With Help From Gaijinworks, Sunsoft Rises Again

By Spencer . December 4, 2009 . 5:15pm

image Sunsoft, the company that brought you Blaster Master, Albert Odyssey, and Aero the Acro-bat, is re-entering the video game publishing biz.


Gaijinworks, Vic Ireland’s post Working Designs studio, partnered with Sun Corporation to bring the Sunsoft brand back to North America. Later this month, the NES version of Blaster Master will be available as a Virtual Console download for 500 points. It wouldn’t be a brand revival unless Sunsoft had more games and Ireland is hinting at something big.


“This first Wii release is a great start, but there is one upcoming announcement in particular that will demonstrate just how serious Yoshida-san is about rebuilding the Sunsoft console gaming brand here. Game fans are going to be pretty happy when they hear about it – I know I was,” Ireland said in a press release. There’s another clue in the forums, “The next press release should definitely make some gamers very, very happy – especially old-school Working Designs fans.”


I have to go with Denpa no Sekai who sent us the tip (thanks!!) and guess Albert Odyssey. Working Designs released Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean on the Saturn and that’s a Sunsoft franchise.

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  • Delicious little tip there. I sure hope Vic sticks around for a long, long time. He always seems to push the right buttons for me.

  • Vic’s latest teasing, when probed about next Friday’s “BIG” announcement:

    Okay, since we’re talking poker talk, I will say that I recommended a specific course of action in one area (we’re dealing with many areas in this Sunsoft resurgence), and Yoshida-san essentially said, “I like where you’re headed. I’ll see your and go all in “.

    I was literally stunned to hear how far he went with what I recommended. I’m pretty sure you, especially, will be as well.

  • jarrodand

    I’ll remain skeptical (this reminds me of the recent Jaleco “revival”) but Sunsoft games on VC are always a great thing (Blaster Master especially). Journey to Silius next please!

  • Albert Odyssey is a great game, man it’d be awesome if they made a sequel.

    • fallen

      The WD-published one is actually the third in the series. The more you know~

      • Lol indeed, I meant the Saturn game(never played the SNES games haha)

  • bubbba123

    I liked Working Designs, and I like SunSoft, so this is great. I didn’t hear about these latest rumors…Something new regarding Albert Odyssey? That game was awesome. Hopefully it’s a remake or sequel/prequel, and not just a re-release.

  • sirfratley

    Wow, we need a port of the saturn version of albert odyssey that was a really great rpg, maybe one for the NDS or the psp.

  • rinshu

    Im guessing it will be the Lunar remake for the PSP.

  • I’m definitely looking forward to this, whatever it may be. VC has been picking up a bit of steam lately, and I’m glad to see Vic back on the saddle.

    I just wish he’d put something up on his site already…

    • Honestly I’d rather Vic operate under the Sunsoft banner than Gaijinworks. What a lame name, still haven’t gotten over it after all these years. If they take Sunsoft into an XSEED/Ignition/Aksys/Atlus/NISA etc. direction… we could be in for some very interesting localizations.

  • Color me excited.

    Now.. if only we could get someone to bust out DragonForce…

  • lordgeo

    Interesting. I never really played all too many Sunsoft games, but those I have played did interest me. Maybe we can actually get a sequel to Waku Waku 7? Or maybe that fan-made trailer for fake game Data East X Sunsoft can become an actual game now?

  • I’m so glad Vic Ireland is still out and about doing his thing. His time at Working Design brought a lot of great games to the West. Looks like we’ll be seeing more of this if this Sunsoft deal is any hint.

  • Regged on the forums the other night.

    Vic mentions the only hint on there about next Friday’s announcement: It’s not just one game.

    So there should be lots of things to look forward to.

  • wharcraff

    That sounds good. Hope to see some remake or sequels.
    Journey To Silius. Virtual console?

  • i loved albert odyssey 2 i was with 6 me and my twin used to play a lot even in japanese… but we used emulator that time as we never get this game on brazil,when we weren’t playing AO2 or seiken densetsu 3, we were playing zelda LTTP for, like, the 13th time on our loved snes <3 best console Imo

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