Etrian Odyssey III Sets Sail On The DS‎

By Spencer . December 8, 2009 . 7:32pm

image Atlus is continuing the Etrian Odyssey series with Etrian Odyssey III which adds ocean environments and a bunch of new classes.


A Famitsu scan shows (from left to right) a princess, prince, phalanx, monk, shinobi, phalanx, and of course a pirate. Yes, you can have pirate and ninjas, on the same team.


While exploring the sea, players can draw maps. Remember the cartography system in dungeons? In Etrian Odyssey III you use it while sailing.

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  • ryne11

    DO WANT!!! Make it happen Atlus!

    • fuzaku5

      This is idiotic. Why do you call it “Etrian Odyssey III” when a US release hasn’t even been announced yet? This blog becomes more and more embarassing to read.

      • ryne11

        So because a North American site uses the North American name for a game series that is likely to be released, it is embarrassing to read?

  • cocytusx

    Phalanx is listed twice lol

    • kupomogli

      Sure they may have screwed up and listed it twice, but the class being named Phalanx anyways? That’s really not even correct.The Phalanx wasn’t a single soldier yet an entire unit in a specific formation, all equipped with some sort of spear to maximize attack in close range combat. It had its weaknesses(definitely) but the strengths outweighed the weaknesses in my opinion.

      • ElTopo

        It is just a game so I wouldn’t hold it to 100% historical accuracy…

        And being a single soldier, a unit of the phalanx, it would be a hoplite.

  • Great!…..but I still haven’t finish EO2…

  • Finally. Been waiting for this announcement since destroying EO2. The more classes, the better. Unlike other class-based games, I really feel the difference between classes in these games. Do it, Atlus! Make us proud!

  • jj984jj

    Looks better than EOII, which was basically EO 1.5 (it did have some needed improvements though). I hope it turns out well, charting unexplored waters does sound like an interesting addition.

  • JeremyR

    Someday I should really start playing EO2.

    My DS is like my PS2, I have a bunch of RPGs I bought for it because they were on sale, but never actually got around to playing them. Someday…

  • Tokyo Guy

    I love this series, if only for the music.

  • MadMirko

    Interesting. Will the ocean be some kind of overworld? I somehow can’t imagine having a proper dungeon-crawling feeling while traversing wide open spaces.

  • You can’t see it, but I’m trying my darnedest to keep my composure right now.The picture on the far right shows an area that is huge. Not only that, but I see they added quite a few icons, as well. I wonder if all or most of the previous classes are returning. “Yes, you can have pirate and ninjas, on the same team.”It would be interesting if they added an element like what Class of Heroes or The Dark Spire had where depending on who you had in your party would make an impact on your gameplay as far as how your characters would “get along” with others. Or maybe not.I wonder if this is why Yuji Himukai (the artist) hasn’t been updating his site lately. I should keep an eye on it…

  • Awesoooooooooooooooooooooooooome~

    I am so very glad to see more of Etrian Odyssey.

  • ElTopo

    This is a welcome announcment and it really looks like they are mixing up the gameplay which is really gonna keep it fresh.Etrian Odyssey meets Wind Waker? Yes Please.I wonder if its still gonna be first person or if its going the way of a more 3rd person look; am I going to be able to see my boat?

    Edit: Looking at the scans again, on the second page middle theres a picture that reads “Oceanic Quest.” Right under that is what looks like a boat, third person overworld now? Wonder if we can customize our boats?

    • Or attack others on the sea, like real pirates? It’ll much like Ultima IV, which isn’t a bad idea at all, but really different from the previous two games.
      I hope we can land on the tiny areas of land, too. There might be great stuff there.

      • ElTopo

        In that picture it looks like theres some kind of island with a pagoda like building, so could be? On the far right theres about half a map thats been fully filled out, and you can see what looks like multiple islands mapped out. Perhaps we have a case of an entire world we will be exploring, with multiple dungeons on many islands?

  • hsiao

    I loved EO1, got bored to death by EO2.

    It’s clear that, without Niinou, the script writer has failed to grasp what made the story / atmosphere of the first one so enjoyable.

    they even started EO2 calling you “the party who saved Etria”, a thing that doesn’t make any sense considering the ending of EO1.

    And the hidden revelation of the first game.. disregarded, painful to level up your characters, and the last stratum was just bad.

    I don’t have much hope for EO3. 7th dragon, on the other hand…

  • Stealth Ninja Pirates!!

    While sailing hmm. This looks interesting. I sense many hours being poured into this again. But first, finish 2.

  • the best news of 2009!!!!etrian odyssey in my opinion is the best hardcore RPG in DS. i finished the first game, just into the second game, and hopefully the third game is released next year…

    EO 1 : Japan January 2007, US May 2007
    EO 2 : Japan February 2008, US June 2008
    EO 3 : Japan February 2010, US June 2010 (?)

    just wondering with lots of classes (12 old + 6 new), i think it will be cool to have 5 main characters + 2/3 supporting characters that can switch with the main party. heck, if we’re travelling by a ship, some characters have to operate the ship while the main party is battling the monster, right?

    or maybe some classes will be omitted? hopefully not.

  • …Yeah, I’m up for another one. Despite not having touched the second. I’ll marathon all of them at some point. It’ll be grand.

    The character drawings look a little weird, though…

  • bababooey123

    Who cares Atlus isnt releasing this or luminous arc 3 next year anyway. Most japanese publishers have abandonded US ds releases

  • jarrodand

    Looks awesome. In Lancarse we trust.

  • Pichi

    Excellent! Still need to get started on the second, but by the time Atlus gets it out, I might be ready.

    • Finally some good news!

      Ops sorry, didnt meant to reply xD

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