Estpolis Trailer Takes Lufia II To Third Dimension

By Spencer . November 24, 2009 . 9:36pm

Estpolis: The Lands Cursed by the Gods is a remake of Lufia II, but it’s not the Lufia II you remember. Neverland’s original work was a traditional RPG that had turned based battles. Forget all about that. Estpolis is an action RPG with an emphasis on “action”.



Those dual screen boss battles look fantastic. David vs. Goliath-esque boss fights are usually a blast. I also like how Estpolis appears action packed. The trailer had lots of platforming, a hookshot type tool to play with, and a brief scene where Maxim is dodge rolling to avoid flying rocks.


OK, Estpolis is far from Lufia II, but this remake/re-imagining has potential.

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  • Aoshi00

    Awesome graphics for a DS game, wonder if the platforming would be hard to do.. the two screen filled giant bosses look epic like Shadow of the Colossus, much more imposing than Sands of Destruction.

  • Holy hell, that looks amazing!

  • kylehyde

    This looks pretty great for the DS, and I’m impressed with the 3D models of the characters and how those are far from being superdeformed

  • Yeah OK I’m sold.

    If only because IT LOOKS LIKE YS SEVEN SO MUCH.

    • Tokyo Guy

      Wow, you’re right. And due to the gameplay adjustment it apparently will play quite similar as well.

    • Agreed! Interesting twist to such an old, yet great, game.

      Denpa, you should change your name to Nihon Falcom no Sekai! ;) Not that it’s a bad thing but I love your enthusiasm for all Falcom-esque games. I’m glad there are still people keeping the classic “good fires” burning!

    • shion16

      i was thinking the same

  • Tokyo Guy

    This seems like a perfect time to release a DS combo-port of Lufia 1 and 2…

    • I approve of this suggestion!

    • MadMirko

      … or at least VC versions.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Oh I’d rather see a DS port. The Virtual Console means you need to actually turn on the Wii (I haven’t touched the thing in well over a year). And it’s just not as convenient as if you could carry it on-the-go.

      • jarrodand

        This seems more likely. SE seems to be timing remaining major VC releases with new franchise releases (FF series with FFIV After, Romancing SaGa series with SaGa 2 DS). I bet we start getting DQ next year too.

        • MadMirko

          I’d be happy to see you win that bet, but DQ remakes sell very well and people are used to them, but is there a comparative success story for DQ ports?

          • jarrodand

            FF3-4 DS did really well, yet they came to Virtual Console. I bet we’ll see DQ1-6 as a promotional lead in to DQX in another year or two.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Oh I wouldn’t be too sure about DQ. Enix just released DQ3 for the mobile phones here and making a VC version would hurt the market for that. And then it would be a matter of porting itself: which version? The SFC ports? The GBC ports? The mobile phone versions?

          Personally I’d like to see a remake of DQ 1&2 and DQ3. As in remade in “3-D” like the DS games.

          • jarrodand

            I’d expect the Famicom originals for DQ1-3, they’ll be banking on nostalgia. Mobile versions won’t keep DQ off VC either, Romancing Saga came out on imode last March and now it’s already on VC. These aren’t competitive markets really.

            It’s less a matter of “if” and more a matter of “when”. My guess would be leading into DQX.

  • Code

    rar, approved! Looks sharp, although I hope the whole cast returns — although it’s always hard to make use of multiple characters in this type of game, I spot on the fly character switching. rar, either way looks good, only gripe is I hope some off the lesser enemies have a more uniform size (they looked huge in the trailer x_x huge bosses I’m fine with though), and there was a few spots in the trailer where I felt the camera was kind of on the not so great side, hopefully that’ll pan out later on. But as a huge fan of the original Lufia 2, I approve this.

  • That music…damn. Strongest wave of nostalgia I’ve felt all year.

    I think they just sold me a copy, even though I really dislike polygons and ARPGs. For Lufia, I’ll give both a chance.

    • You n’ me both. Ahh, such memories linked to that music.

      Even if it looked shoddy, I’d still support Lufia all the way to the grave, but this makes me feel a little more confident in buying it.

      Seems like most of the gameplay footage dealt with puzzles, so at least they’re pushing ahead with that.

      Mmm, if this is the future of Lufia/Estopolis, I’m okay with that. Just so we can get to a real ending to the franchise someday. Nothing more satisfying than that.

  • neurozero

    I really Like it, hay que darle una oportunidad, se ve fantastico. Go Lufia! :)

  • eliel

    i remember playing the original Lufia 2 4 the supa nes and wow i wish it was like this back in the day, i think it was a good idea to take out the Turn base combat can’t w8 to c the English trailer

  • Hey Spencer, you didn’t mention that the official Estopolis website is up (with a hilarious COMNIG typo) let’s have a poll, WHEN and IF this comes to North America, will they keep the Estopolis name or change it back to Lufia??

    I say they use Lufia.

  • This looks great. Music is a blast from the past. Game play, TOTALLY different, but I’m a sucker for this kind of game.
    I can barely even remember the story of the original Lufia 2. Will this be the same?

  • Tokyo Guy

    It comes out in less than 3 months…clearly Square (“Taito”) has almost finished the game already. Why didn’t they announce it earlier I wonder? It could have been at E3 or at least the TGS…

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