Dozens And Dozens Of Sakura Wars Screenshots

By Spencer . November 23, 2009 . 3:03pm


NIS America gave us an update on Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love. A huge update with a ton of English screenshots.


Who’s cooking the steaks, you say? She’s Gemini Sunrise, a cowgirl that dreams of being a Broadway star. Gemini recently moved to New York, which as steam powered mechs in this alternate reality.


Screen1789 Screen1797 Screen1799 Screen1815 Screen1821 Screen1822 Screen1837 Screen1841 Screen1849 Screen1858 Screen1859 Screen1861 Screen1867 Screen1878 Screen1880 Screen1882 Screen1896 gemini(1) gemini(2) gemini(7) gemini(6) Screen219 gemini(1) gemini(9)  gemini(2) gemini(10) Screen1197 Screen1201 Screen1205 Screen1218 Screen1223 Screen1225 Screen1226 Screen1227 Screen1240 Screen1243 Screen1253 Screen1256 Screen1270 Screen1271 Screen1272 Screen1280 Screen1283 Screen1286 Screen1287 Screen1288 Screen1291 Screen1292 Screen1297 Screen1299 Screen1300 Screen1307 shin_battle_mech(1) shin_battle_mech(2) shin_battle_mech(3) shin_battle_mech(4) shin_battle_mech(5) shin_battle_mech(6) shin_battle_mech(7) shin_battle_mech(8) shin_battle_mech(9) shin_battle_mech(10) shin_battle_mech(11) shin_battle_mech(12) shin_battle_mech(13) shin_battle_mech(14) shin_battle_mech(15) shin_battle_mech(16) shin_battle_mech(17) shin_battle_mech(18) shin_battle_mech(19) shin_battle_mech(20) shin_battle_mech(5) shin_battle_mech(3) shin_battle_mech(2) shin_battle_mech(4) shin_battle_mech(6) shin_battle_mech(1)

  • nyoron

    I’m seeing some text overflowing out of the boxes in a couple of those screenshots, though I imagine it will be fixed for the final release. This game better be perfect NISA. PERFECT.

    • Xien12

      Persona 3 had a text box overflow for only one minor line. It got fixed. But, yes. It had better be perfect. I expect nothing less than perfect. Kayama perfect. DingoEnderZOE2 perfect. ETC.

    • I can guarantee those screenshots are from an old build. We’re still debugging, because it’s a huge game and there are like a bazillion versions, but overflows are a thing of the past.

      At the very least, the wildly overflowing Victory Count is now Win or Wins or something.

      • nyoron

        That’s good to hear. I haven’t been anticipating a game as much as this one in a long time, and I’d just hate to see it get Ar Tonelico II’d :)

        Maybe you can’t answer this, but assuming this release does well is there any realistic chance for some of the other games in the series? Or is this pretty much a one-and-done thing?

        • Hmm, it’s not that I can’t answer it; it’s more like I have no idea. As far as I know, this was the last main release in the franchise, right? A few little spin-offs, but no Sakura Taisen VI.

          If one gets announced, it’d be cool if we can see it come over as well, but even so, that’s a couple of years off.

          Will you be playing with the original JP track on the PS2, or the English version? A lot of people harped on the cheesy accents of the characters, but the game as a whole is, as I mentioned somewhere further down, meant to be entirely stereotypical and cheeseball. Though I wasn’t there at the time, so I’m assuming that was the reasoning.

          • nyoron

            I wasn’t even considering a possible sequel, I was thinking more along the lines of the PS2 remake of Sakura Taisen 1, or Sakura Taisen 1+2 for the PSP. The fact that those didn’t seem to cross your mind kind of tells me they’re out of the picture though haha.To answer your question I’ll be using the JP track, at least for the first time I play. Personally I prefer that anime characters speak Japanese. The only English voice I’ve heard for this game so far is Gemini’s and… well it’s fine. I don’t have a problem with her having a southern accent since it seems to fit her character, I’m just not really a fan of southern accents in general. Let me say that I appreciate NISA going the extra mile and making this a 2-disc release.

          • Xien12

            As for 1 + 2, it’s unlikely to be well-received in the States due to it using old style graphics. For Atsuki Chishio ni though, it’d be pure idiocy to release that and go ahead. If you DID bring the PS2 version and went ahead and brought over the remade 2~4, that would totally retcon certain events. This wouldn’t have been a problem if the team did a remake of 2~4, obviously.

          • Xien12

            So all in all, it was actually a good idea to skip ahead and do V.

  • shion16

    it looks awesome
    and i love kosuke fujishima designs

  • yay for redheads!

  • Xien12

    It’s a stereotype that all Texans like steak. We don’t. It’s also a stereotype that everyone talks with that southern drawl… We don’t. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this.

    • ogawaburukku

      I’m from Oklahoma, which is basically Mini Texas, and MOST people who are into the more Western culture take meat very seriously. And in April I just happened to go down to visit my Texas relatives, and we went to a town that was mostly cowboys and cowgirls. I don’t think this game is saying ALL Texans eat steak and wear cowboy hats, but the character herself IS a cowgirl. This game is also set in the 1920s with giant steam-powered robots… if your going to complain about inaccuracies, Texans eating steak is the last thing you should be worried about.

      • Xien12

        Where was this? I think I’d like to go there.

    • why taking it so personally?… maybe is just a common normal steack, and they didnt meant to stereotype

    • Have you played this game? It’s 100000% meant to be cheesy and stereotypical. It’s insanely goofy. It oozes charm in that cheese. Don’t be offended. Trust me.

      • lol then it was meant to be stereotypical xD, anyway xien, dont take stuff like that so personally (im sure 99.99% of the people wont take that kind of stuff too seriously)

        • Xien12

          Yeah, I guess. I just hate it when people stereotype.

      • Work faster, damn you.

      • Xien12

        Yes, I played this game. But that wasn’t the point.

      • Xien12

        To add on, ST is NOT stereotypical. It’s full cliches.

  • ogawaburukku

    It’s so weird seeing them speak in English!

  • *drools* awesome batch of screen shots, looks like amazing fun. I can really go for some more J-game goodness right now, all these Western triple A titles are sorta getting to me…I need a good J-RPG right now with some fun story.
    I think…I’ll drop Assassin’s Creed 2 right now and go play some Shenmue, been meaning to replay it all year.

  • I love the Japanese archetype that American characters are usually cowboys and cowgirls

    Not that it’s any different from having Japanese characters that are usually ninja or samurai, it’s just funny one way or another; as if “cowboy” was a common career choice across America

    • Xien12

      That’s how Americans were typed before the Industrial Revolution, no? Cow wrangling, horse ridin’ hat wearin’ harmonica tootlin’… Also, slaves. Yearrrrrr.

  • anbu

    you werent kidding when you said dozens and dozens of screen shots lol.

    if this game sells alot, who knows…maybe we might see 1 or 2 more jrpg games next year for the ps2.


    Easily the best shot. Just finish the sentence. >.>

  • lostinblue

    no 16:9?

    • I second that question. Also Nicky, how come you don’t seem to post in the NISA forums?May as well re-ask this here as you seem to be around, but since you guys are more than likely the ones who organized the Wii port of Sakura Wars (the fact it only exists in NA can’t be a coincidence), is it likely that more Wii ports are coming in the future? System Prisma ported Phantom Brave, can they do say Disgaea?I hope Phantom Brave Wii’s been doing well for you guys! :D

      • jarrodand

        I’d rather see Soul Nomad ported. Or (shockingly) an original NIS SRPG (Phantom Brave 2?).

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