Nintendo DSi XL Starts Off Strong In Japan

By Ishaan . November 24, 2009 . 3:03pm According to Enterbrain estimates, the DSi LL has sold 103,524 units in its first two days in Japan. These figures are lower than the two-day debut of the DSi, which sold 170,779 units at launch, but well over those of the PSP Go, which sold 28,275 units in its first day at retail.


Additionally, Enterbrain estimate that the DS (this includes the original DS, the DS Lite and DSi) has sold 28,191,716 units since its launch in December of 2004.

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  • This will do great in America as well, hell nintendo is winning a lot with the DS

    • virtualboy101ukwiiboy

      nice to see commonsense prevail pspgo flops hard dsi-xl off to a winning start more home based ds players will buy tghis more elderly or poor of sight and peeps with bigger hands and those just wanting bigger screens

      portables are the future portables with tv out hd will end consoles DSi – XL is a tester for slightly bigger hand-helds as nintendo’s going

      HYBRID CONSOLE NEXT -GEN super ds acts as super wii hd wen tv connected

      tis comith the god’s have told mii

  • Aoshi00

    Nice.. I must hand it to Nintendo, seems like I’ll be buying a 4th DS as well. It hits the US in March right? I don’t know why so many seem to complain about its so called “monstrous” manga tankobon size, the bigger screen would be so nice, lets me play games for longer w/o my eyes getting tired, and even replaying my favorite DS games that I’ve beaten in a new light. My only complaint is they really should’ve come up w/ this last year. I wonder if Nintendo had this all planned out.. since they know people will just buy anything from them, myself guilty as charged. And I wonder what color we will be getting… don’t give us that ugly DSi blue again, and I can’t have white or black again either…

    • JeremyR

      Yeah, I’ve never gotten the hate for it. It’s been something I’ve been hoping for since I first got a DS

    • Tokyo Guy

      Well I’ve complained about the size because I’ve seen it in real life and own one. We discussed this in the other topic however. I maintain that there is no need for such a large, heavy machine when there is no additional hardware. Shouldn’t it technically have been thinner and lighter?Anyway, I don’t know if these sales numbers are good or bad as who knows what the expectation was. On a side note to Ishaan, it’s somewhat unfair to compare it to the PSPGo because, as mentioned before, (1) said console had essentially no promotion whatsoever, (2) it’s usage is extremely limited in scope, and (3) Sony is still placing heavier emphasis on the 3000-series. Nintendo had been heavily promoting the LL since the formal announcement however.My personal take is that this was a good sales weekend given the context; i.e. the fourth incarnation of the DS. I’m not sure if anyone was in Japan during the original DSLite release period (though I am sure everyone heard stories and reports) but to say that console was “in demand” is an understatement. The DSLite was sold out IMMEDIATELY and could not be had for months upon months on end. I use to snicker at the HUGE lines that people would form to get one, at the idea that there was still such demand for a console that had launched months earlier. The DSi never had such demand problems, and I sincerely doubt the DSi LL will ever. Nintendo will indeed get sales from those who religiously buy anything it makes, and those who either passed on the DSLite/DSi or want a large screen. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the DSi will consistently outsell the LL. The color choice, for starters, is unimaginably better, and it’s obviously easier to carry around. As for the comments made about the color, IMHO the Wine Red is truly the worst shade ever for any game console. How did that ever pass the marketing tests? The Dark Brown is probably the best of the three.Oh, and it’s funny you mention “in a new light” as the LL appears to be slightly less bright as the DSi, and the top screen is noticeably darker than the bottom.

      • Aoshi00

        And everyone thought the wine red was so classy looking (since pearl is just boring and brown looks a little like black), at least as far as I was able to tell from the pics and commercials. I thought the Turquoise blue for the US launched DSi was the most horrible color. Hopefully we would have some cool colors for US launch, otherwise I would need to check them out and might go w/ the dark brown (actually I was leaning btwn brown and wine red too). I’m not surprised the Lite was in huge demand since that was actually a big jump and a much warranted upgrade. The original Phat’s size didn’t bother me, it was the Lite’s brightness that was important. I tried going back to the Phat later and it’s like dark ages at the highest brightness setting, wait, it didn’t even the adjustment for brightness, it’s just dark (the reason I traded in my GBA SP for the Lite, I couldn’t do that w/ Phat because I imported it). It’s like once you have fresh you can’t go back to canned haha. And I actually like the Phat’s bigger size for an easier grip, Lite just felt narrow and made my hands cramp since I needed to bend in my fingers (and I got small hands), DSi got wilder again which is nice.I’m not sure I just gobble up anything Nintendo or anyone makes (I mean I sure as heck am not getting a PSPGo w/ its limited functions), I just want a bigger screen, nothing more complicated than that. My only beef is Nintendo did this only 1 yr after the DSi. If they were to launch both DSi and LL side by side last year as two different options, I would’ve picked the bigger one even for $30 more (I assume it would go for $200 here). Portability is totally not an issue, it’s not like I stick anything in my pocket. I have my PSP-2000 and DSi in their thick pouches in my messenger bag. Granted I’m not in Jpn and haven’t touched the actual thing, but if it’s like a manga tankoubon, that’s perfectly fine by me. For now, I usually play my portables at around 30 mins or so and I’m done because I just can’t stare at a small screen.. and I’ve actually got a backlog of DS games that I want to finish.

        I understand where you’re coming from, a new iteration w/ virtually no upgrades (would’ve been nice if they throw us a bone by putting back in the GBA, then the price increase would really be justified), but the bigger screen is indeed great for people who value them. Since it’s supposed to be a system played by people of all ages (not as old as 65, but even 35-40..), I’m sure not everyone has eyesight as good as people in their 20s or younger.

        If the LL is a not as bright as the DSi like you said, that shouldn’t be a problem too because I play at 3 out 5 brightness most of the time.

        I heard one con for the LL is since the screens are so much bigger now, both of them are not in one’s field of vision, and sometimes you need to move your head up and down to be able to see everything (I imagine like sitting in the front rows at movies).

        How’s the battery life? I read it’s supposed to last slightly longer since it has a bigger battery inside. I’m not sure if that’s true.

        • Tokyo Guy

          >And everyone thought the wine red was

          Well to each their own obviously, but personally the color is too drab and dark for my liking. The lid is fine but the other surfaces are somewhat darker, perhaps owing to the lack of glossing. I definitely agree with you about the other two colors however.

          >opefully we would have some cool colors for US launch,

          How on Earth Nintendo decided to release that Turquoise Blue variant of the DSi as a LAUNCH color is beyond me.

          >I’m not sure I just gobble up anything Nintendo or anyone makes (I mean I

          Oh I wasn’t referring to anyone specifically by that, just as a general point.
          I’ve seen some of the die-hard Nintendo otaku here so it’s actually more them I was aiming at; some people apparently have EVERY color of every DS, for example.

          >I just want a bigger screen,

          And indeed that was why I purchased it as well. The screen. You mention the close proximity to the DSi launch; I wonder if, in North America, there will be a trade-in promotion with Gamestop such that if you trade in the DSi for the DSi XL, you get extra store credit. Because it really is appalling the two dates are so close. Though it makes you think that next year Nintendo will announce its follow-up console.

          >if it’s like a manga tankoubon, that’s perfectly fine by me.

          Well with the size issue, it’s really more that after having the DSi for a year, this new one looks GIGANTIC. If it was your 1st DS ever, I doubt anyone would even notice.

          >sure not everyone has eyesight as good as people in their 20s or younger.

          Hahaha, I’m in my 20s but have terrible eyesight.

          >of them are not in one’s field of vision,

          Yes, that is an issue. It’s funny it didn’t occur to me until you mentioned that, but indeed that is prone to happen.

          >How’s the battery life? I read it’s supposed to

          Unfortunately I tend to play with it connected to the AC Adapter so I’m not sure…but then again I use it on the highest brightness.

          • Aoshi00

            Trading in is probably an issue for me just like the Phat since mine is imported (I got suckered in by a cheap Ace Attorney Investigations bundle on ebay, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten a DSi so early). I don’t know if GS would take a Jpn DSi due to DSiware region lock and such. Also it’s not worth it since if I were to get LL from them I would need to pay sales tax whereas I could save such purchasing online (and perhaps w/ a discount from Amazon). In addition, I kind of want to keep it since it was limited edition. Thankfully I have not spent my free 1000 DSi points on any DSiware yet so I didn’t have the problem of the games not linking to one’s account. But I traded in my GBA SP for the Lite before (and that only got me $30 back then…)lol, I think I made myself sound like an old man, I just turned 30 several months ago. But yeah, I can’t slouch over a portable for very long at its current screen size. It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean me specifically since I’ve just about had it up to my neck w/ the big N’s constant updates as well (don’t get me going for them region locking the Gamecube memory cards).. but like you said, it ultimately comes down to marketing and money and them butting heads w/ Apple and Sony… but this big screen is long overdue.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Oh…don’t even mention the DSi issue. I am FURIOUS over that as I just now received a reply from Nintendo of Japan (TWO days after submitting the question no less) that basically says “You may not transfer purchases from the DSi to the DSi LL.” What the hell is that utter nonsense? I paid for these software programs and now I am being punished for having the nerve to give them MORE money and buy the DSi LL? I am actually going to write them back a scathing e-mail as I’m ticked off that basically $50 worth of software is now stuck on my DSi, and if I sell it then I loose it entirely. How dare they treat their customers with such disrespect.

            Oh, and as for that 1000 DSi points you have? You might as well use it; it won’t carry over. In fact, it’s locked to that machine. So it’s not on your account, it’s on THAT DSi. It’s the same idiocy that I just described above.

          • Aoshi00

            Dang.. did not know that, guess the 1000 pts would be stuck w/ that system then, I was partially saving them in case I’m getting a LL later, shucks… that really is a problem isn’t it, w/ the PS3 and 360, you can re-d/l what you bought for as many times as you want provided you log on w/ the same user account.. Well, that’s why MS has gained a big point w/ me recently, by fixing my Jpn system in the US right before my 3yr warranty was up (of course, hardware failure shouldn’t be there in the first place). To be more accurate, they didn’t fix it, they sent me another working Jpn system that looks almost brand new (but it’s an older model w/o HDMI same w/ the one I sent in). I was pretty much expecting them to tell me to screw myself and not provide any type of service to a system not from the same region, but was I pleasantly surprised. I hear I was one of the lucky ones too. Before I bought a US 120Gb HDD and the transfer disc was region locked, and MS didn’t help me then (I was also lucky someone here sent me an Asian transfer kit for free). If it’s any consolation, we are able to d/l from Wiiware or DSiware w/ a non-Jpn credit card from overseas (like Nintendo’s throwing us a bone), but we need to have a Jpn DSi or Wii of course… while PS3 and 360’s PSN/Live could be accessed as long as you register w/ a Jpn e-mail account, but buying requires us to import PSN tickets or Jpn MS point cards.

      • kylehyde

        The sales were actually good, the plan worked, nintendo expanded the market again. Maybe you are right about that there was no need for producing another model, nintendo already has enough money. But like I said, this is a model, not a revision, is only a option, if you don’t like, just ignore it, nobody is pointing a gun on you for buying this system. If a person wants to buy this model, good for him/her is their choice, if not good for him/her too is their choice. Life is life, the DSi LL was succesful, life is tough, get over it.

        • Tokyo Guy

          ? I’m not quite sure how one can determine success unless they had expectations. Was Xenosaga Episode 1 a success? It sold like 600,000 copies. Yet Namco deemed it a total failure because they were aiming for over 1M or something like that.

          Thus unless we know what Nintendo was actually forecasting, it’s not exactly accurate to call it a success. Were their marketing department expecting initial sales of 50,000 units then it’s a total gold mine; if they were expecting sales of 200,000 then it wasn’t.

          And on that note, I’d LOVE to see what Sony’s Japanese sales expectations were for the PSPGo.

          • jarrodand

            We can probably go off shipment figures as a gauge, at least from retail’s perspective. Initial shipments for both DSi LL and PSP go were 150k, LL looks like it’ll sell that out next week, go looks like it won’t until next year.

  • Ereek

    I really, really hate to be negative, but I’m so sick of these hardware revisions in handhelds. Once a year is a bit much.

    While this is too large for me I’m glad that they’re going back to larger screens. Just because it’s handheld doesn’t mean that smaller is always better.

    • Tokyo Guy

      I’m sick of them too. There is no question that the larger screens of the DSi LL are much welcomed (I mean, this is the same company that released the pointless GBA Micro). Nintendo should have released this product years ago, or at least last year as the original DSi.

      As for hardware revisions, Nintendo has always been totally shameless with them. The original Gameboy, the Gameboy Pocket, the Gameboy Light, the Gameboy Color…It’s difficult to say if it’s unwarranted or totally normal. I mean if Apple can get away with doing absolutely nothing with the iPod Touch but increasing the HDD size from 32 to 64GB, then technically Nintendo isn’t any worse. But I suppose that one could argue Nintendo is making a basic hardware model that is designed to play games, whereas with Apple, HDD storage is a big issue. Yet it decided to put a camera on the NANO and not the Touch…just idiotic.

      When push comes to shove, it’s all about making money. And as Nintendo’s major sales decline with the Wii and DS are so highly publicized in the past few months, the only thing it really can do is scramble to put out something. Though I think a price cut for the DSi would have done more to increase sales (say, 15,000yen or 12,500).

      • jarrodand

        GB, GB Pocket and GB Color were spaced out over a decade. GB Light was a limited release too, not a massmarket revision. That’s like saying we had 3 PS2s with the PSX.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Actually there were tons of PS2 units; remember that there were minor revisions made along the way. But in terms of major ones, there was the PS2, the PS2 Net Yaroze (though a VERY niche audience for that one), the PS2 Slim, and the PSX.

          And yes, I’m aware of the GB issue, but that was actually the “hidden” point: those were spaced out over a decade whereas the DS has been spaced out over a 5 (6) year period with two of the four released coming in the past year. So it’s a bit excessive.

          • jarrodand

            Well, Nintendo’s definitely been trending towards more frequent hardware revisions and additions, Apple’s really opened the door for a “range of devices” approach. They’re still not as bad as Sony though, with annual PSP revisions the last 3 years going (and the 4000 rumored for next, R.I.P. GO), and a PS3 slim already just 3 years into it’s cycle.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Hmm…well Sony is both “guilty” and “innocent” in my book, paradoxically. The PSP 2000 series was “justified” in that it was smaller, and released years after the original. The 3000-series was justified in that it provided a better screen. What was NOT justified however, was Sony’s absolutely shameless greed in releasing the 2000 and then the 3000 just one year later. There was NO reason the 2000 couldn’t have had the better screen. The Go is really an entirely different unit, so I don’t count it.

            The PS3 doesn’t seem any more unusual than what Sony did with the PS2 in stripping it down over the years, it’s just that they redesigned it entirely so much faster.

            So, in a way, Nintendo’s DSi LL is very much their own “shameless” PSP-3000: not unwanted but inexcusable in that the single new change should have been in the prior model.

            On a side note, someone pondered if Nintendo had originally intended to release the DSi LL all along. My guess is probably not, that it was kind of a scraping-the-barrel type effort when the media started attacking it for declining sales this year. SERIOUSLY, I don’t get that at all and it ticks me off. How dare the financial industry start attacking Nintendo when it completely turned around its entire market and sales from the Gamecube/N64 eras and sold TONS of hardware? And it managed to perform so well in this terrible economy no less. And yet the second sales begin to drop-which they HAVE to anyway-then all of a sudden there are reports of Nintendo this, Nintendo that. Interesting how all of these 3rd party developer complaints are only surfacing now, for example.

    • If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!

      I’m actually still using the original DS phat that I bought shortly after it’s release. The touch screen got pretty bad a few years back, but I actually bought a replacement touch screen for a few dollars and replaced it myself.

      Biggest problem is that it’s hard to play on the bus when it’s bright outside, which is the main reason I’ve wanted to buy a Lite. I ended up never buying it after all though.

      I don’t mind them making new revisions, as long as it doesn’t affect support for the older consoles. Although I guess that the DSi might do exactly this… but it doesn’t seem like any publishers are going to switch over to DSi-only games any time soon, right?

  • UnleashTheCasey

    People will gobble up anything with a Nintendo label these days, be it a 7th Nintendo DS, or a spatula peripheral for the Wiimote.

  • With the size, they could have put the GBA slot back in no? I’m not trying to start anything, just wondering. I’m not very tech savvy.
    Anyways, if theres a game bundle with this that attracts me, I’ll buy it. 5 DS? *has 1 DSphat, 3 DSlites, 1 DSi*

  • Andy

    Still not going to get this.

  • malek86

    I wonder, all these comments seem to tell me that people like to play portables at home, or at least in any “non-moving” place (hotel rooms, etc.). Does anybody actually play them outside? Is it a western-specific issue?

    • Nah, I play portables outside too, but frankly there are fewer regular cases that I can spend with games when I’m out and about than when I’ve got free time at home.

      For example, most of my portable gaming happens when I’m waiting on bus or train or plane. But on average I walk or drive more often. It also happens when I’m waiting in a very long line; but how often does that occur every week?

      I typically have other things to focus on when I’m out… and when I DO need a distraction, I’m more likely to check my phone for 1 minute than start a game of Puyo Puyo for 5.

  • Can’t wait to buy a larger screen!!

    Then I can finally start playing Devil Survivor again!

  • virtualboy101ukwiiboy

    nice to see commonsense prevail pspgo flops hard dsi-xl off to a winning start more home based ds players will buy tghis more elderly or poor of sight and peeps with bigger hands and those just wanting bigger screens

    portables are the future portables with tv out hd will end consoles DSi – XL is a tester for slightly bigger hand-helds as nintendo’s going

    HYBRID CONSOLE NEXT -GEN super ds acts as super wii hd wen tv connected

    tis comith the god’s have told mii

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