Super Robot Taisen: Original Generations Cameos In Endless Frontier Exceed

By Spencer . December 4, 2009 . 10:10am

Monolith Soft has a heap of Super Robot Taisen fanservice in Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed. Remember the PlayStation 2 game Super Robot Taisen: Original Generations? Two of characters from that game are in Endless Frontier Exceed.


Axel Almar and Alchemie wandered into the cross dimension world without their memories.


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Both characters are playable, but they share a single character slot. Think of them like the character teams in Namco X Capcom, one of Monolith Soft’s earlier games. Here’s an animated look at their moves.


  • jaykho213

    OMG! Axel Almar! This game is mine!

  • Nite

    Axel without his memories again? Hope he’s like his SRW AP version then. Too bad he probably won’t have his Rocket Soul Punch.

  • cowcow

    Too bad this game wont come to the U.S. thanks to BandaiNamco taking over Banpresto (which means Atlus wont get their hands on it to publish to the U.S.)

    • Xien12

      We might get lucky.

  • Xien12

    They lost their memories as a result of dimensional travel. Also, if it wasn’t obvious, they didn’t die at the end of OG2. They arrived at Endless Frontier because they were looking into Lemon’s Project EF. So it’s less of a cameo and more of a continuation of OGG… which we never got. Hope that clears up any questions. Sometimes it pays to listen to drama CDs too since it adds some plot devices and whatnot.

    • meganeshounen

      >>They arrived at Endless Frontier because they were looking into Lemon’s Project EF.

      Only happens in the PS2 OGs remake, where Axel is less BEOWUUUUULF-crazy. And OGs/OGG is never appearing stateside unless Atlus meets large enough need for it.

      Or… Kyosuke and Excellen Rampage Ghost’d Axel hard enough (or Buster Cannon’d, if you prefer) to send him spiraling into the EF world, in which his injuries would explain the amnesia. Alfimi in tow, as an excuse for regenerating him and whatnot. Einst Axel, you say? Nah.

  • Ereek

    If possible, this looks more insane than the first one.

    It’s beautiful.

    • I read your comment and thought, “Pfft. That’s impossible.” Then I watched the video…

      • Kris

        Holy crap. It’s stuff like this that makes me miss my DS.

  • Is this Alfimi is the same Alfimi in Original generation 2?
    I thought she’s dead after the last battle… by the way I never play the PS2 ver only GBA ver.could someone answe me?

    • Xien12

      Read the posts. She and Axel did NOT die. The GBA games were retconned with the release of OGs and OGG. Many events were changed. In OGG, Axel’s found floating around the White Star in Soulgain’s cockpit.

      • Xien12

        Stuff happens with the Einst and Axel eventually meets up with Alfimi’s soul which possesses his body to ensure their survival. So, yes, technically speaking, she’s the same one from OG as they’re both alive and well.

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