’d really appreciate.

    • I don’t see a single rar in this post. Who are you and where’s the real Code.

      • Code

        rohsnap, lol! I totally didn’t think anyone noticed that, hooray, rar! +1 presence on Siliconera!

  • TTTT

    that is actually a good strategy. get the mainstream ps3 version out on shelves where people can see it and not in the CERO Z section that isn’t easy to find. the hardcore 360 people can have something to be happy for.

  • UnleashTheCasey


  • Saturnus

    Are they serious? lol Definitely not getting this game for a premium price then, probably will when it inevitably plunges in price.

    What a very stupid idea… Watch the PS3 version not even come on in N/A anyways. This good idea is getting sour. :/

  • daizyujin

    I have always felt that one way to get around this is to simply sell the game with a M/D rating so as to get it into the stores in a more visible spot. From there a small download could be made from the online store that would add back in the content. So long as the content is not on the actual disc and is downloaded, it should be able to avoid another Hot Coffee situation.

  • Code

    rar! some great comparison shots on this site,… — rar, the PS3/360 looks pretty sharp! Also it points back to siliconera over the whole rating thing. is apparently the official site, but not much up yet.

    • Aoshi00

      Thanks for the link, those are some sweet looking screenshots. So Nakai Kazuya (Wakka from FFX/Sanji from One Piece) huh, he’s going to make a great Travis! Inoue Marina as Sylvia FTW too. One more game to add to must get list..

  • neon6

    What the hell ever happened to changing the blood settings in the Options Menu? is that considered uncool in this day and age?

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