Shiren the Wanderer Steps Into North America Early

By Spencer . November 19, 2009 . 6:02pm

shirenwii_screens_08Atlus originally targeted Shiren the Wanderer (aka Shiren the Wanderer 3 in Japan) for spring 2010. The good news is we’ll see the game before then. Shiren the Wanderer will be in stores on February 9, 2010.


Now for the bad news. You can’t wander online with Atlus’ version of Shiren the Wanderer. “Despite our best efforts, the North American version of Shiren will not include the Rescue, Versus, or Item Transfer online features," stated Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales at Atlus.


Bummer. I loved rescuing people in Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer. Even though the online modes are out, we’re still getting the extra downloadable dungeons. Atlus will put those on disc.


Still interested in Shiren? Before you answer that take a look at the first English screenshots.


shirenwii_screens_06 shirenwii_screens_07 shirenwii_screens_04 shirenwii_screens_03 shirenwii_screens_02 shirenwii_screens_01

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  • Definitely looking forward to this! They also mentioned an “Easy” difficulty setting where you only lose items up to your last save point.

    • Hardly played these type of games so that is nice to hear, especially to make up for the lack of rescue. ^^

  • ECM

    Well I guess I won’t be picking this one up–no online (i.e. no rescues) makes for a very irritating experience.

    • WHAT

    • malek86

      I never used a rescue in Shiren DS. I’d rather finish it myself.

      .. wait, maybe that’s why I never beat it.

      • ECM

        That’s kinda my point: the game is far, far too unforgiving unless you have the patience of the entire Catholic regiment of Saints. I mean one bad (read: unlucky) run where you perish on the 3rd floor (it happens frequently, too) and you lose a sword or other item you’ve spent the previous 80 runs building up is an infuriating experience–it would be Wii-smashing episode w/o rescues so I’ll just vote w/ my wallet and say that if Atlus wants my money, online rescues are not optional.

        • malek86

          Hey, happens with all roguelikes. Actually, on the real roguelikes (the PC ones) you don’t even get to keep some of your items for the next run – once you’re dead, you simply start over. So every run is a game by itself.

          Kinda cool, I must say, because it means there’s no way of “grinding” your path to the end.

          On a different note, I lost my Katana+20 I was building up, not because of monsters, but because the game froze on me.

          • ECM

            This is true, to a point but Shiren is built with the notion that you will replay the same levels over and over and over again to upgrade your gear–it is not designed as a one-run game and I’d love to see more than one person in 100k actually do a run from scratch and beat the game.

          • malek86

            Hey, I know. I’ve never got to the end myself. But I did get all the way down to 27F by running from scratch. That’s my personal record.

    • jarrodand

      The new easy mode sort of mitigates this imo. No real need to rely on rescues now if you just want to play through without the tension of usual roguelikes.

  • Man this is going to be awesome.

  • The mention of not losing everything when you perish is promising that I might actually finish this one! I don’t have the time anymore to play roguelike’s and risk losing everything every time. Maybe that makes me less “hardcore” even though I have no problem pouring hours into any game’s system to master it, something doesn’t appeal to me with losing everything when I want to goof off.

    I like the idea of a “mode” where you lose everything when you die and one where it’s the usual affair (back to last save point). That way I can advance in time to the challenge, yet still enjoy the hoarding of equipment, leveling, etc. I miss Torneko…

  • Lookin’ good there Atlus! :) Thanks for bringing sweet games over to the U.S.

  • cowcow

    Doesnt seem worth it with all those options taken out. Seems like they just rushed the game

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