The Mega Man E-Tank Truck Adventure

By Spencer . December 14, 2009 . 4:44pm

mm101Right before Spike’s VGA awards, Capcom handed out E-tank boxes in Los Angeles.


The first group arrived around 10AM. An ice cream truck blaring Mega Man music didn’t roll by until 2:30-ish so they were in line for over four hours.


Did we mention it was raining? It was, but a little water (OK, a lot of water) and the occasional car splash didn’t stop diehard Mega Man fans from waiting at a bus stop for a mysterious prize.


Here’s the truck decked out in Mega Man decals rolling into the parking lot.


mm1005 mm1006mm1007 mm1008mm1009


mm1009a mm1010a

Fans and families rushed up to grab E-tanks and energy drinks. Seriously, families! A few groups of parents waiting with their kids collected E-tank boxes of their own. Capcom gave out 200 of these at the event before driving up to the VGAs to handout energy drinks to attendees.



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  • rofl cool xD

  • Suppose I will be in LA next week, any cool geek/gamer spots I should put on my list?

    • You mean like arcades? There’s Dave & Busters at the Block of Orange.
      I suppose you can visit G4 Studios.

      • I wasn’t expecting Little Akiba, but D&B, seriously? Is that all there is to recommend?

        I meant stuff like the Pinball HoF in Las Vegas or Funspot in New Hampshire.

        What/who is G4 anyway? (rhetorical question, I don’t really care for them)

        • Arcade Infinity is a cool hotspot with lots of niche games. The catch is it really isn’t in LA, it’s east in Rowland Heights.

          Not a video game thing, but there’s a mobile Korean Taco cart that has awesome food that drives around the area. You have to follow Twitter to find it, but it’s worth it if you like spicy food —

          G4 is a tech channel, and used to be a video game TV network.

          • well I’m driving from phoenix to LA so that isn’t much of a detour. thanks for the heads up but I’m really disappointed there isn’t much more to speak of.

            Edit: Turns out my hotel is 10 minutes from Arcade Infinity. Bonus GET!!

          • Wow! You’re about 5 min. closer than I am! I live incredibly close by Arcade Infinity, but sadly I’ve never been. I’d hear it has a great selection of specific games, but I also hear other things…

            But, yeah, other than arcades like that, L.A. isn’t a buzzing city when it comes to games all year round. Sure, you have conventions, and concerts, (and game companies, not sure about letting anyone just hang out with them, though) but those are mostly in the middle of the year. I live right in front the edge (east side, about) of L.A. County and I try to at least keep track of upcoming events. If there is anything specific you’re looking for (like miniature golf courses) I can look them up for you.

            Personally, I would just recommended checking out 8039 Beach Boulevard (neat shops there, Knotts, Medieval Times) or Universal City walk.
            If you up for driving to The City of Industry, there’s a neat indoor convention called Frank & Sons. Parking is a pain, but I got to meet my childhood hero, Mick Foley. If I’m gonna wait 3 hours in line for something I’m glad it was for that.
            I’ll think of anything else…

        • There is a Little Tokyo in Downtown LA, although the specialist stores of interest there lean more towards “anime geek” than “gamer geek.” Nevertheless: look up Kinokuniya if you’re interested in imported artbooks, magazines and manga, and look for Anime Jungle for tons of figures & models. And right next to Jungle is Reflex Gamer, a small but charming place full of games both new and obscure. It’s where I go for hard-to-find PS2 games.

          Little Tokyo is no Little Akiba, though the restaurants there do not disappoint. I’m pretty sure you can find directions to any of those places with a quick internet search.

          I’m also seconding Arcade Infinity!

          • Cool thanks, yeah I’m familiar with the Canadian and NYC Kinokuniya stores. I’ll be sure to check out Reflex Gamer!

            Dude “Let’s Shooting Love!!” is awesome.

        • I also highly recommend Arcade Infinity ^_^

        • This is going to be vague, so only take this tip if you want an adventure:

          Tbut there’s a Beard Papa in West LA and a bunch of anime stores / one import game retailer around there. (I think?) It’s been awhile since I’ve been in that area so I don’t want to guarantee anything, cool stuff in that neighborhood though.

  • Does that mean you waited for hours in the rain to get more wet? :D

    It would be nice to drive the E-Tank Truck to work. I like the signs on the back. It’s good to know Capcom thinks about the children.

    • nyoron

      I’m sure those signs came with the truck. Capcom should have updated them to say “Watch for man-children”

  • Aoshi00

    “E”nriching, “E”nergizing, “E”nlightening, witty :) I want this more than the FF XIII Elixir.

  • MisterNiwa

    OMG; i want!

  • crazygundam67

    I waited in the rain for an hour and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

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